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  1. What about tbe other games hea played he was terrible
  2. What a load of rubbish.. There will be a bucket collection for us to stay in existence if you were the chairman.. You know when the youth players wages rise, the 1st team want their wages increasing
  3. Well our manager disagrees with you. Look at his interview
  4. The ref didn't stop him marking Glenn Whelan did he?
  5. You can pay the youth players more than the 1st team is it that hard to understand?
  6. He didn't track back anytime in the 2nd half that's why we lost to Villa
  7. He's had 1 good game.. Don't be blackmailed Wednesday. If any of them don't want to stay in our wage structure get rid of them
  8. Are for real? does Chansiri have a business brain
  9. We were offered two million and refused it .. the tribunal takes the last bid into consideration if the bid can be substantiated. That's why people are saying around 2 million
  10. He is nowhere near the standard of KW yet but he is an amazing prospect but kicking has to improve.
  11. Katrien said no club will let it go to tribunal now if possible.. We will get 1.5m plus add-ons if he signs for an English club at least IMO
  12. Another thing is Mourinho bought Kevin De Bruyne and made him look poo Is that better?
  13. He was always going to leave for his own financial future, he has no loyalty to us. He put a picture of a pig player megging one of our players on his Twitter account. Some of his arselicking fans should go with him because you have the same loyalty to your club as he has.
  14. Same bloke says it is the worst Wednesday team he has seen in 62 years.... utter testicles... I'm 45 and this is 1 of the most successful seasons in my lifetime
  15. Cole? Ashley Cole is the best left back England has ever had IMO
  16. Nearly every team above us on that graph have parachute payments
  17. Buxton played well tonight The midfield disappeared when Lavery came on
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