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  1. Forget Ross Berclie, who's this Major Coup you speak of? Does he play up front? Could he do a job for us?
  2. At least if Laws came back in we'd be guaranteed some excitement at Hillsborough again - i made some reight money on 3-2 & 4-2 correct score bets when he was in charge!
  3. Me too - lets get a Laws in campaign going - it worked for the colin haters!
  4. yeah, but is he willing to sacrifice?
  5. I like it - a last man standing kind of deal. My moneys on every day of the week.
  6. So..... Colin, Stuart Pearce, Steve 'the antichrist' Evans and..........
  7. None of that is in dispute - doesn't make it any less heartbreaking though.
  8. I seem to recall a very similar debate about Glen Whelan for the first few months after our last promotion from the 3rd tier. Now I know Whelan was much younger than Semedo but often players need time to adjust to the next level of football. In league 1 every game was a battle, the perfect environment for a player like Semedo to shine. We also played a much more high energy, physical style in that league under Megson and I don't think DJ changed anything in those glorious last 12 games. However, once we got promotion and DJ had a summer to set his stall out we were trying to play a much more patient passing style. Semedo had to adjust not only to a better class of opposition but also to a style of play much less suited to his game. That's why he looked out of his depth last season (l***s at home apart). This season in the small amount of time he's had, he looks a different player to me. Pretty much every time he's come on he's been our best midfielder. Much better on the ball, and a little more intelligent in that he's learnt he can't chase down every ball at this level. He's now much more selective in terms of when to press the ball and when to sit (dare I say good coaching?)This coupled with the arrival of a player who he can form a genuine partnership with in mcphail means that he's going to be a big player again for us this season. All that and the fact that he's magic. Oh, and that was never a sending off.
  9. Those are the admin settlement figures! According to one of the commenters on that page the original debts were over 3 times those amounts.
  10. I'm usually of the opinion that any boots other than black are for self promoting primadonnas, but they look amazing.
  11. From what I've seen (which is very little granted) it seems the down sides are things that can be coached eg defensive positioning. But he has all the raw tools to be a very good fullback. He seemed to always be looking for the ball, decent ability when he got it, decent pace and good going forward. I think we could well have a player on our hands here IF he is given time to progress. The same goes for Lavery. It's called the development squad for a reason.
  12. And in league one against Tranmere. Think he may of been MOM that day too.
  13. Bergkamp - without a doubt. A proper player. Not particularly quick or strong. Just sheer mastery of the art of football.
  14. Must.......find.......something.....to.....moan........about.........
  15. Antonio was there - suited and booted.
  16. And if DJ had gone out he would have been slated for taking the pluadits away from the players and being arrogant no doubt.
  17. This (apart from the 70s bit' I started in '85) We'll be fine on Saturday. I'll be wearing me lucky pants, having me lucky chip butty and can of doctor pepper. What's the worst that could happen?
  18. Yep you're right. He signed for Everton in the summer of 2000 (according to wikepedia anway) Only a year out though, not bad for my memory that.
  19. It was bougherra. Sold to Charlton when they were in the prem. As others have said WBA were in the championship when they signed Brunt, same goes for stoke when they signed whelan. Before that it was alexandersson to Everton in 01. Just shows how little quality we've had in the last decade.
  20. This. We have already been through our financial near death experience. The clubs mentioned above and many others like them could well be the next candidates if they don't gain promotion in the next couple of years. We just need to be patient and try to gradually improve our position year on year while others throw money at it and fail (as some inevitably will). We need to becom a solid championship club before we can harbour serious promotion ambitions.
  21. I think there was too much expectancy at the start of the season. We had a really positive start, that on the back of the near perfect end to the prev season coupled with the falsely heightened expectation of promoted clubs thanks to Norwich and Southmpton going straight up again led many to believe we were going to do it too.
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