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  1. I think most our fans are blinded by Chansiri because he bought us. He means well but he's clueless and doesn't know anything about football. Stories are also out there that we were in for players like Djourou, but he wouldn't pay up, yet people like to blame that on Carlos, when the truth is the contracts/negotiations are Chansiri. Lots of articles out there too to suggest that Chansiri rarely got Carlos' 1st/2nd/3rd choice signings. We'll never get to the Premier League with him in charge.
  2. Carbone

    I want our owl back

    Bit harsh but I agree with your point, I preferred the previous crest. Go to a fans forum and tell Chansiri, he listened on the stripes
  3. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/update-six-arrested-over-steel-city-derby-disturbances-1-8956092 Only 6 arrests compared to 11 when it was our place https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/eleven-arrested-in-derby-day-disorder-in-sheffield-1-8770776 Be rate.
  4. The derby at United's ground was trouble free though wasn't it?
  5. There will be a thread on here every time he scores saying Carlos, Jos and Chansiri are clueless frauds and should have never let him leave
  6. But if Rhodes is so capable still, why was Nuhiu doing it and not him? Clueless manager? I think every fan would take two seasons finishing in the playoffs now for the next two seasons wouldn't they? If Jos is as "clueless", we are blessed. The more sensible of our fans recognise it was probably when it all went wrong for us, bringing Rhodes in. I do find it quite funny that those who were slating "happy clappers" that didn't want us to sack Carlos are now defending a striker that hasn't done anything for us in 2 seasons and refuse to hear any criticism of him, and invent reasons why we'd miss him if he was sold. I'm sorry but anybody flogging the dead horse called "Rhodes will come good" are 100x more deluded than anybody who defending Carlos.
  7. You must be referring to another game where he looks particularly fast? I didn't see any bursts of pace. You can stretch to make a point for the last one but I think that was our shocking defending more than anything.
  8. I'm not sure he's ever had pace has he? One of our slowest players since he joined
  9. Please can you tell me how we've been weakened when Rhodes hasn't been available?
  10. Agree completely, when I first saw this picture I thought it was our players that we are trying to shift on. All deadwood just past their best now and should have been moved on before Hunt
  11. What exactly have you seen whilst he’s been with us to give you that impression?
  12. Carbone

    #SWFC VIP breakfast underway

    A table of deadwood that we need to move on
  13. £3m loan fee - hilarious Does anyone still wonder why nobody ever leaves us? Chansiri wanting stupid unrealistic money for our players
  14. Carbone

    Westwood Going

    Our younger keepers have a lot of potential. Westwood has been great for us, but I must say I dislike how he needs to have somebody with him to carry his towel and his bottle for him. What is that all about?
  15. Then you’re very misinformed. Read Chansiri’s statement about the situation.