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  1. The thing with Nuhiu is he’s a great option to come off the bench after 70 minutes. Imagine being tired near the end of the game and then you have to defend against someone of his size. He seems to contribute really well from the bench, and I don’t understand why some fans doesn’t see it.
  2. Good for him, I think he needs to leave us anyway. How many more times are we going to go around the cycle of having an underperforming team followed by Bullen coming in, getting one or two good results by bringing back players we know are poisonous in the dressing room and then looking out of his depth. Unfortunately, I think he’s part of the problem and it’s time for him to move on.
  3. You should know at a Wednesday fan that Liverpool have been on the receiving end of a love in from all angles and had their terrible history of hooliganism ignored (that saw us banned from Europe) because of the Hillsborough disaster..
  4. I really don’t see how it’s questionable at all, Chansiri has done an awful job here, but at least Mike Ashley actually sells players and doesn’t ask for stupid money that nobody will pay
  5. Saw a tweet the other week that wound the scousers up which basically said, if it was any club other than Liverpool at the top of the league, they’d have absolutely no hesitation with scrapping the league - hard to disagree.
  6. I think because Benitez has managed top clubs across Europe and won European trophies and is likeable. Bruce is known for managing Champ/lower Prem teams, playing crap football with them and having no loyalty whatsoever.. also he managed Sunderland.
  7. He’s obviously low down on a list of our ideal owners, but yeah if there was any truth in this, he would be a better option than Chansiri, at least we’d actually sell some players
  8. Not as tiresome, dull and inaccurate as blaming all our problems on Carlos and Jos. What bothers me more is that it has taken nearly 5 years for the majority on here to realise that Chansiri is the problem, it was quite obvious to me in transfer windows from Summer 2016 onwards. Now everyone else is opening their eyes, but it's too late now and the damage has been done.
  9. DC has said many things at fan forums that people on here and Twitter have proven to be dishonest.
  10. I thought I had too much time on my hands I can’t remember if it was £6m or £8m, it was a long time ago, the point is that it was an absolutely ridiculous quotation and most likely what goes on at Wednesday continuously when you look how rarely we move players on since DC arrived
  11. Mostly Glenn Roeder I believe. Paixao has pulled the strings since Roeder left in December 2015
  12. I am no longer ‘ITK’, but believe me when I was, it was clear that Paixao/Doyen pulled the strings when it came to recruitment, which is obviously the most crucial aspect here. Our recruitment was brilliant in Summer 2015 with which Paixao wasn’t involved. After that, not so brilliant. Although I stopped been ‘ITK’ in December 2017, given that Paixao is still always with DC at games, I assume his influence is still huge. I did try to say to people who were just calling for CC’s head that our problems are a lot bigger and people should direct their frustrations at DC and recruitment, but most people think you’re making up your connection, until you leak them the teamsheet the day before a game
  13. Yep the Rhodes thing is almost certainly true - I’ve previously had ‘ITK’ contacts who said we quoted a club £6m-£8m for Palmer a couple of years back. When you look how few players we’ve moved on since Chansiri arrived, you can believe it. Chansiri has always had the best intentions for us as a club, but we are in a mess now and it’s down to him. We can keep sacking the manager every 10 months and cover up the cracks for a little bit, but we’ll revert to the same problem that is our owner. Thanks for your first full season helping us get to Wembley, that was a great season and that gamble nearly paid off, but it’s been mostly miserable since.
  14. The biggest problem at the club is still there and was there when Carlos was there; the owner. He has the best intentions but he’s clueless. Look how many players have left since he bought us who didn’t run out of contract.
  15. RIP Jesse - let’s hope for a good result on Saturday to honour his memory.
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