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  1. Not if the rest of the squad agrees that the players shouldn't be around because of their terrible attitude.
  2. They are a top team in the division, look at the table. And we are missing 5 players who would definitely start if they were available, arguably 6 or 7. It's really not a disgrace if you consider that
  3. I think you're blinded because it was against Sheffield United. If this was against Wolves last season, you'd have said it was a great result to stop the rot. You're down about it because it was against our biggest rivals. But at the end of the day, they are a top team in the division at the moment, and our best starting eleven at the moment would not look out of place in League One. And come on, 4th/5th biggest league in the world? So you'd say The Championship is above one of the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1?
  4. This is key for me. Maybe a lot of fans won’t admit it, but a lot care only about beating United. That is when there was no going back for me and it was when, not if he left from the moment we lost that game. If we won that game, Carlos would have been a legend to a lot of fans. Some will still have wanted him to go, but I don’t think the chanting would have started. It would have regularly been mentioned “at least he beat United and I’ll always love him for that” “I don’t care what we do this season at least we beat the blunts”. You’d read that over “look at the mess he’s got us in”. I think those who speak abusively of him now would say things like “well he beat United so I’d still let Carlos sh ag my wife” instead. Football eh?
  5. Take Bannan and Reach out, Fletcher at a push, and that's a League One team.
  6. Carbone

    Usain Bolt Could he do a Job

    Absolutely. That any top league club has shown interest is baffling, in his position I’d take whatever they offered me
  7. Carbone

    Sort it out DC

    Best players such as Hooper, Forestieri, Lee and Winnall who are injured. Westwood and Hutch are frozen out. That’s 6 players who he can’t pick. No manager would do better with the players available
  8. Carbone

    Sort it out DC

    I wonder how many managers we’ll have to go through for you to realise the problem is our owner and not who the manager is
  9. You’re the one who’s fooled if you think we built just because we brought in Abdi/Jones etc. Just because we added players doesn’t mean we built on year 1. Also do you think our tactics against Huddersfield had anything to do with the amount of players we had injured?
  10. Can you find me anyone saying we were going to get top 6 or promoted before that first season? What were your expectations at the start of it? From what I remember, nearly all our fans said they’d settle for mid table and maybe a play off push at best. We ended up getting to Wembley. Expectations were exceeded and we overachieved to get where we did in his first season. What was so special? Playoffs, 2 seasons in a row. Wouldn’t we all take that again??
  11. Such a silly thing to say. I imagine you’re one of those who thinks your nan would win La Liga with Real too. It was a group of new players and rarely do teams just go up straight away when they are a new team. Wolves took 3 years and built every year, we stopped building after year 1. The only improvement on that 11 from Wembley is Adam Reach, and that’s due to our chairman. Ironic that you mention people have bought an opinion when you’re using the easy lazy view that he caused all our problems, which I’m sorry is a dumb naive view. I notice how you failed to mention he got us into the play offs again the year after and we were a spot kick away from Wembley, with a depleted squad missing many key players. The continuing injury problems at the club would suggest you can’t blame it all on Carlos, sorry to disappoint you.
  12. Carbone

    Premier league 2

    Parachute payments should be scrapped, it's just reward for failure. A team hasn't been good enough to stay in the top flight, so they are rewarded to the sum of 90m over 3 years (it might be more now?). The idea was so these clubs wouldn't go bust paying Premier League wages. Well there's a way to stop that, the Premier League/FA/Championship need to come together and agree all contracts are subjected to a reduction if a club is relegated. Then parachute payments wouldn't be needed. This will be an easy way to get rid of unwanted players too, just look at Jack Rodwell who was on 43k a week until Sunderland got rid of him in preseason. What do teams like us and Leeds do? Spend a bit of cash over a short about of time and hope it pays off. If it doesn't, we get penalised by FFP. It's so wrong. FFP needs to be scrapped also.
  13. With the way we do things I can imagine it will be something like this: “New pricing structure £46 in the South Stand £42 in the North Stand £39 in the Kop Feeling priced out? Email DejphonChansiri@swfc.co.uk now for the chance to purchase two tickets for just £80 and a £4 voucher to spend in the megastore before the game! Please also include your last three wageslips to be considered for this incredible offer.”
  14. Well he didn't deserve any more than a 5.. Was shocking in the first half but was slightly better in the second
  15. Carbone

    Worst Signing Ever

    In recent years it has to be Rhodes. 8 million wasted in a position we didn't need. We could have added a quality wide player with pace or a great midfielder for that price and possibly gone up