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  1. You are judging him on the past! I’m judging him on 16 months in a a SWFC shirt. I’m not sure how you think his past is more relevant. We’ve not seen the old Rhodes, everyone needs to move on, for the benefit of club and player.
  2. Carlos didn’t ruin him. 1 year of hardly kicking a ball ruined him. Talk to anyone who plays/has played football, managers don’t ruin you. Carlos played him time and time again when it was like playing with 10 men when he was on the pitch. And again, every game he had he’d get a chance which was meant to be all he needed. He struggled to get into the right positions in the box for regular chances. His service wasn’t the best absolutely, anyone can see that, but his strength was supposed to be feeding on scraps. Look how many goals Nuhiu has scored recently. Where was everyone saying he just needs the service in the past? It’s all nonsense I’m afraid.
  3. “He’s not changed” Have you watched him since he signed for us? Looks terribly unfit and can’t run
  4. You’re totally ignoring all the sitters he’s had when we’ve put the ball into the box and he’s failed to test the keeper/hit the target? What have you seen in the last 16 months to make you think he’ll score regularly? Happy for him obviously, but a massive overreaction on here. Some said when we signed him he’s great because he needs 1 chance 1 goal, he gets 2 really good chances in a game, and that means he’s not getting the service according to folk on here. Don’t want to sound like I’m slating him, but a reality check needed for most in this thread, one goal doesn’t mean he’s back, by all means wish him well but saying look what happens when he gets the service etc or bringing up CC and confidence is just stupid. Anyway, he’ll probably be on loan at Sunderland next season.
  5. We’re talking about a squad that got to the playoff final in his first season, fourth in the table in the second and a penalty shootout from getting back to the playoff final. Why are you suggesting he might not be serious? 99% of pundits and fans had us in the top 6 before the start of the season
  6. Hopefully for him a team going for promotion in League One will take him next year. Maybe a team who goes down will lose a key player and have a few million to spend. A season scoring for fun and then maybe another crack at the Championship for him
  7. But only by ignorant people, in my opinion. As an impact sub over the past few seasons Nuhiu has helped change games or held the ball up really well for us when brought on. Not even mentioning his recent form. When Rhodes plays, it’s like playing with 10 men, he gives us very little unfortunately. We might have seen the last of him in a Wednesday shirt. A massive shame when expectations were so high.
  8. Edit: Nevermind I feel for Rhodes and those were my thoughts when Joao came on
  9. As title. Behind Nuhiu and Joao in the pecking order, and presumably Hooper, Forestieri and Fletcher when they’re fit. I feel sorry for him. I can’t imagine he thought his career with us would end up like this, but it looks like whoever the manager he is, he can’t get going and he’s not the same player he used to be.
  10. Says a lot about the intelligence of people on this forum how many people are falling for it. Starting to think Neil’s wife must really fancy Carlos and he’s found out recently, hence this grudge
  11. Don't let facts get in the way! Clearly most in this thread have already been brainwashed
  12. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11667/11304042/jose-mourinho-likes-to-fight-with-people-says-carlos-carvalhal it’s clearly in the context of Mourinho and nothing to do with his last job, he doesn’t say he was sacked. Why is the owner of this site driving this obsession of hate towards Carlos and twisting articles?
  13. Everyone saying Swansea “because of Carlos”, I’m embarrassed to support the same club as you
  14. Wrong, sorry. You don’t have a group of players not wanting to play and a medical team saying they aren’t fit and a manager overruling them and forcing them to play. It’s not the way professional football works This obsession with blaming Carlos for all our problems needs to stop, loads of other issues still at the club
  15. What about our record signing refusing to take a penalty? Edit: just realised you were only talking about the Hull game there, but why don’t you think our players deserve some of the blame? 40,000 fans or whatever it was behind them and they couldn’t turn up? How is that all down to the manager?