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  1. 13 Pages and I still don’t know if we’re fubarred or not ...
  2. BD2OWL

    American Owls

    Thanks guys. I’m in the company apartment in Fairhaven MA. All cabled up so ill I’ll be able to watch from the sofa.
  3. Any of our fans based in the US know if the game is live on any of the numerous sports channels this weekend? Over here at the moment and hoping I can watch the game!!
  4. Personally, I think he got this spot on. If you are going to moan during the bad times and spit your dummy out - then I will make it difficult for you to enjoy the good ones. Happen his ways have made a few Wednesday fans realise how much Wednesday actually mean to them.
  5. But on what planet has buying a season ticket given a right to free flowing football? Lets be honest many of us have bought them for many seasons knowing we were basically going to be served up dross, its a chance you take.
  6. Well I never, we have been singing about it for the best part of 3 years and now we are finally back! Managerial changes, Injuries galore, apparently no pot to wee wee in - fans moaning about the chairman, chairman spitting his dummy - Love it!! For those of you that could see where Carlos was taking us in the middle of last season, well done!! In all seriousness, its time to stand up and be counted because thats what Wednesday Fans do, we endure the bad and hold onto the good, for those of you getting season ticket refunds - enjoy your brass - we will no doubt meet again when "we get good" for other 12,000 that saw us get hammered by Yeovil on a wet winters night in league 1 - your club needs you more now than it did then.
  7. Absolutely not. What we should do is find wingers that will put a ball into the box.
  8. £30 for all three. Would need to be collected from the shop with my IDs and Address details.
  9. To be fair he has a point. Fans are to easy to criticise AN because they don't see the bigger picture, the fact he occupies 3 defenders at any one time is a bonus. Its not his fault if at that point when there is space in front our wingers decide to pass it 40 yards back because Loovens has not touched the ball for a while ....
  10. BD2OWL

    We just haven't got the players!

    Stop reading as soon I saw Reach and Yes in the same sentence.
  11. That I’ve not been remotely excited by a game against Leeds United. Infact I would say I’m dreading it, I hope I’m forced to eat my words later, but living and working in the dark part of Yorkshire I’ve a feeling tomorrow is going to be a long long day full of wee wee taking from dirty Leeds fans. Thanks Carlos.
  12. BD2OWL

    The Carlos to stay brigade

    What they have done is bought hungry players with a point to prove. What we have done, is bought players that think they are better than they are.
  13. BD2OWL

    Added pressure - pig affect

    Sick of hearing "we have only lost 3 games" We have only won 3 sodding games too!