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  1. Absolutely not. What we should do is find wingers that will put a ball into the box.
  2. £30 for all three. Would need to be collected from the shop with my IDs and Address details.
  3. To be fair he has a point. Fans are to easy to criticise AN because they don't see the bigger picture, the fact he occupies 3 defenders at any one time is a bonus. Its not his fault if at that point when there is space in front our wingers decide to pass it 40 yards back because Loovens has not touched the ball for a while ....
  4. We just haven't got the players!

    Stop reading as soon I saw Reach and Yes in the same sentence.
  5. lols at this thread though ....
  6. That I’ve not been remotely excited by a game against Leeds United. Infact I would say I’m dreading it, I hope I’m forced to eat my words later, but living and working in the dark part of Yorkshire I’ve a feeling tomorrow is going to be a long long day full of wee wee taking from dirty Leeds fans. Thanks Carlos.
  7. The Carlos to stay brigade

    What they have done is bought hungry players with a point to prove. What we have done, is bought players that think they are better than they are.
  8. Added pressure - pig affect

    Sick of hearing "we have only lost 3 games" We have only won 3 sodding games too!
  9. Anyone who has watched us for the last season and a 1/4 has seen this coming. Anyone that is that is not still blinded by the fact we got to the championship play off final. Performances on the whole have been drab affairs, somehow last season we went on a run towards the end and managed to get in the play offs, thanks in no small part to other falling to bits. Gary Hooper, our talisman pulled us through then, just like he is trying to do now. But!! Carlos has written a book so Carlos knows best and Carlos needs no plan b. Time to forget the sentiment of a Wembley appearance and do whats right for the club, because at this moment something is very very wrong.
  10. None of the top 7

    Neither will we. End of Thread.
  11. Bored Now

    Let's not even get on to giving youth a chance ....
  12. Same shuffle tactics Same shuffle formation Same shuffle excuses Same shuffle post match drivel Oh, I know it's only our second defeat of the season too.... But let's look at the teams we have failed to beat so far! If you cannot motivate your side for these games you're in the wrong job. Millions spunked, Abdi cost more than that united side! Think about that. Happy clappers gonna clap though. Oh, as for Wednesday fans fighting with each other in and outside the ground, do us a favour, make that your one match this season. tail tugging tuggers.
  13. Joost

    So you don't really know.