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  1. Save the stadium for after the next round of spending .... If taking a 9 point hit now when in reality it will cost us nothing then why sell the stadium?
  2. As far as I'm aware their slate is clean. They are certainly going to be spending money this summer. If taking a 9 point hit now means we can especially under Bruce - then its a no brainer.
  3. To be fair, I would take the 9 point deduction right now!
  4. Well, as a Wednesday fan living in the dark side of Yorkshire, today is a big day for me! bragging rights against our Champions of Europe neighbours. Honestly could not care less about who goes up, Norwich are already there so it will either be this lot or them from the other side of town - if they go up then they deserve to go up. I would love to see up just go for it, in reality we have 5 games left in which we really have nothing to lose, we are not expected to hit the playoffs and we are not going to go down, so..... Lets just get the ball down and try play the Kevin Keegan way, if they score 3 we will score 4! Be up and at em - 3 of the 5 games we have left are pressure games for the other teams, not us!
  5. This could be right. Announcer did say it was someone’s latest offering. Still cant find it though ffs
  6. Lyrics were something like - “you have my money and my car but you I won’t let you take me” it’s actually doing my head in now Lol
  7. Did you not hear? Leeds are the champions, champions of Europe....
  8. Just before the announcer introduced the first half highlights there was a song on. Please does anyone know what it was? Thanks in advance.
  9. Foot is level knee and head are not. Offside. Stupid rule though and needs changing back to how it once was.
  10. Agreed. Dawson is the messiah and all that.
  11. Looking at the run Ins of those left to fight out the last 2 play off places Derby look to have the easiest. Boro are in bad form but that could change at anytime with the squad they have. I'm thinking match Villas results and then beat them - we could sneak that last spot. In three games time this could be in our own hands, but I think I'd prefer the pressure to be off us - we tend not to do well in them situations. But with Forest, Preston, Villa and Bristol City all to play 3 of which are at Home we certainly have a real chance. Either way - I am already looking forward to next season.
  12. We didn’t sneak past them, we beat them well and the score line doesn’t do justice to the performance. A fully fit FF would have had 2 today, they cleared 1 off the line and the keeper made a point blank save. Yes the playoffs offs probably are out of reach, but it was just nice to watch us playing on the front foot for a change and mixing it up. Rather than backwards and sideways we were actually looking for balls forward, so came off some didn’t. But it if that’s the approach for the rest of season, it’ll at least be half decent to watch Wednesday again.
  13. Never got at them, wide men were non existent, Bannan showed why he’s not a premier league player. Boyd, pointless. Fletch isn’t a loan striker. Mention goes to Palmer though. Thought he was great today considering.
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