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  1. Rowett and Monk.. they’ve achieved nothing in the game and have been completely overhyped because they’re English, I’d be very disappointed if they ended up managing us. Likewise Coleman; Wales won a couple of games and he was the dog’s rounduns but what else has he done? Very underwhelmed, I’d have Pulis over the above.
  2. My bad I haven’t been keeping up to date as much as I thought
  3. Well I don’t blame him. We haven’t signed anyone. I said the other day I think he’ll walk soon anyway because of our lack of transfers
  4. Carlos and Jos put up with this nonsense from DC and Doyen but Bruce won’t, I think he could walk soon if we don’t start signing players.
  5. Unfortunately I don’t think we’re in a position to criticise what other teams charge
  6. Really? Have you not paid any attention to our injury record since Carlos? You know it’s up to our physios to declare players fit? So many people talking total nonsense when they don’t have a clue.
  7. Really hope we keep Westwood, he should be the priority, we didn’t look the same with Dawson in the nets. I could understand if he wants to move on after how he was treated, but I really hope he doesn’t.
  8. Anybody who wants us to lose today isn’t a fan, sorry. It means you hate United more than you love Wednesday
  9. Good point, can see Leeds strengthening enough to stay up, Sheff U won’t
  10. Or they’ve grown up near Leeds, don’t know any Sheff U fans but know loads of Leeds ones, and have constantly seen how full of scum Leeds are on and off the pitch - not to say Sheff U are angels. I despise Sheff U, but I’ve realised this year I hate Leeds just that little bit more. It really is like picking Aids or cancer but I will pick one if I have to, that’s how I see it when this topic comes up
  11. Fully aware I’m in a minority but I’d rather the Pigs go up than them so I hope we smash them
  12. It’s because Carlos keeps rushing players back.
  13. Things are great under Bruce right now, but it’s not rare for a team to overperform for a while when a new manager comes in, or for players to decide to put more in when they are near the end of their contract. Let’s see what happens next season.
  14. Yes, to some fans (not me and not the majority) some people will always hold it against Bruce if we lose tonight. I don’t share that opinion. But I’m pointing out some do, who will shout loudly.
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