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  1. Swfc1977

    Westwood Going

    Heard it was celtic
  2. Swfc1977

    Did I imagine it....

    It was the co op store
  3. Swfc1977

    Lutv live stream via a vpn

    He switched to youtube
  4. Swfc1977


  5. Swfc1977


    Man of the match
  6. The end of the day we have what we have got players wise the others are injured and we cant do any thing about it
  7. Been quite lucky these year won 4 tickets £1000 at christmas
  8. Swfc1977

    Keith Andrews ha ha ha

    Terrible commentator
  9. Swfc1977


    Passed it
  10. I had one two somebody nicked it in magaluf 1999