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  1. Has anyone got any blue paint to paint over the Chansiri on the north stand seats aswell?
  2. He’d been out of work for 18 months before we appointed him. And he’s detested by the fans of the last two clubs he’s managed. No one else wants him. Why would he walk?
  3. It’s a case of seeing if we can actually win a game under Pulis aswell. We’ve not looked like winning one since he took over
  4. Good point Maybe I should have said the 2020 Wednesday team is the team to end runs and records
  5. Look at this season... Wycombe hadn’t won a championship game ever until they played us. Rotherham had never beaten Wednesday by more than 2 goals in their history. Preston hadn’t won a game at home all season. Forest were without a win in 7. We’re the team to end runs and records
  6. Yes 88/89 season we were managed by Wilkinson, Eustace and Atkinson
  7. Forest were without a win in 7 games before tonight. And in their last 7 games they’d only scored 2 goals. If there’s any team you’d want to face to end a run like that it’s Wednesday
  8. It’s like Mike Bassett with Pulis, Trusson and Ellis. So I’m expecting us to sign Benson and Hedges in January
  9. Does Chansiri still have any supporters left on here who believe he is the right man to take us forward? They seem to have gone quieter by the day and you barely see any posts from Chansiri supporters now
  10. Eustace won 2 out of his 18 games in charge. That’s 2 more than Pulis has won
  11. I’m a ‘Pulis hater’ if that’s what you’re calling us but I’m not loving it. Even though plenty on here said we were in ‘safe hands’ with Tony, I never wanted the negative has been
  12. He’s making Peter Eustace’s record look good
  13. We don’t seem to have much of a scouting network across Europe. Teams like Leeds and Norwich have been successful in this league bringing players in from the continent without spending much on them. Borner is the only player (and Da Cruz if you count loans) I can think of recently we’ve signed from Europe. And we don’t have any money to spend either. We haven’t signed a player for over £1 million since Joost van Aken. So if we’ve no money to spend and no scouting network in Europe we’re just going to end up with rejects from other championship clubs. Wh
  14. We’ve no plan B once we go behind. And the plan A isn’t great either
  15. It doesn’t even feel like a kick in the guts anymore. When we lose now I just expect it. Once the emotion and passion has gone it takes some getting back
  16. Barnsley are favourites with the bookies to win today. Must be the first time we’ve gone into a game at home to Barnsley as the bookies underdogs
  17. Be interested to hear from a Boro fan who they disliked more... Monk or Pulis
  18. When a club like Derby loans a player out to us there’s a reason they’re loaning him out. Have we ever had a successful loan from a championship rival?
  19. Unlikely based on what we’ve seen this year and the majority of his career goals have come in league 1 or league 2. I’d expect him to be back down at that level next season
  20. Fair enough and not aimed at you but I’ve seen plenty of posts on here from Chansiri’s supporters calling other Wednesday fans bed-wetters, morons and telling them to go to the lane if they’re not happy. In my view it’s been clear for a few years he’s not the man to take us forward and we’re now seeing the fall into league 1 play out in front of us
  21. You can still support the club but realise the club needs a change of ownership. Does it make you a better Wednesdayite if you carry on backing the owner while he leads us into League 1 and admin?
  22. The club may have to go into admin but no club should be ‘stuck’ with an owner. Look at what happened at Portsmouth, it took the Pompey supporters trust had to rebuild the club again but at least they’re going to the right direction again now
  23. Must be what the Chansirites are calling anyone who questions DC now instead of a bed wetter. Defund Chansiri sounds a bit strong but the club won’t go forward again until he leaves. I’ve not put any money into the club since the first lockdown so I guess I’m already defunding Chansiri anyway without realising
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