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  1. Gardner and Kirkland were both outstanding today
  2. I think Saunders is taking Wolves down. Hoping so anyway!
  3. Kirkland and Gardner have been the most consistent for me. Reda when he's been fit the most influential :reda:
  4. Madine's a very good league 1 player and a very average championship player. Lee Peacock and Steve MacLean were both quality for us last time we went up but didn't really cut it in the championship. Leon Clarke always scores goals in league 1. Madine's too slow for this level and doesn't give you the strength and touch of someone like Wickham. The games he has started this season he's looked off the pace and Lita's shown us what we've been missing all year. I'll always like him for what he did last year but I think if we have aspirations to be a top championship side we need to offload him. I'd love him to prove me wrong and score 15-20 championship goals in a Wednesday shirt. I just can't see it happening though
  5. There's not many better back 5's in this league than Kirkland, Buxton, Reda, Llera and Gardner
  6. I think Kirkland's the best keeper we've had in the last 20 years
  7. I might have been to games before but the first game I remember was a 2-2 draw against Coventry where Ogrizovic scored. I was sat on the north with my dad and watched it bounce in over Martin Hodge
  8. Not sure about that. Blondeau was hopeless at Wednesday but did play 150 games for Monaco and has 2 caps for France so must have been a good player at some point. TrickyTrev's post summed it up spot on. He was very average, we paid well over the odds for him and should've been looking to sign better players at the time. If he played today, I don't think he'd be good enough to play in the premier league, he'd probably be a championship player. £1.5 million was a lot of money for a full back then. If you look at some of the other defenders that were signed around that time... Man Utd signed Denis Irwin for £625k and Ronny Johnsen for £1.2M; Blackburn signed Graeme Le Saux for £700k and Henning Berg for £400k. The Arsenal back four at that time of Dixon, Adams, Bould and Winterburn cost less than £1.5 million in total to assemble. We could have spent the money wiser
  9. Learnt my lesson on this one... saying anything alright about the band leads to negative points on here! I'd had a few beers. I'll get back to band bashing now
  10. Good point today, I was impressed with Derby first half. The pace they were playing in the first half and the way closing us down, I didn't think they could keep it up for 90 minutes.. and they did drop off in the second half
  11. What else is in your Wednesday playlist phil? This has to be in there....
  12. Second longest serving manager in the championship after Kenny Jackett
  13. You'd need to split the player ratings into two halves today
  14. It was like blazing saddles where I was sat
  15. Agree with this, Lee was unlucky to be taken off but I thought it was a masterstroke from Jones and changed the game. We were getting outplayed at that point. Antonio has to stay on for me every time... he scored one and set up one!
  16. Wickham was class today. Strength and touch are quality. That lad has a good future
  17. I thought the band were good today. Think I might change my no vote on the poll to a yes. Picked up the crowd when there was a lull and kept quiet when the fans were in full voice. The Llera song after he scored sounded unbelievable and the kop was bouncing at times in the second half. I was sat top right of the kop instead of top left though!
  18. I'm just listening to it to get me up for the game. Cause we're flying high and now you will see why So come on to Hillsborough and we'll show you why We are the Owls
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