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  1. Would be very happy for him if his happened, playing in the Champions League and in front of 65,000 people. It’d be a lot better than seeing one of our best players go to someone like Bournemouth or Brighton.
  2. I heard the lads are really into US History, there was a quiz last week about which president was shot by John Wilkes Booth, Fletcher and Winnall were on the same team and answered Lincoln correctly and were still over the moon about it
  3. Seems like a really nice guy, was disappointed he ended up at Leeds
  4. Nope that’s not what I’m saying at all, I’m just saying it was quite obviously all a massive fluke and it’s hardly worth looking at it as a model to copy if we’re talking about specific long term strategies
  5. Huddersfield with Wagner? The team who fluked promotion on a negative goal difference, was the least memorable team in the history of the Prem and now joint bottom of the Championship, all while playing dire football? I don’t think we should look at them as a model to copy
  6. I’d have Holloway over Rowett. At least he’s won two promotions out of this division. Half our fan base will hate Rowett in November when he does to us what he did to Birmingham and Derby, touting other clubs to try and get more money.
  7. Would much, much rather him over Rowett or Monk
  8. Not this again... Presumably when he isn’t putting them away, it will be “Rhodes did some nice touches” and “his movement is good” and finally “he isn’t getting the service”
  9. Heard about it and when everyone was saying how outrageous it was that he got sacked, Simon Jordan said on Talksport he heard that’s what went on also.
  10. Rowett.. Sacked from Birmingham because he kept telling the owner how much money Derby were offering him. Is this somebody DC really wants to hire? Not another snake please.
  11. Rowett and Monk.. they’ve achieved nothing in the game and have been completely overhyped because they’re English, I’d be very disappointed if they ended up managing us. Likewise Coleman; Wales won a couple of games and he was the dog’s rounduns but what else has he done? Very underwhelmed, I’d have Pulis over the above.
  12. My bad I haven’t been keeping up to date as much as I thought
  13. Well I don’t blame him. We haven’t signed anyone. I said the other day I think he’ll walk soon anyway because of our lack of transfers
  14. Carlos and Jos put up with this nonsense from DC and Doyen but Bruce won’t, I think he could walk soon if we don’t start signing players.
  15. Unfortunately I don’t think we’re in a position to criticise what other teams charge
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