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  1. Well he didn't deserve any more than a 5.. Was shocking in the first half but was slightly better in the second
  2. Carbone

    Worst Signing Ever

    In recent years it has to be Rhodes. 8 million wasted in a position we didn't need. We could have added a quality wide player with pace or a great midfielder for that price and possibly gone up
  3. Carbone

    Any Live Streams Saturday

    It's very illegal, so make sure you don't check out IPTV services, in particular one named Super Streamz that has a page on Facebook, that will have iFollow games available, including ours. I watched our game at Reading on there and broke the law and I could not possibly condone this. I'm letting you know that you could get into trouble so please don't go looking for IPTV services that you can get on android devices or Fire TV. I'm just saying this to make sure you stay away.
  4. Carbone

    So Westwood didnt move ....

    What bugged me most about him was how somebody always had to walk to him at half time and carry his towel for him. Just why? I don’t see other keepers do this, pretty sure it wasn’t a coach who was talking to him about the game.
  5. Why do I need to ask Carlos when I can get really intelligent opinions from Owlstalk?
  6. Think our tactics in those games had anything to do with having about 5 players injured and a few others playing with injuries?
  7. Not a club builder? I think we might say different if Chansiri signed who he wanted. The info is out there.
  8. Man City spent about 400m before they got a top 4 finish. Liverpool have spent a recent figure in the last few years and haven’t won anything. Wolves spent huge the year before they got promoted but didn’t even get the playoffs, so your money point and what a manager would do is invalid. Teams don’t throw money and get instant success that season. We had a style that lost to a wonder strike at Wembley. You and others need to move on from “Carlos messed up at Wembley”. Hull were clear favourites and a much more established side than us. Our first season was fantastic and exceeded everyone’s expectations. You should question why we have only added one player who would get into that Wembley team (Reach) and who that is down to. It’s not any of our managers.
  9. I’m absolutely certain it’s worth taking a risk to see if Arsenal/United/City/Liverpool/Spurs have an unproven young player that is better than Liam Palmer or Morgan Fox....
  10. Forest Newcastle and Southampton Brighton are probably what will end up on
  11. Yep biggest Prem team in the draw at home is always going to be a likely pick.
  12. Burton Villa, kind of derby too
  13. Leicester Fleetwood because it's Vardy's old club Everybody is obsessed with Leeds at the moment so wouldn't be surprised if they get picked at home Wimbledon West Ham, the Prem team going to a tiny ground Everton at home to Toytown I'd say those are all ahead of us, can't see us being picked
  14. Carbone

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but does one membership mean one discount per game, or can one membership buy multiple tickets for one game with a fiver off?
  15. Carbone

    Owls v Arsenal

    How far do you reckon we could have gone? I don't reckon any more than finishing mid table and maybe fighting relegation sometimes. Maybe a 7th/8th finish every so often but then the big clubs would just buy our best players (see Southampton). You have the top 6 and then after that, I think the teams in the Premier League are poor. I can't see how we'd have been amongst the top 6 and the best we could have ever hoped for (and also in the future) would be battling for a spot between 7th-20th.