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  1. They’d taken 10 points from 12 games when he was sacked (on target for 31 points which is what they finished with). Clearly the West Brom board thought he was taking them down or they wouldn’t have sacked him. How many teams go 10 games without a win from August to November and stay up?
  2. Wilson still didn’t take us down using your logic. When Tony Pulis left West Brom on 20 November 2017 they were 10 games without a win, a run that stretched back to 19 August 2017. And the team that he had assembled and managed for the first 12 games of the season finished bottom of the league.
  3. Apart from the odd appearance on sky he’d been out of a job for over 18 months. So I don’t think there were many job offers coming in for him anyway. When Middlesbrough gave him the boot, the announcement was that popular it crashed their website
  4. You say Pulis hasn’t been relegated in his career but he has really. He may not have been manager when the relegation was confirmed but it was his West Brom team that finished bottom of the premier league in 2017/18. When they sacked him in November of that season they’d gone 10 games without a win so he was taking them down. It’s like saying Danny Wilson was never relegated as Sheffield Wednesday manager
  5. Which managers has Chansiri backed? None of the managers since Carlos have signed a player for over £1 million. They’ve all had to deal in loans, frees and the bargain basement
  6. I’ve watched the majority of those 40 games and we’ve probably been lucky to win 7. 33 goals in 40 games says it all. Performances like tonight, Rotherham and Blackburn at home last season are as bad as I’ve ever seen from Wednesday. And there’s still people on here who blame the fans, the EFL, FFP, the refs and Steve Gibson instead of the man who is ultimately accountable for it all
  7. I was geniunely surprised how many on here were happy with the Pulis appointment. When a manager is hated by the fans of the last two clubs he’s managed, alarm bells should be ringing
  8. 6 games without a win. We haven’t seen much of a new manager bounce. When does he start coming under pressure? Not many managers survive 10 games without a win. But the manager isn’t the main problem at the club, until Chansiri goes I don’t see it improving
  9. And when Bannan jogged over from the right wing to the left wing to take a corner after messing about with Harris. It took about 90 seconds to take the corner even though we were 2-0 down. Have you ever seen a team show less intensity to get back into a game once they go behind?
  10. I’ve some sympathy for the players the way we’re being set up under Pulis. If he picked a front 3 played higher up the field and had them pressing we could see what they’ve got then. There’s been a big drop in quality since we’ve lost the likes of Forestieri, Hooper, Fletcher, Joao and Lee but the current players have had to play under Monk and Pulis... two of the most negative managers in English football
  11. Somehow we had 41% possession tonight.... that’s the highest we’ve had under Pulis
  12. I’m not having that. In Carlos first season the fanbase was full of positivity and I can’t remember anyone moaning after the promotion games against Wycombe or at Cardiff. Right now we’re bottom of the championship, 4 points from safety and playing some very negative football. We haven’t scored two goals in the league since the first game of the season and we haven’t scored two goals at home since last December. So if fans want to have a moan I’d say they’re fully entitled to
  13. Agree with most of that but I don’t think it’ll set us back years. DC was already doing that without Pulis
  14. You’re being a bit optimistic with the goals there. This is Pulis, would expect a 0-0, 1-0 or 0-1
  15. It was always going to be a tough job for any manager but I’d have liked to see someone try to change the style of football we play. What we’ve seen so far under Pulis is just about what I’d expected. We’ve 9 or 10 men behind the ball every time the opposition get the ball and we make no attempt to press and win it back until they get within 40 yards of our goal. Have a read through this article after he was sacked at Boro.... Tony Pulis: the man that time and football forgot His last two jobs were at West Brom and Middlesbrough and both sets of fans hated him and
  16. Some photo that! Both players lucky it didn’t lead to a serous injury. Is that Dane Whitehouse he’s going in on? Whitehouse had his career finished early by a shocking tackle from Gareth Ainsworth. There were some brutal tackles going in back then, would you want to go back to that?
  17. Used to love seeing those tackles go in aswell but I can see why they’re reds now. Players have had their careers ended by them. The tackle tonight from Shaw wasn’t malicious but it was reckless. He needs to learn from Hutch on how to put a tackle in like that and get away with it
  18. Was never the same player after the Bould tackle. It’s rare you see a top player finished in their early/mid 20s now. It used to be common then
  19. Yes Hirsty used to get weighed in too but tackles like this are why he was finished early
  20. We got lucky with the penalties second half but it was a good defensive and organisational effort. I’ve barely seen a team play deeper than us under Pulis, even with 11 men we don’t press the ball at all. For centre halves playing against us they’ll have a few long throws to defend but other than that it’s the easiest game they’ll have all season. There’s no attacking movement from us or pressing in their half
  21. I dislike a lot about modern day football but I think they’ve got this one right. Once a player leaves a ground and goes over the ball it’s a red card. You can say nostalgia but too many players (people like David Hirst, Ian Knight, Marco Van Basten) were kicked out of games in those days and had to retire at an early age because tackles like this were allowed
  22. Agreed if he keeps us up it’s job done. And I’m no fan of Rhodes but didn’t see any reason to humiliate him like that yesterday. Being subbed as a sub is the biggest insult you can give a player
  23. I don’t know if it’s the worst side but I find this side harder to watch than any other Wednesday team I can remember. Maybe it’s because I’ve watched the majority of the games in 2020 on my own (and without the pre match beers or build up) but it’s been absolutely dire. And we must be on target for the lowest goals in a season in the clubs history
  24. The last 3 games have just been a continuation on what Monk was doing for me. We’ve picked up 2 points and scored 1 goal in 3 games which we’d have probably done under Monk. Possession stats under Pulis are 26% at Preston, 36% at Swansea and 37% against Stoke. We haven’t had more than 5 shots in a game yet under Pulis. We’ve only had 2 shots on target in 3 games. Maybe he’ll grind the points out to get us out of it but it’s going to be ugly. I’d have liked to have seen a change in the style of play after the Jos and Monk dross we’ve b
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