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  1. 38 minutes ago, Kew Owl said:

    I would that thought that most people would be much more worried about the prospect of us being humiliated on the TV in front of football supporters the length and breadth of the country than they would about people potentially seeing rows and rows of empty seats in the home fans areas of the ground.

    Man City have won 6-1 away at Villa, 5-0 away at West Ham, 4-1 away at Burnley and 3-0 away at Arsenal this season.


    They’ve also beaten Watford 8-0 at home.


    Getting hammered by Man City isn’t that embarrassing, it happens to a lot of premier league clubs. But only selling 11,000 tickets in the home end is 

  2. 20 hours ago, Grez Bez said:

    I agree, I actually think if you lower prices you lose income. IE: I don't think you'd get the number in the door needed to cover the lower prices.


    The problem with that is its a short term view. If we continue to charge top whack for POTG tickets we lose fans who go which is devastating to the club. When you've broken the habit its hard to get back into it; particularly when you can watch at home for free.

    There’s only been one other year in the last 40 seasons when we’ve been in the top two leagues and haven’t had a crowd above 28k all season.


    That means there’s thousands of fans who in previous seasons have gone to Hillsborough at least once who haven’t been at all this season.


    And it’s being shown in the sales for the City game. I don’t know when the next time will be that we get a crowd above 28k. Will it happen with Chansiri in charge?

  3. 7 minutes ago, hirstyboywonder said:


    The highlighted ones are the only 2 first half goals we have scored under Monk as the other two were in Bullen's 3 home games in charge.


    So that's 2 first half goals in 16 games under Monk and one of those came when we had already conceded twice. 


    Embarrassing statistic. 

    Blackburn and Derby have scored more goals in the first 45 minutes at Hillsborough than Wednesday have under Garry Monk.

    That’s some stat



  4. 51 minutes ago, bigthinrob said:

    I was directly responding to the following statement.


    "Whilst most will blame Monk he can only play the team that he has available".


    Can you please (in non emotional, non hysterical terms), explain what DC had to do with picking that side yesterday & especially picking Lees rather than Iorfa, that basically cost us the game.


    I realise it's difficult, almost impossible, for some, to separate one argument from another. So I repeat, just for a minute, forget the argument about DCs apparent mismanagement. I was responding specifically about the game & team selection yesterday.


    Please explain why I'm "deluded" in taking issue with the above highlighted statement, when quite clearly Monk DID have other options in picking the team.



    If the result yesterday was solely down to Lees starting ahead of Iorfa, can you explain the 0-5 against Blackburn and the 0-3 against Reading when Iorfa started and Lees was on the bench?


    What players do we have left in the squad that are actually worth money? If the entire squad was put up for sale in the summer, how much do you think we’d raise?

    Monk and Tom Lees are not to blame for the recruitment, lack of player sales and the contract situation.

    We only have 8 or 9 outfield players currently contracted to the club for next season. Does that tell you something is wrong above Garry Monk?

  5. We’ve scored 4 goals in the first half at Hillsborough this season in 19 games.


    Those goals are Murphy against Barnsley, Fletcher against QPR, Luongo against Stoke and Lees against Cardiff.


    Blackburn and Derby have both scored 3 at Hillsborough in one first half. It’s taken us 19 first half’s to score 4 in total.


    Does anyone know what the record is for the lowest goals at home in the first half all season?

  6. 2 minutes ago, Ian said:

    So he could go on to play 500 games for us, win the premier league title, the World Cup with England but by your barometer that would mean he’s not very good? 

    If Dawson is in goal and we get promoted I will say he is a premier league quality keeper.


    Based on the results we’ve had, the mistakes he’s made and the goals we’ve conceded he’s a long way short of that 

  7. 4 hours ago, McRightSide said:

    By the way...the really shocking fact is that Cameron Dawson has already conceded 50% of the total number of goals that Westwood has conceded in his entire career with us.


    86 goals in 66 games


    172 goals in 179 games

    Stats can sometimes be misleading but in this case I don’t think they are.

    Westwood is one of the best keepers in Wednesday’s history and Dawson isn’t a very good goalkeeper.


    I hope he goes on to prove me wrong but I’ll be surprised if Dawson plays for another club in the top two divisions of English football

  8. 1 hour ago, Rev Owl said:

    I think the Westwood / Hutchinson issue has been addressed.

    I've watched so many players play for the Mighty Owls over the years that I've forgotten 90% of them.

    Somehow since DC took over we've become overly emotionally attached to a group of players who gave us some good times but have ultimately failed.

    They've had their crack.

    Other teams have managed to get promoted over the last 4 years without our players. 

    We need to get back to sensible squad turn over and fitness to wear the shirt both on and off the pitch.

    Like we've had in the past and other more successful teams do now.

    Who’s emotionally attached to them?

    I’ve no emotional attachment to this group of players. 

    DC just doesn’t sell them

  9. 54 minutes ago, bigthinrob said:

    Presume Iorfa wasn't available for the first half then!!!


