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  1. Lets go for it and get this loon at the helm!!!! Least we will be in for an interesting season on way or another!!!!!! He might even bring his trophy back!!!!
  2. Carlos had a dream to manage a Premiership team .............................. .............................. We gave him the sack Now we attack We're Sheffield Wednesday We're on our way back
  3. Pudil was good whilst on loan as was Hunt - and surprise once got a contract downhill!
  4. That was my point exactly!!! Glad someone has some sense and isnt trying to make excuses. We can all make reasons why they cant be put in the success / improvement list - but why?! You could say that about anyone who isnt in that list.
  5. I am sure Carlos is good at managing his players - done well with him but recruitment is key to building on success. He or whoever has recruited poorly. If you had a successful business you wouldn't start employing people who are worse than you already have would you as a way forward?! Well thats pretty much by the looks it what we have done.
  6. Agree on that part - so yes improved, but was it an improvement to the quality of the opposition?
  7. Thank you! thought so myself. I am sure other managers make bad signings but surely they also have a bigger success list? Let's not even go into the amount spent!
  8. That's like saying Wim Jonk would have been a good signing of he had played and scored goals - well yes!?! But fact is he didn't play and didnt score?!
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