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  1. 21 minutes ago, H2Owl said:

    So, a 12 point deduction would now leave us in the bottom 3, 3 points adrift of Huddersfield.


    We’re trying our best to go down aren’t we

    We need to know what’s happening with it soon.


    The two home games this week are either mid table games without much riding on them. Or they’re relegation 6 pointers that we need at least one win from

  2. 1 minute ago, jonnyowl said:

    I'd always go Bannan Hutchinson Luongo.


    But seeing as though Hutchinson has been banished and Luongo can never stay fit.


    Today I'd go Bannan Lee Hunt.


    Anyone but Pelupessy.

    Without Hutchinson or Luongo we look lightweight in central midfield whatever formation we play 

  3. 6 minutes ago, Dutch McLovin said:

    Hutchinson and Luongo are 2 of. This is the problem Monk has made This formation unplayable as we don’t have the central midfielders.

    And Luongo’s probably been injured for more games than he’s been available.


    I prefer 4-3-3 but 4-4-2 was working quite well before Christmas when Hutchinson and Fletcher were playing.

    And in reply to Holmowl, Rhodes can only play in a 4-4-2

  4. 13 minutes ago, JimmyMaC said:

    Chansiris time here wont be remembered with much fondness,the bloke came in with good intentions,but hes spent us into a corner,and now were snookered behind the massive debt ball.

    Everythings top dollar,Real Madrid prices for a shrewsbury future,a massive spend thats nosed dived in one game,,,,as can happen if you plant all your eggs in one basketcase.

    The chairman gave us the option to pay lower prices for inferior players,without ever considering the outcome when those higher value players became inferior themselves once the race was run,his own words have backed him into a corner with little room to manouvre and no more hiding places,

    For the 1st time in its history the club no longer owns its own ground,its supporters can little afford the entrance fee,and its players cant be bothered to put it right,couple that with the fact the other mob stormed past us,29M inside their allowance over 2 seasons,and tore the league to bits and now sit less then a handfull of points off the champions league!

    Chansiri needs to reflect on his time in charge and where its taken us,were going backwards,and hes running the club,or ruining it

    Agree with everything you’ve said and I’d add he’s probably the most divisive owner currently in English football.


    Other clubs with unpopular owners (Newcastle, West Ham, Man Utd) their fans are nearly all combined against the ownership of their club.


    But with DC there’s still a proportion of fans that continue to back him

  5. 1 hour ago, hirstyboywonder said:


    Or smoke less. To be fair that was like a health drive as well, drink and smoke less and improve your health by paying more to watch Wednesday finish in the top 6. Improved mood and improved fitness.


    In the current climate it doesn't look good. The ticket prices are the same but you need a few drinks in order to stomach the football that we are serving up.  = pay high prices to watch football that puts you in a bad mood and your fitness suffers as well.

    Need more than a few drinks watching Wednesday at the minute...


  6. 1 hour ago, kirksandallowl said:

    Marshall, Antonio?

    Fair enough, there’s been a few. My memory’s been blurred by all the loans that have flopped. Remembered Hooper was a loan initially too and Fryatt was decent for us.

    It’s just 3 at once straight in seems too many in mid season. Obviously the Wickham one made sense but are da Cruz and Windass any better than we already had is those positions with FF, Reach, Murphy and Harris?


    Anyway, back to arbitration...



  7. 1 hour ago, HirstWhoScoredIt said:

    I am going to defend him on this one.


    I really do not think £25 adults and £5 kids is the issue if we do not sell out versus the PL Champions.

    We need to sell thousands of tickets at £30 to sell out. But agree they’re fairly priced for a game against City.


    Even more so when you consider a ticket for the same seat on the south stand against Derby would cost you £43

  8. 1 minute ago, royalowlisback said:

    Scott Carson, Michael Hector, Alex Lopez, Pudil and Hunt (before we signed them permanently) all were great loan signings.

    Fair point but all of those (other than maybe Carson?) were with us from the start of the season on season long loans.


    I was thinking more about loans that have come in mid season on short term deals

  9. 26 minutes ago, BARMYARMY2010 said:

    If Wickham and Windass are desperation signings I dread to think what you think are decent ones. 

    I’m not saying they’re bad players but have either of them done anything yet? We’ve actually got worse in the three games since they came in.


    And by desperation I meant being in a position where we’re throwing 3 players who don’t even belong to us straight into the first 11.


    How many loan deals have been a success for us? Kenwyne Jones, Joey O’Brien and Wickham last time he was here are the only ones I can think of.


