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  1. Excellent quality stream. Cheers mate.
  2. galwayowl


    Stats based on league games last season. With Loovens Played: 26 Conceded: 25 Clean Sheets: 11 Goals Conceded per game: 0.96 Without Loovens Played: 20 Conceded: 24 Clean Sheets: 6 Goals Conceded per game: 1.2 No doubt a better defensive record with Loovens in the side.
  3. galwayowl

    Tom Lees

    Correct. He signed a three year deal.
  4. galwayowl

    Lewis McGugan injury

    He didn't even give a free for it! We had to give the ball back to Blackburn when play restarted!
  5. galwayowl

    Sack the band!

    You are right that they shouldn't affect the minds of modern Ireland but unfortunately the reality is that the Plantation of Ulster has had long lasting effects on Irish society. In my opinion it is undoubtedly the single most important factor in the troubles as it lay the foundations of what would happen in the future. Here's an extract from an essay by John Darby who was an expert on the conflict, he can summarise it better than I can! The Plantation of Ulster was unique among Irish plantations in that it set out to attract colonists of all classes from England, Scotland and Wales by generous offers of land. Essentially it sought to transplant a society to Ireland. The native Irish remained, but were initially excluded from the towns built by the Planters, and banished to the mountains and bogs on the margins of the land they had previously owned. The sum of the Plantation of Ulster was the introduction of a foreign community, which spoke a different language, represented an alien culture and way of life, including a new type of land tenure and management. In addition, most of the newcomers were Protestant by religion, while the native Irish were Catholic. So the broad outlines of the current conflict in Northern Ireland had been sketched out within fifty years of the plantation: the same territory was occupied by two hostile groups, one believing the land had been usurped and the other believing that their tenure was constantly under threat of rebellion. They often lived in separate quarters. They identified their differences as religious and cultural as well as territorial.
  6. galwayowl

    Sack the band!

    Yes really. If the plantation of Ulster hadn't of taken place there wouldn't haven't been any conflict in Northern Ireland just like there hasn't been any conflict in any other Province in Ireland. Events prior to 1609 have no real direct effect on modern Ireland. I suspect there were many warring tribes as is common in feudal society. Irish national identity only began to emerge around the time of the French revolution and the failed revolution in Ireland in 1798. Since then the only time we've fought between ourselves was about the North!
  7. galwayowl

    Sack the band!

    The root cause of the troubles was the plantation of Ulster in 1609 by James I, so yes Britain is the root cause of the conflict as were it not for the plantation of Ulster there would currently likely be a similar number of protestants in Ulster as in any of the other three provinces and hence no troubles. Ireland would have been united in 1914 under the Home Rule Bill (Which was opposed at the time by Ulster Unionists using the threat of military action) and gained full independence in turn.
  8. galwayowl

    Wednesday Player

    Just started lads.
  9. galwayowl

    Wednesday player

    Yeah, last night's match was uploaded earlier today (without commentary), hopefully league games will be up in full as well.
  10. galwayowl

    Wednesday player

    Terrible tonight, switched over to notts commentary after about 40 minutes. Couldn't log in this evening either for no apparent reason, had to email customer services to sort it so missed the first 20 odd minutes. In fairness to them though they responded to my email very quickly.
  11. Good shout. Switched over, not cutting out at all.
  12. galwayowl

    graham barrett

    He was highly rated as a youngster at Arsenal and for Irish youth teams. Think he won a few international caps too but came nowhere close to realising his potential.
  13. galwayowl

    Thursday's Quick Quiz

    I know realised as soon as I posted, edited but too late!
  14. galwayowl

    Thursday's Quick Quiz

    Ron Atkinson