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  1. OK, tell me this has no chance of catching on but if you've had Radio 2 on in the last few weeks you'll surely have come across country singer Maren Morris's My Church. With a bit of tinkering it's tailor-made for an Owls song: Can I get a season ticket Can I get a new top I wanna show off my religion When I'm sitting on the Spion Kop From the dark days of the 70's To the Chansiri rebirth Hills-bo-rough is MY CHURCH! (Also, it'll prove which Sheffield club has a country anthem worth singing!)
  2. This from around the 70s I think: Some say Bramall Lane is a wonderful place, But I think it's really a smegging disgrace. And as for United, I think they should be Shovelling sh!t on the Isle of Capri And it's Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield Wednesday FC...
  3. Don't wanna sound like too much of an anorak but wouldn't the announcer have used their full title of Forfar Athletic?
  4. How about (with more than a nod to Stevie Wonder): My Wednesday Amour, heroes in the blue and white, My Wednesday Amour, I'll always be a Wednesdayite, Oh Wednesday Amour, You're the only team that I adore, You're the only team my heart beats for, I'll support you evermore. La la la la etc. Just a suggestion...
  5. May whet the appetite a little more than Gary Taylor-Fletcher...
  6. Best box-to-box midfielder we've had at Hillsborough in my lifetime, I know that much...
  7. Just to simplify things, for our impending trip to the den of iniquity that is Elland Road, how about (to the tune of Quartermaster's Stores): They've got no mates Cos everybody hates Dirty Leeds, Dirty Leeds!
  8. Strange though, as it was between us and them in 1970's relegation season and also when we survived in '74. We did beat them as well to confirm promotion in '84 so not all bad & hope for Murray to be in Taylor's pocket tomorrow! ;-D
  9. I think you'll find Brighton are their hated rivals; as much as they sent us down we've never had any feelings for them one way or the other.
  10. Might be stating the obvious here but isn't a large percentage of the poo we're currently in down to a total loss of confidence and yet another losing mentality? Surely Jones has lost the dressing room and ain't gonna get it back any time soon so, much as I hate to not give somebody a chance, time for a change? Strachan or Curbishley
  11. Does anybody know for certain that DJ will get the transfer window (especially if the worst happens at Barnsley) and if he is shown the door, how about another short-arse Jock (but potential Ginger Mourinho Mark 2) in Gordon Strachan?
  12. Just hope more of the opportunities that were mentioned arrive in greater numbers tomorrow...
  13. Bit better than what they've got to offer over the dark side of town-Joe Elliott from Def Lep, Joe Cocker & then we seem to be struggling!
  14. Thought it was common knowledge about Jarvis's allegiance; hopefully tomorrow night's gig will be a love-in topped off by 3 much needed points. Pretty sure JW is an Owl as well.
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