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  1. And given Wednesday, Derby and Boro all have it, seems pretty clear there’s been covid transmission during our last two games
  2. This is another one where he says Nilsson marked Giggs out of the game in the 91 Rumbelows cup final in his first game back after being out for a year with a cruciate. Giggs didn’t play in the final, it was Sharpe and I don’t think it was Nilsson’s first game back either. He doesn’t have a great memory of the 91 cup run
  3. Here he is saying the Wednesday team talked about isolating John Terry before the 1991 Rumbelows Cup semi final. Even though John Terry was only 10 years old in 1991
  4. Would like to know what the discussion was between DC and Pulis before he appointed him
  5. Just thought it was an indicator all is not well. For Reach that could be that he’s unhappy with the pay situation or the contract he’s been offered or maybe the players could tell from Pulis he wouldn’t be staying
  6. I didn’t want Pulis but he’s not been sacked because of any stats or results. We’ve just taken 4 points from the last 2 games. The Reach non-celebration at Blackburn was an indicator something wasn’t right. And is there any other club that would announce the sacking of a manager at 23:08 three days after Christmas and the day before a game?
  7. If this is a get out plan I don’t get it. We’ve appointed and sacked Monk, Beattie, Flahavan, Hughes and Pulis this season. And I’m guessing Trusson and Ellis have gone with Pulis aswell. How much money have we wasted on those 7 contracts? And both Monk and Pulis have been sacked after taking 4 points from their last 2 games. The reign of DC gets stranger by the day
  8. Lucas Joao... scored 11 goals in 16 championship starts this season
  9. I know a Man U season ticket holder. He had his refund for 19/20 season months ago and has been getting pro rata refunds through the 20/21 season for the games he’s missed so far
  10. After we’ve lost to Wycombe, Rotherham, Luton and Barnsley this season, I’ll never say ‘it’s only Coventry’. A win against anyone now is big. Great result and if we stay up this season I’ll look back on this win as a turning point
  11. I think we can win this if we actually set up to win a game. Will Pulis do it? Unlikely. He needs to... if we’re going to stay up we have to win this game
  12. Agree we need a U.K. based CEO. And most clubs in the top two leagues also have a DoF as well as positions like a finance director, a football operations director and a communications director. Who’s doing these jobs for Wednesday? Even up to a few months ago you’d see the Chansiri supporters (I could name them but won’t) jumping all over a thread like this and telling us how lucky we are to have Chansiri. They’ve all gone quiet now
  13. I’d like to laugh about this but Westwood or Rhodes wages for a few weeks could have sorted out the season ticket refund issue. We could have paid the staff in the ticket office overtime (or outsourced it) until they were all refunded. Football (and Wednesday) is a bizarre industry where players can be earning in excess of 30k a week but the club can’t sort out refunds to fans of a few hundred pounds
  14. Everton away in 1991, 1993 and 1994. The game in 93 was on the 27th December but close enough. That game was on sky and the only one of those 3 I didn’t go to. I was only a kid in 91 and 94 but still have memories of those games and the Wednesday fans behind the goal singing ‘jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to see Wednesday win away’. In more recent times it’d be a 2-1 win at Stoke away on Boxing Day 2006 and the 3-0 win at home to Birmingham on Boxing Day 2015. The 1-
  15. As I said it’s a risk and that’s why I’d want a director of football scouting the continent and lower leagues to find the right manager and players. Instead of DC doing it from Thailand
  16. Disagree - in Huddersfield’s first season under Wagner they finished 19th but the fans were still happy with him because the football was improving. And the following season they went up. The quality of football won’t improve under Pulis
  17. It’s a risk but I’d have tried scouting the continent and bringing someone in. Look at the success Farke, Wagner, Bielsa, Karanka, Frank, Espírito Santo (and even Carlos) have had in this league. And Hasenhuttl and Pochettino in the premier league. And Coberan at Huddersfield, Ismael at Barnsley, Ivic at Watford and Paunović at Reading are all doing quite well. Apart from Bielsa, most of the names I’ve mentioned there were unknowns when they were appointed. I’d like to see us come away from Pulis, Megson, McCarthy type appointments... they’re all past it
  18. Yes Gray has to be one of the most unlucky Wednesday managers in recent history to be sacked. He led us to mid-table finishes with no budget and converted Kieran Lee into a central midfielder. I’d have him back tomorrow instead of Pulis
  19. The highlights from this game were repeated on sky last week: That game was about a year before Chansiri took over. You only need to look at the fortunes of the two clubs since then to realise what an absolute disaster Chansiri has been for Wednesday. Looking back 2014 was a great time to be a Wednesday fan.... the grunters were in League 1, we beat Leeds 6-0 and then they appointed Dave Hockaday
  20. I never wanted Pulis and never thought he was the right man for the job. All Pulis does is come in and sort teams out defensively. But (apart from the first half against Rotherham) we were already defensively solid under Monk. We needed someone to try get us attacking and creating chances. Whether it’s by pressing the ball, playing two up front, overlapping full backs, a midfield diamond I don’t know but it needed a real change after Monk. I think the majority of fans would have accepted some bad results if we were actually trying to attack and create chance
  21. That’s how I’m seeing it right now. Wigan lost 0-5 at home to Rochdale last night and look like they’re heading to league two. Those sort of results could be us next year. Until Chansiri goes I don’t see it picking up
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