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  1. 30 odd thousand turned up for the game, shame the majority of the 11 who were key didnt
  2. Dont forget the distance travelled too! I remember once travelling to the game with the GF (she's now my wife....jesus ) Total cost for the day was well over £100 (around 20 years ago) all in I remember we lost to Charlton, it was a terrible performance reet laugh!
  3. i'd buy the best ambulance available to make sure our players travel in style
  4. Would you pay broadband prices for dial up service, maybe you would a couple of times a year for novelty value? Probably wind a few up but ITS TONGUE IN CHEEK A season ticket is on my bucket list but it’s a few year off yet, I’m jealous of the home and away crew
  5. Jeez…..someone wheel Abdi away before he gets caught in the tide probably quickest he’s been for last 10 years though
  6. Personal circumstances differ for all. honestly this season could of been my first season ticket, I chose to spend my ‘spare cash’ on a golf membership instead. I honestly couldn’t see value for money, if that makes me less of a supporter then suck my plums. im wanting two tickets for Lincoln if anyone can sort me out, thanks in advance
  7. CAtt Chansiri, you can follow it on Instagram, already following all the players
  8. All the time I have a hole in my Arsenal……
  9. Some fecker somewhere has a Sheffield Wednesday voodoo doll and has had it for about 30 years. It’s had more prix in it than Bumhole Lane
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