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  1. Chansiri is as delusional as Trump. He’s still saying promotion is the target
  2. Yes some Wednesday fans still seem to think the only reason DC isn’t spending big is FFP. They forget that the last player we signed for over £1m was Joost van Aken more than 3 years ago and DC hasn’t spent anything substantial on the ground since he’s been here. The only players contracts we’ve renewed in the last 18 months are Dawson and Pelupessy. We didn’t have money to keep Fletcher and Fox. DC is doing it on the cheap now. I don’t know where the club or the squad is going because even if we stay up this year it’s going to take a huge cash injection to
  3. Be good to know if he plans to do anything with the west stand and north west terrace or if he’s just leaving it as it is
  4. Has he been asked about any ground improvements? Plans for the west stand and north west terrace?
  5. We’re also bottom of the fair play league. But you can flip that and say we’re top of the table for yellow and red cards....
  6. Iorfa from a set piece. Can’t see us scoring from open play
  7. Are you wearing the Elev8 gear on nights out? And what makes you say Elev8 is better quality than Nike or Adidas? I’ve Nike and Adidas tops that have lasted years and had plenty of wear. Pro football kits are about selling to a market which is mainly kids and teenagers.... and most of them want a known brand
  8. Yeah elev8 is up there with Donnay, Lonsdale and Slazenger as the brand leaders in sportswear when it comes to quality
  9. It would but do you see DC putting the money up to make it happen? Any proven manager at this level would want good money to come here when the likelihood is he’s going to end up with a relegation on his CV. And it’s probably already too late to get someone in time for the Bournemouth and Millwall games this week
  10. We couldn’t even afford to keep Fletcher and Fox. We signed free agent rejects like Kachunga and Dunkley. And some on here still think Chansiri is going to spend millions or replace Monk with a proven championship manager
  11. Who are the other directors? His wife and Att?
  12. Relegation doesn’t worry me that much... two of the best seasons I’ve had watching Wednesday were 04/05 and 11/12 in League 1. The worry is Chansiri is leading the club over the cliff edge to oblivion. I geniunely don’t see it getting better while he’s running the club as the sole director
  13. Rotherham had their record win against us on Wednesday too. Monk and DC breaking records
  14. Iorfa is the only player in our squad with any transfer value now. The rest is a mix of free transfers, loans and aging/underperforming players that are out of contract at the end of the season
  15. When Wednesday concede or score I don’t feel anywhere near the same emotion any more. I used to get a sinking feeling when we conceded, now I just expect it and don’t really feel anything. And even when we score there’s not a big celebration
  16. No I’m suggesting the club will bounce back however far we fall but I can’t see it happening with Chansiri. Portsmouth, Bolton, Wigan, Coventry, Blackpool have all managed to survive and stay in the league
  17. I hope I’m proved wrong but I just don’t see us turning it around with Chansiri at the helm. How far we’ll fall is anyone’s guess but we need a new board. Sheffield Wednesday will always exist in some form. Even Bury are back this year in the northern counties
  18. Rotherham United v Sheffield Wednesday highlights Watch video here Rotherham United v Sheffield Wednesday highlights
  19. Rotherham United v Sheffield Wednesday highlights Watch video here Rotherham United v Sheffield Wednesday highlights
  20. Despite his funding at what point would you say we need a clean break from him and to start again? Or are you happy for it to just continue as it is?
  21. Are you saying we may stay up by default when other clubs go bankrupt?
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