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  1. £150 quid on eBay!!!!!!!! Anyone want to make a sensible bid for mine??
  2. Best Wednesday shirt by far, also worn on my favourite game, Blackburn away (Cup Semi) Lucky to have one of these, bought it off eBay a few years back Only comes out when on holiday (Mainly due to pre holiday diet :-))
  3. how about priority to those who went to the last Papa game?
  4. No Dennis, no Massi, dunno how Abdi is gonna get a shirt when he returns from injury
  5. jealous Had to cancel golf and go into work for a few hours
  6. important to get a positive result even if the performance maybe jaded due to the break I'm going 0-3 Liam 'Paul Warhurst' Palmer hat trick
  7. Shame we didnt have him when Odubajo was playing We might of been in the Champions league now
  8. who else can chuck the ball to the penalty spot?
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