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  1. You can Chromecast anything to TV, just don't do it through the by/sky sports etc app. Go first to Chromecast app and select to cast your entire phone screen then go watch whatever and you'll have it on TV. You'll have to leave phone doing that one thing for whole match but it's a perfectly good workaround.
  2. Thanks everybody for good suggestions, going to plan my time wisely and get to as many as possible, with any luck the sheer level of alcohol I consume will dull my reaction to our new Ipswich kit and if we have a horror of a game!
  3. t'other side of pennines so not miles away but work and family commitments have kept me away.
  4. Fellow Owls, this is no doubt the wrong place to post this and I'm sure abuse will follow but I moved away from Sheffield years ago and haven't made it back for a game since I was a was playing Sunday league with a Reggie Blinker Shirt on. Anyway I am older and wiser now and coming to watch the blue and white wizards give Brighton a thumping (3-1 is my prediction, Fletch with 2 and Hooper with 1) and I'm looking for somewhere to go for a few bevvies pre-match. Where's best for booze, banter and a cheeky bag or pork scratchings near the ground, I am open to visiting a few so maybe give me the best 5?! Anyway, big up the owls and thanks in advance for any help!
  5. Dave Jones trying to get to his cuppa... DJ - 'Cuse me Jose can I just squeeze past ya Jose - Yeah sure
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