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  1. Brian Clough was a true one off, he must be one of the best characters and managers the game's ever seen. I like how he reportedly told the Leeds players during his first training session... 'You can all throw your medals in the bin because they were not won fairly'
  2. Don't know if he's the best but my favourite has to be.... :reda:
  3. I remember that... think it was against Luton kop end. Has it landed yet? When we played football as lads if anyone skied one over the bar it was known as a 'westie'
  4. I really like him, very good in possession. Makes you wonder why he wasn't playing earlier in the season!
  5. Talented player no doubt but I always felt we were trying to accommodate him too much. And with Bothroyd there too at the time, it just wasn't working. I saw Barkley last night in Birch Services on the M62 having a burger king with his mate
  6. I was just looking at that today. Normally for the play offs you need around 72-75 points. I think 72 points might do it this year. So 37 points from the last 16 games should be enough. Win 12, draw 1, lose 3 and it's done!
  7. Yes I thought we were staring down the barrel after that game. I just didn't see a run like this coming. Hats off to DJ and the players
  8. the bloke's face in the hoodie behind him says it all
  9. It's been an unbelievable run since the Bristol City game. The promotion form also seems to have coincided with Bothroyd going out of the team!
  10. Great thread but the first line 'Sheffield Wednesday are ready to reclaim their place among soccer elite' makes me think of what might have been
  11. Adamson's strength was one on ones because he used to scare the attackers
  12. I've always liked Coke. He was sent off at Tranmere in one of Megson's first games and that seemed to be it for him under Megson. When Jones came in he was already on loan at Bury so he probably never had a look at him. Great to see him back in the fold and playing well
  13. 6 points clear now and with a better goal difference. Last 5 away league games: WWDWW
  14. no that was this shot at Highbury the one I'm talking about was second half kop end in this game but I can't find a video of it
  15. he used to be scum now he's alright walking in a pugh wonderland there's only one danny pugh
  16. ole Guy Whittingham I was at Everton for that one on boxing day. Everton 1-4 Sheffield Wednesday Quality
  17. David Hirst was my first boyhood hero. Pace, power and his left foot was like a wand. If he played today he'd be on over £100k a week. One of my favourite Hirst moments was not even a goal... he hit the post against Arsenal at Hillsborough and the ball rebounded to the half way line. His goals are still great viewing....
  18. I was gutted at the time but Klinsmann's goal and celebration is still probably one of the premier league's most famous moments
  19. looks like someone's had a go at a wiki page for David Johnson... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Johnson_%28footballer_born_1970%29
  20. Man Utd's midfield when they beat us 1-0 at Hillsborough in 2000 was quality... Giggs, Scholes, Keane and Beckham. Giggs was lightning that night, he looked dangerous every time he got the ball
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