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  1. winnall gone but nuhiu stays

    Yes he is - Dave has scored 19 goals in the last 142 games (roughly 1 in 7), Winnall has scored 4 in his last 15 (roughly 1 in 3)
  2. winnall gone but nuhiu stays

    If McGugan can be released by mutual consent, why can't Nuhiu? Letting Winnall go on a full season loan and possibly losing young Hirtsy doesn't make a great deal of sense to me?? Full respect to Dave for his desire and attitude - but the truth is, he's shyte, why should we lose out on far superior players and keep him at the club, it beggars belief!
  3. Vote Winnall

    Done - Name: Casper Sixfingers Email: laugh@dingles.com