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  1. DC will be using that line in his next press briefing. No one would sign for us because they’d read owlstalk
  2. Are you suggesting an owlstalk trip to Thailand?
  3. When we’re continually late paying the wages, doesn’t that also mean there’ll be arrears with income tax and employers NI payments?
  4. First game I remember going to Hodge got beat from 100 yards by Ogrizovic. So I’m not really old enough to remember Hodge at his best or Springett but I’d pick Westwood ahead of any keeper we’ve had in the last 30 years
  5. Two of those games, Bristol City and Forest at home, were Kieran Lee inspired comebacks where he bagged a late winner in front of the kop. But if you look at who scored in most of the comebacks from those two years it was generally Hooper, Forestieri, Joao or Fletcher. So I’d say it has more to do with the attacking talent we have on the pitch than their mental fortitude
  6. We were good at coming from behind in the two Carlos seasons 2015/16 and 2016/17. Some games from those two seasons: Huddersfield at home, went 1-0 down and won 3-1 Wolves at home, went 1-0 down and won 4-1 Cardiff away, went 2-0 down and drew 2-2 Birmingham away, went 1-0 down and won 2-1 Blackburn at home, went 1-0 down and won 2-1 Wigan at home, went 1-0 down and won 2-1 Bristol City at home, went 2-0 down and won 3-2 Forest at home, went 1-0 down and won 2-1 Derby at home, went 1-0 down and 2-1 We often started games slowly under Carlos but generally finished strong
  7. Warm the bench at best? Have you seen Celtic this year? And Scott Brown is 35
  8. Who said success? I said we’ve been in decline for 4 years apart from Bruce’s brief stint. That’s the only top half finish we’ve had since 2017 and we were close to relegation when he took over
  9. And if there’s a better offer on the table from elsewhere he’ll just leave like Fox and Fletcher did
  10. When Dawson and Pelupessy are the only two players who’ve renewed their contracts in the last 2 years it indicates we aren’t offering great terms on contract renewals
  11. I read Hutch’s contract includes an incentive where he’ll get another year if he plays enough games
  12. The out of contract list in June: Barry Bannan Kadeem Harris Alex Hunt Elias Kachunga Tom Lees Moses Odubajo Joey Pelupessy Matt Penney Adam Reach Jordan Rhodes Liam Shaw Osaze Urhoghide Joost van Aken Keiren Westwood
  13. He’s only managed at York, Scarborough and Boston before us and he didn’t have a good record at any of those clubs. He seems a decent bloke and managing us is a tough job for anyone but if he’s the best man for the job with that CV it’s another indicator how far we’ve dropped
  14. After the wreckage Chansiri leaves behind I’ll be happy if we have a club still playing in the EFL. We’re heading the same way as Wigan and Bolton, just hope we’re not the next Bury
  15. Have you seen the fixtures in February? We play Bournemouth, Brentford and Stoke away
  16. We’ve not signed a player for over £1m since Joost van Aken in August 2017. You cannot be as badly run as we are with no investment going into the first team. Apart from a brief stint under Bruce we’ve been in decline for 4 years and now we’re in free fall. See what the remainder of this window brings but it seems the only players we can afford to bring in are free agents who no one else wants
  17. Who put the laughing emoji in response? Is Casbah still about?
  18. We’ve scored 15 goals in 24 games and haven’t picked up a point all season after going behind. The only game plan is to keep it at 0-0 and try nick a goal from somewhere. Once we go behind its game over
  19. If Doncaster come up we’ll be officially the worst professional team in South Yorkshire
  20. Wonder how long this will last on the kop when the ground reopens?
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