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  1. 21 minutes ago, room0035 said:

    Nope it is the bloke picking the team and the tactics every game.


    You can predict what is going to happen when you see the team. How many people saw that team last night and the first thought was, I bet we will concede a penalty, he tried at Bristol City and another ref could have given it and cost us 2 points then last night against a struggling West Brom we gift them a goal (their first in 5 games) and it changes the match and that is yet another 3 points that Odabajo has cost us.

    The squad is looking thinner than Barry Bannan’s hair and you’re blaming Monk for that. Who would you have picked last night instead?

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  2. 18 minutes ago, Rogerwyldesmullet said:

    Strange thing is, I was there and it didn’t seem too odd in the days of one substitute or whatever - stuff like that seemed to happen a lot. Gordon McQueen with a knackered knee playing left wing in a cup final. Bert Trautman doing the same with a broken neck. Paul Warhisrt refusing .... hang on!!

    The keeper for Man U in the 1957 FA Cup final Ray Wood had his jaw broken in the 6th minute and went off on a stretcher.

    No subs then so he came back on and played the rest of the match on the right wing with a broken jaw

  3. 1 minute ago, room0035 said:

    It has nothing to do with clubs living within their means though does it.


    Wigan over the last 2 season have lost £17m in that same time we have probably lost more than double that figure but we have a rich owner play thing at the moment.


    Yet because Wigan have a smaller fanbase and less income and a less well off chairman they are going into administration. In our league there is probably another 5-10 team in the same boat as Wigan. They will try and stay afloat this season ad pray that Co-Vid ends and the clubs can start milking the fans again, as for most in the championship the fans are their main source of income.


    The EFL rules make team risk everything to get promoted and the smaller team such as Wigan cannot compete, if this say anything about the league a new idea is needed to make the league a fairer league for all not just those with a rich owner or parachute payments. But unfortunately that just does not seem to be the modern football way. 

    Wigan are going into administration because there was a takeover 3 weeks ago and for some reason the new owners have stopped funding the club.

    Even the players had no idea this was coming last night.

    Shows the importance of football clubs being sustainable without relying on owners bankrolling them and why the P&L rules are there 

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  4. 1 minute ago, victorturner said:

    Very sad for them. Football is a mess. Government help necessary to keep a town or city's club going given Cov 19 coup de grace. If such clubs go out of business , immediately more levelling down not up!

    Should the government step in to support an industry where players are earning millions of £s per year?


    Football is a long way down in the list of industries that should receive government support. 

    These clubs will come back. They may be in a different guise and run on a much lower budget but they’ll come back

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  5. 19 minutes ago, Jim said:

    The teams at the bottom always rally at this stage of the season for some reason as you wonder why as they have been sh!t all season yet manage to turn it on now?


    Luton were in decent form prior to lockdown so no surprise there. Barnsley are like a bloke who has an erection problem, they will get a lift from a viagra tablet long enough to get a couple of shags then the effect will wear off and they’ll become impotent again. Hull, Huddersfield and Stoke are the most likely to struggle between now and the end of the season IMO. 


    A mention for Bowyer who’s doing a good job at Charlton. With all the issues on and off the pitch he’s had to contend with, keeping them up would be one of the stories of the championship season.

    When Bowyer was a player he never came across as someone who’d go into management but he’s done a great job at Charlton. He knows the game and seems to be a good man manager

  6. 15 minutes ago, Royal_D said:

    We was going nowhere fast under Milan , the man who wanted to sell us to Mammadov because he cared so much about the club 


    His modest Input got us out of league one I’ll give you that much, but wouldn’t have kept us in the championship much longer had he stayed , hence YO-YO club and that’s what we will becomes when DC leaves and we get the next caretaker owner 

    Finished comfortably midtable in Milan’s last season. Already had Westwood, Hutchinson, Lee, Lees, Loovens, Palmer and Nuhiu at the club and you think he wouldn’t have kept us in the championship much longer? 

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  7. 4 minutes ago, sage owl said:

    If I'm honest I only care about us so hope against hope that we avoid any points deduction that puts us in the mix.

    Strange one isn’t it. As it stands we’re safe. The 52 points we have is probably enough already to stay up, one more win to be certain. Just all waiting on this case

  8. 1 hour ago, 1963owl said:

    i dont care so long as its not us

    Agree with this but be happy to see Huddersfield and Hull go down after the play off defeats against those two. Look back on those defeats and think what could have been and would we have kicked on in the premier league. The two clubs that beat us in the play offs and now no further forward than us.


    Hull still come out with the ‘we saw you cry at Wembley’ line to us. Decent enough banter to be fair but I’d be glad to see them go

  9. The form of the bottom clubs has thrown it wide open. Looks guaranteed to go to the final day with quite a few still involved.


    It’s shown how wrong the PPG method they used in league 1 and 2 is.

    Under PPG Charlton, Barnsley and Luton would have already been relegated. Since the restart Charlton and Barnsley have picked up 7 points from 3 games and Luton 5 points from 3.


    They’d all be near the top of the form table now. I don’t think teams should have been promoted or relegated without finishing the full season

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  10. 13 hours ago, Rhubarb n Custard said:

    Fast forward to 1.42 and look at the slow mo.

    Quality is poor but there is no doubt in my mind that was one of the most blatant over the top tackles you will ever see.

    His claims of innocence are ludicrous and he lost the case because the clear evidence is there for all to see. The guy was a thug and got nothing he didn't deserve.


    Absolute disgrace that the ref didn’t even stop the game to get the medical staff on. He doesn’t give a foul and then books Bennett when play eventually stops 🤷‍♂️


    If the crack was as loud as people say, why didn’t the Wednesday player (Shelton I think) who picks up the loose ball put it straight out of play? He was only about 5 yards away from the tackle so must have heard it?


    Ian Knight is laid there with his leg shattered while the game goes on and the Chester fans sing ‘Psycho’.


    Bennett should have been charged with assault or GBH

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