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  1. For how good he was as a teenager you could say didn’t reach the heights he could have. He was probably the best player in the tournament in Euro 2004 as an 18 year old. But how many English players since the 1966 team have achieved more than Rooney?
  2. Strange way to talk about England’s record goal scorer and someone who has won everything there is to win in club football. In answer to the original post, I can’t think of any game he’d have played at Hillsborough before
  3. There’s around 21k who have a season ticket (and there’ll be less than that next season). For anyone else who wants to go to the game tomorrow it’s £36 to £43. That isn’t spin
  4. Stevie May has bagged 4 in his last 6 games for St Johnstone. Scored the equaliser against Rangers on Sunday. Da Cruz looks short of that level to me. Strange signing and we’ve put in two much improved performances since he’s come out of the team
  5. I’d support this and in the premier league aswell. Geniune financial fair play would mean all clubs that are in the same league adhering to the same salary cap
  6. The EFL has to look at their process when issuing these charges aswell. They shouldn’t be able to charge a club in November and then just leave it hanging for months through the season. At least when UEFA charged City they said immediately what the punishment was. City will appeal it (and probably get off) but we know what they’re appealing against
  7. I’m not sure the one off brigade would turn up now as is being shown with the sales for the City game. The Norwich game was cheap tickets from what I remember and we had to win to stay up. I guess we’ll only find out if there’s anything still riding on the last game of the season against Boro
  8. The highest crowd so far this season is 28,028 against Barnsley for the first home game. It doesn’t look like we’ll beat that now either. In the last 40 years there’s only been 3 other seasons where we didn’t get a crowd above 28k all season. Those years were 2003, 2011 and 2014. Over 36k turned up for the last game of the season in 2008 against Norwich. Do you think we’d get a crowd like that now for a similar game?
  9. Do you not think posts like these and casbah’s divide the fans? What happened to wawaw? People can have a different view to yours about DC and the prices. You don’t have to abuse them, they still want the club to do well
  10. Agreed I’d say De Bruyne is the best footballer in the league and one of the best that’s played in the PL. I think he’ll be on the bench against us. Unlikely he’ll come on unless they need a goal in the last 20
  11. He’s not going to change now. £36 to £43 on the door on Saturday for a game between two midtable championship sides. Even Derby have only sold 2,300 where they would be bringing 4-5k if it was priced correctly
  12. Be interesting to see what team they play. Players like Stones, Cancelo and Foden I’d have thought will start. Aguero, Sterling and David Silva didn’t start last night so some of them could play. He’ll play a strong team. The premier league is already gone so their main focus will be to win all three cups
  13. Trying to predict results in this league is a waste of time... we’ve beat 4 of the current top 7 and we’ve also lost to 3 of the current bottom 5. 6 wins out of last 11 looks quite optimistic to me but if Fletcher and Forestieri stay fit (and Joey P doesn’t start too many) I think we’ll win quite a few
  14. Both should play when fit. Two of the first names on the team sheet for me
  15. That was a big goal tonight. Wasn’t pretty but we needed that. Great to see those celebrations
  16. There’s a good example of twisting stats. What’s the sample size for the Rhodes-Fletcher partnership? If you think we look like scoring more goals at Hillsborough with Rhodes instead of Forestieri you see the game differently to me. Forestieri offers a lot more, always shows for the ball, presses and works. And on the left hand side he’s a focal point of most attacks when he’s on the field. When Rhodes doesn’t score he is virtually non existent
  17. Stats can be twisted. I’d be interested to see what those 22 games are. Does Norwich away last year count as a win because we were 2-1 up when he came off? And do you have his win ratio from the first two years? We’ve struggled to score goals at home all season but we look more like scoring when he is playing
  18. Whatever the stats say we are a better side when he plays, especially at Hillsborough
  19. Fletcher.... we’re a different team with him playing and what a celebration
  20. Attendance makes a difference though? Having 35k there against Arsenal for the 3-0 win made it a different game to only having 21k against Everton this year?
  21. Go on then, explain the crowd for this one and why only about 15-16k Wednesday fans turned up for the Everton game
  22. FA Cup 3rd round in 2007 we had 28,487 watching us draw 1-1 with Man City. And that was before they had any superstar players or manager. I remember being up for that game and the atmosphere was good at Hillsborough that day. The crowds now are dropping off to lower than they were under Dave Allen
  23. Going to do well to get that by the look of it. Click on any block, there’s still loads available even in the north stand
  24. 21 points is referenced in the sky article in the opening post on this thread. It says league guidelines allow up to a 12 point deduction for the financial failure and up to a further 9 points for ‘aggravated circumstances’
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