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Community Answers

  1. Absolutely, they were the same people who tweet our managers “Sort it out you c**t” Thankfully this appointment has shown how insignificant those dumb voices are
  2. Some time between now and the first game I’d imagine
  3. So the whole “I don’t want him to fail” isn’t going to hold up much longer if you keep this up..
  4. Spot on - some are responding like we’ve just missed out on promotion and were scoring 5 goals a game
  5. We are near the bottom of the Championship and can’t score goals. It’s not a good squad and therefore not an attractive proposition right now to ‘ambitious forward thinking’ managers
  6. That some fans seem shocked and surprised we’ve not brought in a manager who is going to turn us into 1970s Brazil, when we are at the bottom of the Championship with no money and not a very attractive prospective right now?
  7. Wouldn’t say Carlos is past his best, he’s managing Braga Who do you think we should get in who could achieve effective attractive football with this set of players? That’s the key for me. Pulis has a much better record than Monk.
  8. I’m no massive advocate of TP but I just look at the situation we are in, what exactly were we hoping for? A manager like Lowe who has done well in lower league playing good football is not at all suited to us right now. It might not be pretty what TP brings us but there’s a very good chance it will be effective
  9. Then Chansiri would get abuse when it all goes wrong for not hiring a proven Championship manager
  10. I agree, I’d love nothing more than for Lowe to come here and do really well, but we’re not suited to him at all right now. The fact is we are a mess and in a situation that the likes of Pulis thrive on
  11. Not gonna lie mate this place would be a lot less interesting if you just sat on the fence all the time and only moderated
  12. “through to those of us (who are right) that it will all end in tears after enduring his eye bleeding anti-football......So I"m saying I'm more than willing to accept this decision, send him a warm welcome” Interesting way to send a warm welcome mate
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