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  1. Joost

    So you don't really know.
  2. Joost

  3. Brentford Tickets

    Yes they are
  4. Due to an unbelievably shoddy supplier and a customers needs I cannot make the game tonight. I have: 1 x Adult 1x Under 17 1x Under 11 On the KOP Tickets available for tonight, £25 for all 3. You would have to go into the shop with my ID and Post Code to get the tickets printed. Payment Via Paypal
  5. Annoyed.

    Membership. Just saying.
  6. Bedwetters of the world unite....

    roger me you lot come out after a win and then roger back off after a shambolic performance. At at least us bed wetters are consistent. Carlos out.
  7. How do you rate the squad now?

    I think it's a 3-5-2 squad.
  8. A little perspective

    Just to clarify. I would check your facts. Thanks (hint we were relegated 89/90) finished 3rd in division 2 and won the league cup in 90/91 at you.
  9. A little perspective

    I know it is. But thanks for your affirmation.
  10. A little perspective

    Just for clarity. Most of of the players we have now wouldn't be fit to lace the boots of the 90-94 side.
  11. Be fair it's someone of this ilk we need desperately. Sadly we will concede goals, it's gonna take someone that can accept that but set us up to to score 4 of we let 3 in. Carlos is setting us up not to lose, so we end up with stupid draws in games we could be winning. Let the flipping shackles off man.
  12. Would sacking CC effect FFP?

    Idiotic post. We've been poor for 14 months. Its not not a case of short memory it's a case of seeing the blaring obvious.
  13. Would sacking CC effect FFP?

    This is such a shuffle argument. The league was weaker last year than it was the season before. DW at Huddersfield has come in and shown what can be done on a shoe String, as did Monk at Leeds. CC has spunked millions on mainly crocks and 30 somethings. Teams have worked us out, we have no plan B ... sure there should also be a C and a D in football?
  14. Would sacking CC effect FFP?

    Not sure how anyone can neg this. We went of the playoffs with such a whimper it was embarrassing.
  15. Same again

    I'm willing to bet there will be at least 1 change.