    All the rest of your points may or may not be valid but today's debacle was purely down to Monk's disastrous picking of Lees & not reinstating what has been potentially the best defensive partnership for years.

    If you want to blame Monk and Lees instead of DC I’d say you’re deluded

  10. 2 hours ago, casbahowl said:

    Because we’re Wednesdayite’s....... it’s unconditional 

    You can be a Wednesdayite without being a Chansirite.


    Geniunely don’t know how bad it has to get until the Chansirites like yourself realise the damage he’s doing to our club

  11. 55 minutes ago, Dan™ said:



    I don't get these posts to be honest, you were both replying to someone attacking his character. Football achievements shouldn't have even the slightest thing to do with what you think of him as a person. If he's a d!ck, he's a d!ck.


    (I don't actually know if he is a d!ick or not and have no opinion either way. He doesn't play for us so I don't care.)

    What’s he attacking his character for? Does he know him?


    I don’t care that much either, just thought it was a bit strange to say this...


    ‘he's a total bell, no class, everything that's wrong with football and an absolute weapon’


    about a footballer who’s probably achieved more than any English footballer since 1966

  12. 30 minutes ago, Holmowl said:

    It’s a team game. 

    Will Forestieri partnering Fletcher improve the number of goals we score or worsen it?


    Over the past 5 seasons him playing up top significantly reduces the number of goals the team score. His partnership with Fletcher has been very goal-dry. Remember how the Hooper-Forestieri partnership stopped us scoring like somebody turning off a tap?


    Lets hope that if Monk has decided FF is a striker (and it looks like he has) that somehow he gets it to work. Two excellent players, but can he find out why it hasn’t worked before, and make changes to get it to work now?

    We’ve only scored 4 goals in the first half at Hillsborough all season (in 18 games) and only 15 in total.


    It isn’t Forestieri that’s reducing the number of goals we score.


    We scored 3 at Birmingham last week with him in the team and we looked a lot more like scoring on Wednesday night than we have in the home games when Rhodes, Nuhiu or Winnall have started 

  13. 1 minute ago, dewsburyowl58 said:

    I can recall he was world class for about 18 months then got injured and never reached those heights again , second highest scorer In the premier isn’t he !! 

    England’s record goal scorer 

    Manchester United’s record goal scorer 

    Most premier league goals for one club

    Second highest premier league goal scorer 

    PFA player of the year

    Football writers’ player of the year

    5 x premier league winner

    Champions league winner 

    3 x league cup winner 

    FA cup winner 

    Europa league winner

    World club championship winner


    I still hope he has a stinker tomorrow but he’s done a bit in the game 

  14. 3 minutes ago, big_al1985 said:

    He was never one of the best and never a top professional, Ronaldo is a top professional. He's our Ricky Hatton. Very good, not in the elite, possibly could have been. Difference of course is Hatton seemed a good lad, Rooney is just a t055er.

    For how good he was as a teenager you could say didn’t reach the heights he could have.


    He was probably the best player in the tournament in Euro 2004 as an 18 year old.


    But how many English players since the 1966 team have achieved more than Rooney?

  15. 4 minutes ago, big_al1985 said:

    Could not care less. Will never measure our great club against such a tool of a man


    I hope he never graces our hallowed (partially plastic) turf. 


    Will edit this just to reitify  he's a total bell, no class, everything that's wrong with football and an absolute weapon.

    Strange way to talk about England’s record goal scorer and someone who has won everything there is to win in club football.


    In answer to the original post, I can’t think of any game he’d have played at Hillsborough before

  16. 22 minutes ago, bigthinrob said:

    Quoting out of context!


    The original post said “Prices”, not “POTG prices”.


    Which was my point.


    Still don’t think £20 £11.00 on the Kop is “Extortionate” whichever way you try to spin it.

    There’s around 21k who have a season ticket (and there’ll be less than that next season).


    For anyone else who wants to go to the game tomorrow it’s £36 to £43.

    That isn’t spin

  17. 3 hours ago, Ian said:

    He’s on a par with Stevie May


    just like May never seemed to be able to strike a ball cleanly and his shots would bobble harmlessly wide or in to the arms of the keeper, Da Cruz doesn’t seem to be able to run with the ball without it bobbling and him struggling to keep control.

    Stevie May has bagged 4 in his last 6 games for St Johnstone. Scored the equaliser against Rangers on Sunday.


    Da Cruz looks short of that level to me. Strange signing and we’ve put in two much improved performances since he’s come out of the team

  18. 10 minutes ago, SiJ said:

    The whole thing is a can of worms. 


    If new evidence has come to light that we were not entirely forthcoming with all the facts regarding the stadium transaction then it is fair enough. 


    If that isn't the case, then it further reaffirms the view that the EFL are simply not fit for purpose. 

    The EFL has to look at their process when issuing these charges aswell. They shouldn’t be able to charge a club in November and then just leave it hanging for months through the season.


    At least when UEFA charged City they said immediately what the punishment was. City will appeal it (and probably get off) but we know what they’re appealing against 

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