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  1. Their goalkeeper played very well. That is a reality.
  2. "Hope" is not a prudent strategy. Most chairmen/owners in this division have made blunders in pursuit of an elusive target. Few of them are loved by supporters. And too many of Chansiri's critics are detractors first and supporters second.
  3. Have a sports minister determined to dismantle this absurd, anti-competitive structure of EF and EP leagues plus a feeble football association.
  4. Maybe one of the most insightful posts, in my opinion. He's like a quarter back throwing hail mary passes. I'd hoped Luongo would replace Hutchinson and aĺlow Bannan to play on what in rugby they call they gain line, that area in football just outside the penalty area where Bannan's skill and vision can breach a defence. Can't do that from inside his own half.
  5. Houllier compared Bannan to Xavi. Flattery, I know. But he seems to have reinvented himself as a quarter back throwing hail mary passes. Surely he needs to be the furthest forward of the midfield, playing passes that confuse and turn defenders.
  6. We weren't spineless, we were clueless. A match that was going to be won by the first goal was settled by a player who took a half chance - unlike Winnall and Reach. My wish for 2020 is to see Bannan play in the opponent's half and I fear Hutchinson doesn't allow that to happen.
  7. Very accurate post. I write having spent 20+ years as a reporter on Fleet Street. David Conn has done some brilliant work but I fear there is something of a grudge here against Wednesday. The phrase "so what?" comes to mind. In my opinion, football is rotten. Manchester City is owned by a country committing terrible acts in Yemen and denying human rights at home. Fit and proper? Compared with Chansiri?
  8. You're quite right to mention defamation. Chansiri has been libelled on here by some vituperative critics who'd delight in his conviction, despite knowing nothing of the charges brought by a secretive organisation. Surely supporters of all people should give the club and chairman the benefit of the assumption of innocence. Am grateful for your analysis, 'Bigger Guns'.
  9. Meanwhile, a rush to condemn Chansiri that would make a lynch mob blush should stop. There are posts on here that treat him with such venom that some appear to relish the EFL's action.
  10. Maybe they're Russian bots. Maybe United supporters in disguise. But mostly they are the massed band of Chansiri critics, sad, bitter, lonely know-nothings who've been waiting by their keyboards to damn the chairman.
  11. You might also question who elects the EFL, to whom is the EFL accountable - most importantly, how does the EFL reconcile parachute payments with its mission to ensure fair play? They are inimical. Owners like Chansiri have a disincentive to invest, a requirement to accept unfair competition.
  12. So the ground is at risk of flood.
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