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  1. This window I think it's been whatever we can get. I think our recruitment has been awful since summer 2015 and Chansiri demands stupid fees for players, which is why players only leave us at the end of their contract
  2. Yeah, obviously. And will focus on the manager rather than the bigger problems at the club (recruitment, owner) You wouldn't have a forum if they didn't
  3. Except I’m right if you’ve paid attention to us in the last 4 years
  4. I’ll buy you an Owlstalk subscription for a year if Rhodes scores
  5. Well it looks like there’s as many fans in Hillsborough as there is for any game when it gets to the 80th minute
  6. Haha yeah you're probably right, but I think there's a chance they'll run out of steam and teams will figure out how to play them. But yeah, I think there's probably 2 teams in the PL that are world class, another 2 who are good, a further 2 or 3 that are decent, and then I think it's a lottery 8th to 20th. Leeds could easily finish there, and they only have to be better than United, Fulham and WBA.
  7. Just have done with and make it like the NFL, that's what the American owners want. Europe North A Manchester United Chelsea Marseille Celtic Europe North B Ajax Bayern Liverpool Rangers Europe North C Manchester City Dortmund Tottenham Lyon Europe North D PSG Arsenal Galatasaray PSV Europe South A Real Madrid Inter Milan Sporting Lisbon Shakhtar Donetsk Europe South B Barcelona Sevilla Porto CSKA Mosc
  8. Very disappointed it appears to mean they won't break away from the Prem, otherwise it's just a revamped version of the Champions League
  9. Absolutely. If we ever get to the Prem, as it stands the best we can hope for one season finishing 6th beating a couple of the big boys. Then other teams will sign our best players and every season after it’ll be a lottery where we finish, 8th - 20th every season until we go down. Let the traditional ‘Top 6’ bugger off and we can actually get promoted to a league we’d have a chance of competing in.
  10. Absolutely. Not surprisingly it’s difficult to find pay on the gate prices currently, but I believe it was regularly discussed on here that we were one of if not the most expensive team to follow in our division, and away fans would regularly complain about the cost of coming to Hillsborough compared to other grounds. We certainly don’t charge the same as everyone else
  11. Are you going to tell me next that there’s no coronavirus and it’s all 5G?
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