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  1. Carbone

    The shadow of The Blades

    I would rather they go up than Leeds. It’s an awful situation for an Owl, kinda like Man U fans wanting City to win the league over Liverpool. I live near Leeds and don’t know many Sheff U fans, this season I’ve just seen so many who never mentioned they liked football before suddenly going on about how they’re lifelong fans.
  2. 7 billion at a guess, maybe a little more, maybe a little less
  3. Carbone


    A bit of a reality check now for those of us who thought we were in contention to make a late run (me included). The rest of this season has to be about Bruce figuring out what we need for next season to be in contention.
  4. Carbone

    No "Hi Ho"

    I think we should just play it on loop over and over for the full game. There aren’t any regulations stopping us do this are there?
  5. Carbone

    IFollow on a Mac

    I used to watch IPTV on my mac using the GSEIPTV app
  6. Carbone

    IFollow on a Mac

    Get IPTV, most of them have all iFollow games. Watching us on my Telly Reach
  7. Carbone

    Play-off push

    Don't know what makes you more deluded [if you're being serious, this is Owlstalk], you thinking we can get to the playoffs or thinking Rhodes will be a meaningful player for us next season
  8. Carbone


    So a playoff final is nothing, you wouldn't take that now for next season? We haven't improved our starting eleven since the play off final defeat, maybe with the exception of Reach. Sorry to disappoint you but that's not down to Carlos, it's Mr Chansiri.
  9. Carbone


    This coach with "no experience and little knowledge of the division" got us to a play off final in his first season and a penalty shootout away from one again in his second. Remind me how we've done since?? Presumably you'd be unhappy with Wagner and Jovanovic if they were our manager as they didn't have experience of the Championship either with the teams they got promoted? Or Bielsa? Norwich's manager too? We'd all take these scenarios for 2020 and 2021 right now. Nobody is immune to criticism, but the way some people speak about Carlos on here baffles me.
  10. I don't remember saying that
  11. Right Back. He had one training session with Liam Palmer. Of course he wanted a new Right Back.
  12. Carbone


    Correct, we didn’t turn up against Hull and we didn’t turn up against Chelsea, and if we played how we did for most of 15-16 against Hull we’d have given them a better game too, so you agree with me. Saying “we’re not good enough” I still think is a lazy excuse, it’s basically saying no player is responsible for how they perform if the opposition is better. I can buy that if our players miss chance after chance and more clinical players finish against us. Whilst we will often play teams better than us, should we just say well they’re better every time we lose 3-0 and let players off who make mistakes? I’m not saying criticise everything for the sake of it, but we were just crap the other night against a team that was there to be got at.
  13. Carbone


    By this logic you’d be happy if we lost pretty much every game in the Prem if we got there then because just about every team would have a more expensive squad than us? We were poor on Sunday, we shouldn’t just give the players a free pass because it was Chelsea. Disappointing how often our players passed backwards and us not making any subs until it was too late. Chelsea were there to be got at, especially in the first half. Wednesday of 2015-16 would have gone there and competed.
  14. If this is the case, why wasn't it announced straight away? Why did people have to speculate or Bruce have to talk about the terrible year he had? Why couldn't we just announce due to a clause with another club he's unavailable until February? Seems bizarre how it has panned out and been reported if the only reason is a clause with Villa.
  15. Carbone

    Alex Bruce Tweet

    He sees fellow pros sticking it to his dad when they are clearly ignorant of the reasons Bruce has given for the break, so no.