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  1. what happened in crowd today? ?? did any one see?
  2. Guess this Colin came to them and said "50 thousands a week" this is 2.5 millions year Paul says " i do and make 10 thousands" so Prince of Tissue (Kleenex King") of Abbadu Akbah say "YES we take the paul Agent Bottom" thankings !!!!
  3. yes sir you know money side game. ... this seem right to me
  4. well hit war then if you take back so far
  5. was this Dave score? we take 4 Harrowgate they say " we meet with bug club" i went as was off work and harrowgate did not have a massive ultra suport say they was big cup game for the town and they enjoy ?? seem nice fans to me we take 4 fans to pub and we make happy and Maurice say yes
  6. give us PIZZA CUP next year Maurice will sponsor this cup DEWSBURY CHICKEN CUP say yes? do not be embaras UTO
  7. ok then this is begin we take good result of 4 --0 we now build because we show 4 player tonite they did so good this is the Owl we love nice trip to brent were i used work next year we play Wembly ok so let us go WE ALL WEDNSDAY ARNT WE UTO
  8. yes out all season plus word said with DM and not good not play again unless DM go ok so do we conect ?? not lucky but we can go on. Maurice say DC to invest in JAN trans window and you see - 2 players leave on transfer fee.
  9. so 7 thousands £10 pound That just pay for steward and police bill today not happy pay day
  10. Mauruce said "This bad signing" and yes, he right you know his wage is big ?? ? 3 high earner oh and yes they say no good training and late
  11. Maurice say this most best post for year thank you could you please post more post ?? we now know we stay in DIV 3 for another 2 season because this we have best squad and look where we are. nearly november and even if we next 5 games (catch up at 2 point a game how works) we still not in top 2 place
  12. we stay in div 3 this year so now please think what signs you want see next summer? say now as they go qick and we need to get talks with agent
  13. they make question about chicken and Maurice give them secret for Colenal spice recipy but for dewsbury shop promice you we better than K F C !!! yes sit
  14. skinny little weesle try come to Belgrade for night game and see how get home these childs that been to play scool punch clubs this why swfc is laugh of every one at minute Maurice says at shop everyone Huddersfield and Barnsley he know they just laugh and laugh i do shop Wakefield so see these not at all and i Belgrade fan not Sheffield but spend some moeny Sheffield but think the team is so bad
  15. Maurice say some these loans should be play first. why send out then pay 18 time wage for player from champion club to arrive and say "Hi yes, I here but no really for you" i Dispair
  16. are they pay us to go to ground? no thank, i make chicken when this game on i wont not miss a thing, this club like rotten chicken.
  17. Thankings for good comment. Now we move up. Please I say maurice gave this log in to me so that why change and yes I practise here to make my comment Maurice involve with food for club
  18. It was best football in 20 year. Yes he left but because like girlfriend from school say "Come on leave you fat wife and 4 horrible kids" " Cone with me" So you like her at school and she not gone like size space hopper So you go. Then this happen... You eat chicken fried and of course she go to gym and say "I like new one" You say " oh no" Ok ...then I go back to my space hopper wife and 4 horrible kids So what I say is this.. TIME TO BRUCE COME HOME PLEASE. Bounce if like (space hop bounce yes)
  19. things not good maurice says talk of next transfers but wage limit was hit summer ok so what then? to me .. ... sale of Barry. to see new DEFENCE midfield please. solid. power. tackle and pass. Some in east europe i say. and also -- Norway and Sweden. I can name and only they earn,,, £2,500 for the week. to play proper left back and stop change players even when win stop this strange pass pattern and make new structure must play two in front line and not one ok so please thoughts and not shoot at me and say "bad english " i learning it 3 time week now as well as chickens shops 3 now Maurce own
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