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  1. I like Carlton but his memory isn’t always the best and he exaggerates a tale. On this clip here (about 1:30 in) he talks about how we isolated John Terry in the Rumbelows cup semi final in 1991. John Terry was only 10 years old in 1991 And on this one he says Nilsson marked Giggs out of the game in the 91 cup final in his first game back. It wasn’t Nilsson’s first game back and Giggs wasn’t even playing
  2. Coming up for 3 days now. Are we expecting the verdict this week or next week?
  3. I can say I never got on any of those players backs and Clarke is the only one out of that list I heard get much. Taylor and Morrison were only at the club for a few months. All clubs have it to an extent... I went to a Man U game when there was a ticket going spare and some of their fans were getting on Giggs’ back. I don’t think you can blame the fans for any players that haven’t progressed here
  4. Brunt and Antonio were popular players at Wednesday and when did anyone get on at Kieran Lee? Strange list that
  5. Yeah it’s all the fans fault. Can you tell me one player who our fans have got on the back off who has gone on to be decent elsewhere?
  6. There’ll be barely any money spent in the championship this summer on transfer fees so unless a premier league club wants one of our players I don’t think we’d get a fee. Players like Fletcher, Forestieri, Hutchinson, Winnall and Fox are all available for free and there’ll be plenty of examples like that across Europe. Which club are you expecting to pay 1-3m for Bannan?
  7. He’d be the favourite for any lower end premier league or top end championship jobs that come available if he left Burnley
  8. We should go all out for Pep instead
  9. Most of the ones we’ve sold will be in the north stand aswell. Potentially we’ll need to spread fans round the ground and use west lower?
  10. Do you think there’ll be stewards stood outside the toilets counting how many go in, trying to ensure distancing in queues for the bar, shop etc? Going to be difficult to enforce at most grounds
  11. Never said we would be? If it’s reduced capacities we’ll be in a better position than most
  12. I think there’s a good chance that when grounds reopen it’ll be reduced capacities and distancing initially anyway. Could be a while until grounds are back to full capacities
  13. And the numbers paying on the door this season have been lower than ever. The only games we’ve got over 25k are when they away support has been big. If the prices don’t change the gate will just be how many season tickets we sell plus whatever the away team bring
  14. If we still have the same pricing structure I think we’ll do well to get that
  15. Tom Lees is on 25k a week. No one else is going to pay him that so he’s here until next June
  16. And Westwood, Rhodes, Reach, Bannan and Lees will all just see out their contracts next year and leave for nothing
  17. He scored 5 league goals for us in 3 and a half years. Were you expecting plaudits on this one?
  18. If they’ve not extended by now it’s not looking good is it? And is there any value for them in extending? They can play 8 games in a month for us or they can get the same wage from their club for doing nothing. What would you do in their position?
  19. We’ve 8 games in a month coming up. Are you expecting the same 11 to play 8? And it looks far from guaranteed Murphy and Wickham will extend
  20. Yeah is that it done now? After the Bristol game we only have 14 players left with us?
  21. Any updates? I know it’s football, players come and go and not many leave with a standing ovation and a lap of honour but if this is the end today at Wednesday for Hutchinson, Forestieri, Fletcher, Fox and Nuhiu it’s a bit of a strange way for their Wednesday careers to finish
  22. Signing Jordan Rhodes and Sam Winnall in January 2017 when we already had Fletcher, Hooper, Forestieri, Joao, Nuhiu and Matias at the club. And we didn’t sell anyone. A transfer policy that led to us having to sell the ground back to DC and being in this case with the EFL
  23. Anyone know what time the deadline is? Wickham a key one to extend if Fletcher, Forestieri and Nuhiu are all leaving
  24. FFP breach would have been 12 points I think without the ground sale
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