    I can think of plenty more loans that have struggled here (McGeady, McManaman, Buckley, Bothroyd, Afobe, Showunmi, Aranalde, Will Keane, Barkley, Urby, Bates etc)

  10. 3 minutes ago, Striggy said:


    But there you go again, 3 desperation loan signings! They fit the bill for what we needed to some degree, considering what was available and under present constraints.

    We’ll have to agree to disagree on this. But how many well run clubs make 3 loan signings in January and then throw them all into the first team together?

  11. 48 minutes ago, LondonOwl313 said:

    Well I’ve got no idea how much he has got but googling says £400-500m.. if that was me, £100m would be about my limit I think. £200m is half the money and it’s just a waste


    Thing is, when you’re upgrading the squad it should be a process. When he came he we badly needed investment in attacking players and he bought FF and Hooper for £3m each when they were 25 and 27 years old. These kind of upgrades should increase the value of the squad.. and then if we’d been astute we could have sold some and reinvested so that once the initial investment is made its more self sustaining. Instead we’ve allowed the squad to become pretty much worthless again.. in the summer we could really do with signing another prime age FF and Hooper again.. will cost a fortune in this market and doubt we’ll be able to do that so it’s hard to see how we’ll get a better chance of going up than the 2015-17 period

    Based on what’s online and google the owners of Fulham, Barnsley, Stoke, West Brom, Bristol City, Preston, Ipswich, Reading and Cardiff are all richer than DC.


    And some fans on here seem to think we’re the only championship club impacted by FFP. I’ve even seen a poster say the only reason we didn’t get promoted was FFP

  12. 23 minutes ago, Striggy said:


    Yet many say uncover a rare gem from abroad or lower leagues rather than spend on aging experienced championship journey men.  Many said play Hirst in the first team.  Can you have it both ways? Damned if he does and damned if he dunt. Don't see Da Cruz as anything to beat DC or the Club with, it will come off or it wont.

    I wasn’t using it to beat DC or the club, just an example of the sort of signings we can expect now.


    And having to make 3 desperation loan signings in January isn’t a great reflection on the recruitment prior to the season

  13. 19 minutes ago, prowl said:

    He's got talent but as you say it will take him time to adjust to our type of football. We also need to find out how best to use him. He looks like a potentially good second striker, he's wasted out wide. Murphy is better.

    The only clubs he’s played more than 10 games for are FC Dordrecht, Novara, Spezia and Ascoli.


    They’re not exactly giants of European football are they? And he’s gone straight into our first team

  14. 24 minutes ago, prowl said:

    Da Cruz is a good bit of business. We get to have a close look at a potentially good player with the prospect of signing him if we think he will settle in the English game. If he doesn't we wave him good bye. Low risk, low cost. Potentially good upside.

    Looks well short of the standard to me but let’s hope you’re right. He doesn’t look an improvement on what we already had, we’ve actually got worse since he’s come into the team.


    And to be fair to the lad the championship is quite a big step up from the Dutch and Italian second divisions where he’s played most of his career

  15. 2 minutes ago, BARMYARMY2010 said:

    Loan player at a lower cost of "transfer fee" and then wages, same for Wickham and Windass. 

    Surely even you can see that even bringing in loan players would mean he has the finances, wouldn't it? 

    I’d have said appointing a manager straight after Bruce left and doing some proper recruitment in the summer would have indicated he had the finances

  16. 2 minutes ago, BARMYARMY2010 said:

    The fact that he does keep putting his money in, would suggest that he has money,the fact he doesn't or hasn't spent any of note on high purchase players,would perhaps and this may just be me, have something to do with him now realising throwing money around willy nilly on players isn't the answer.

    And his answer is to bring Da Cruz in on loan from Serie B until the end of the season?



  17. 7 minutes ago, Striggy said:


    He spent what he needed to when first arrived, granted some cosmetic, some insisted upon by SAG.  Sure he said there are development plans, but these would take place upon gaining promotion, granted that may take a while.

    Why redevelop upon promotion if we have money? Isn’t that when we’d need the full capacity? Right now we could easily get the crowd into 3 stands.


    If we’re waiting for promotion, it’ll never get developed

  18. 3 minutes ago, BARMYARMY2010 said:

    That's quite a tangent you've taken there, twice, I'm not saying Chansiri is loaded,I'm wanting poster's like your good self and others to explain the thinking that He/swfc is broke/skint, when Being in breach of financial regs doesn't mean that. 

    The fact we currently only have 7 or 8 outfield players contracted to the club for next season doesn’t suggest we’re a club stacked with cash does it

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