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  1. 3 hours ago, LoanRanger said:


    Anyone see Portsmouth had to borrow a player from Bristol City in the second half of their match yesterday cause they didn’t have enough players (he scored the equaliser for them in a 3-3 draw). Can you imagine the absolute meltdown on here if that happened us?

    Again, for fun, imagine you’re a striker with decent stats, you’ve scored 20 goals last season and 5/6 clubs are after you all expected to be near the top of the table, you’ve no affiliation to us, why are you signing with us? Answer: You’re not.


    People need to temper their expectations. 90%+ of clubs won’t have most of their business done yet, this isn’t the Darren Moore’s fault.

    You have noticed how much business other clubs in league 1 have been doing? And that two of the league’s top goalscorers from last season Joe Pigott and Charlie Wyke have both signed for new clubs in our league in the last couple of weeks?


    Here’s a full list of the ins and outs so far in league 1 this summer:



  2. 19 hours ago, Plonk said:

    But of those, Westwood was frozen out, banjo Penney van akenbrown kachunga Marriott and Rhodes hardly played, and other than Ozaze and Shaw ( who played a handfull of games) the others were crap. Of the 14 there’s only two I would have kept and they were players of potential who will be lucky to play a couple of games next season at Celtic 

    I never said they were decent and we were glad to see most of them go.


    But (with Borner aswell now) it’s 15 players that have left the club this summer that played first team football last season and were in and around the first team squad.


    And so far we’ve brought in 3 replacements. The under 23s finished bottom of their league too last year so it’s asking a lot to expect the youth to step up to first team level 

  3. We’ve lost 14 of the first team squad since last season:


    Westwood, Odubajo, Penney, Lees, van Aken, Ozaze, Pelupessy, Shaw, Brown, Harris, Kachunga, Reach, Marriott and Rhodes.


    And so far we’ve only brought in 3 replacements Brown, Adeniran and Shodipo.


    Doesn't take Columbo to work out we’re short on numbers. And the season starts officially a week on Sunday 

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  4. 3 minutes ago, Ray Von shabba said:


    Where do you get those stats from:

    season   apps   goals

    18/19      8          1

    19/20      21        3

    20/21      2          2  out injured or not in squad all season


    from transfermarket website.


    So yeah let's get him in.




    Hunt made 43 appearances last season for Bristol City, 41 in the league 

  5. 45 minutes ago, McRightSide said:

    Dawson just let a soft one in. Too busy counting his wages apparently

    What do we do with him? 

    Try agree a severance package and pay him off or leave him picking up nearly 10k a week until 2024?


    His wages are going to be a drain on the club for another 3 years. He must be the highest paid keeper in league 1 by a distance

  6. 8 minutes ago, Think tank said:

    Dawson caught out at his near post for the Barnsley goal. We really cannot afford to waste any more time with these two as our goalkeepers.

    Problem is I don’t know if we can afford to bring another keeper in. We’re paying Dawson and Wildsmith 15k a week combined which will be more than any other league 1 club are paying their two keepers

  7. 12 minutes ago, Therealrealist said:

    Im a lot concerned...i think our signings so far are quite worrying

    I had a scan on the Huddersfield, Oxford, QPR and Wycombe forums after we’ve signed Adeniran, Brown and Shodipo.


    Adeniran looks like a he could be a great signing based on what the Wycombe fans were saying about him.


    The general view on the Huddersfield forum was that Brown is crap and can’t defend.

    And the Oxford forum said they can do better than Shodipo and not many of them wanted to see him back for another season.


    But I accept it’s where we are as a club currently that we have to sign championship cast offs on frees and loans so let’s hope they all come good in a Wednesday shirt 

  8. 27 minutes ago, 83owl said:

    Dawson conceded less goals per game on average and averaged more clean sheets per game than KW last season.

    Just had a look at some stats on this.


    Westwood played in 198 championship games for us and kept 70 clean sheets.


    Dawson has played in 65 championship games and kept 16 clean sheets.


    Westwood’s clean sheets per game for Wednesday was 35.4%. Dawson’s clean sheets per game is 24.6%

  9. 6 minutes ago, 83owl said:

    Dawson conceded less goals per game on average and averaged more clean sheets per game than KW last season.

    Stats can be skewed over a short period.

    Be interested to see the points per game of the games Dawson and Westwood have started over the last few years.


    Has he ever convinced you as a Wednesday number 1?

  10. 2 hours ago, TbagMcgraw said:

    Totally agree.


    We don't really want too many of the old guard around, as we don't want a similar mentality to carry over to new signings, as there's bound to be negativity about the way the clubs been run recently from most of these players, and negativity breeds negativity.


    Bannans been a great servant to this club (obviously been paid handsomly like), but he could have kicked up a stink long before and moved to a much better club than us, and that should be commended. But even his new wage is probably far too much for us to afford, and we need to turn over a new leaf.


    There was talk that Wigan are set to offer Charlie Wyke £10,000 a week, and loads of people going off about how ridiculous that sum of money is.....sure its a lot for a League 1 footballer, but some of our wages are still utter madness!

    Cameron Dawson is on £10,000 a week with us for another 3 years



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  11. 1 minute ago, Teddy Nickelarse said:

    The raft of big earners released these past two years have yet to be reflected in any accounts so hopefully the accounts going forward should be less frightening; particularly the ones for the current financial year.



    Factor in that turnover will take a big hit in the years 20/21 and 21/22 though.


    I think the losses in the next accounts will be higher than in these 

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