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  1. Charlton was 42 when he took over at Wednesday, Wilkinson was 40 and Megson was 51. Pulis is 62. Bielsa is showing managers can still do it in their 60s but do you see Pulis being here for the long haul and turning us around?
  2. They finished 8th in the premier league in 2013 under Clarke so I wouldn’t say he ever got them to outperform. When they sacked him they were on the verge of relegation. Ask any West Brom fan about Pulis and see what they say
  3. His last two jobs at West Brom and Boro must have been tough gigs aswell. I hope he turns it around but it’s over 6 years since he did a decent job anywhere
  4. What did we do as fans to deserve Jos, Monk and now Pulis? Cheers DC
  5. In the early stages of the season, sometimes I would. I remember losing 2-3 to Villa and 3-4 to Spurs on opening days in the early 90s but at least you walk away from those games knowing we can score goals and we’ll win plenty of games through the season
  6. I think I’d rather lose 2-3 or 2-4 if I watched a game and it looked like we had a plan of where goals are going to come from. I didn’t want Pulis but I’m not anti Pulis. The squad is poor as we know but I’d have liked to have seen a change in the style of play. The 3 performances under Pulis have just carried on Monkball. We’ve only had 2 shots on target in 3 games under Pulis. And what he did to Rhodes today was bad management
  7. It’s not just recruitment, it’s the way Chansiri lets players contracts run out and then just leave. For Forestieri, Hooper, Fletcher, Fox, Winnall, Nuhiu, Lee, Hutchinson to all leave the club for nothing and it looks like they’ll be joined by Bannan, Reach, Rhodes, Westwood, Palmer, van Aken and Lees this summer is complete mismanagement and incompetence. And that’s not down to Monk. Until we get a new owner or at least a CEO or DoF to sort out contracts and recriutment things won’t improve
  8. Scored two against Argentina in the 2014 World Cup and two against Iceland in the 2018 World Cup. I can’t see it happening. Have we ever had a player who’s scored 4 World Cup goals?
  9. I just don’t see a 28 year old who’s gone for £20 million and has scored in world cups dropping into a championship relegation battle unless there’s some really big money offered. He was reportedly on 60k a week in Saudi Arabia and you’d think there’d still be a bit of interest in him around Europe
  10. Wages. Went to Leicester for nearly £20 million and been playing in Saudi Arabia. And he has 95 caps for Nigeria. He’ll be wanting at least 50k a week to come to Wednesday
  11. Well I hope you’re right but (with our budget) I think even Pulis with his experience and contacts will struggle to find players available in January that have the right quality. So the squad we have now is mainly what we’ll be relying on for the rest of the season. And next summer (regardless of what league we’re in) with all the players out of contract the squad will have a complete overhaul anyway
  12. It’d take some window to sort this out. And getting players in January is always difficult as the only players available are generally out of favour at their club. And then factor in that Bannan, Reach, Rhodes, Lees, Westwood, Harris, Odubajo, van Aken and Penney are all out of contract in June so either need re-signing or replacing. In the last two years how many player contracts have been renewed? I can only think of Dawson and Pelupessy so I’d expect most of that list to leave for nothing in June
  13. This is the worst Wednesday squad for years. Last time we were relegated in 2009/10 the squad was poor but still had the likes of Grant, Buxton, Spurr, Gray, Beevers, Jermaine Johnson, Varney, Clarke and Tudgay. I think most of those would get in our current team... that’s how bad we are. And we scored 49 goals in the last relegation season... we’ll do well to match that this season
  14. And we’ve only qualified for Europe a couple of times in our history... the Fairs cup in the early 60s and the UEFA cup in the early 90s. Name another big club with a European record like that
  15. I can understand the premier league stopping for the international break but the championship should carry on. Palmer and Paterson are the only two we’d have missing and neither will start for Scotland against Serbia anyway. And the nations league should have been binned off this year
  16. The creativity under Monk is garbage but it was last season aswell. Do you think any of the strikers we have on the books are better than Fletcher?
  17. Fletcher would have scored quite a few by now if he’d stayed. He had a good scoring record under Monk last season so what would have changed?
  18. Nuhiu wasn’t the answer but neither is Paterson. The fact Nuhiu has ended up in the Cypriot league (where he still isn’t scoring) tells you all you need to know. Joao and Fletcher on the other hand are still both top championship strikers
  19. Chansiri is as delusional as Trump. He’s still saying promotion is the target
  20. Yes some Wednesday fans still seem to think the only reason DC isn’t spending big is FFP. They forget that the last player we signed for over £1m was Joost van Aken more than 3 years ago and DC hasn’t spent anything substantial on the ground since he’s been here. The only players contracts we’ve renewed in the last 18 months are Dawson and Pelupessy. We didn’t have money to keep Fletcher and Fox. DC is doing it on the cheap now. I don’t know where the club or the squad is going because even if we stay up this year it’s going to take a huge cash injection to
  21. Be good to know if he plans to do anything with the west stand and north west terrace or if he’s just leaving it as it is
  22. Has he been asked about any ground improvements? Plans for the west stand and north west terrace?
  23. We’re also bottom of the fair play league. But you can flip that and say we’re top of the table for yellow and red cards....
  24. Iorfa from a set piece. Can’t see us scoring from open play
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