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  1. £150 quid on eBay!!!!!!!! Anyone want to make a sensible bid for mine??
  2. Best Wednesday shirt by far, also worn on my favourite game, Blackburn away (Cup Semi) Lucky to have one of these, bought it off eBay a few years back Only comes out when on holiday (Mainly due to pre holiday diet :-))
  3. how about priority to those who went to the last Papa game?
  4. No Dennis, no Massi, dunno how Abdi is gonna get a shirt when he returns from injury
  5. jealous Had to cancel golf and go into work for a few hours
  6. important to get a positive result even if the performance maybe jaded due to the break I'm going 0-3 Liam 'Paul Warhurst' Palmer hat trick
  7. Shame we didnt have him when Odubajo was playing We might of been in the Champions league now
  8. who else can chuck the ball to the penalty spot?
  9. We wanted Monk but ended up with Ricky Wilson from the Kaiser Chiefs
  10. Thats five minutes of my life i wont get back.... Cheers I think he's doing a good job, not just because he scares the poo out of me Massive beast of a bloke, i hope he headbutts those who dont toe the line Keep up the good work!
  11. i was on earlier this week, there werent any tickets available for any of the games coming up including home games Bonkers! The impulse has gone now, i've spent my 30 quid on wine
  12. Disappointed Thought the post was S Club rule better go to Specsavers
  13. This is tough! Much preferred it when we had 3 fit players, 5 almost injured and the others who couldn't give a monkeys
  14. could be us, we will have one of the biggest (if not biggest) due to high attendances and D-Taxi income
  15. it was a shot on target, we couldnt hit a cow ass with a banjo all night or it would of been 10-0
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