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  1. Yes it was on the vital football site so not sure how much weight you’d give it but that’s what they reported https://sheffwed.vitalfootball.co.uk/explained-how-much-of-connor-wickhams-wages-have-sheffield-wednesday-offered-to-pay/
  2. Saw an article that says we’re paying 30% of Wickham’s wage which is 12k
  3. 21 points separating 6th place to bottom shows how evenly matched the majority of the teams are in this division. The 3 relegated teams this season could easily end up being 3 teams who’ve all had points deductions
  4. It’s now 975 days since Jordan Rhodes last scored at Hillsborough. Can he score against Preston, Huddersfield or Boro to stop it going over 1000 days?
  5. Where do you stand on this tweet from BLM?
  6. He was touted as the ginger Ramos when we signed him. Turned out to be the ginger Urby
  7. The squad is looking thinner than Barry Bannan’s hair and you’re blaming Monk for that. Who would you have picked last night instead?
  8. Line up for the next game... Jermaine Jackson Paul Carrack Tommy Craig Roy Hattersley The Thompson twins Heaven 17 David Blunkett Neil off owlstalk Att Chansiri Tango
  9. The keeper for Man U in the 1957 FA Cup final Ray Wood had his jaw broken in the 6th minute and went off on a stretcher. No subs then so he came back on and played the rest of the match on the right wing with a broken jaw
  10. None of the cardboard cut outs left early when we went 2-0 down and we still conceded a third
  11. Bit confused how we stick behind when we’re not allowed in the ground. I’ll watch the last 6 games on iFollow... is that good enough?
  12. By championship standards I believe they’ve been quite well run from what the local journalists have been saying today. It’s just the owners have pulled the plug
  13. Wigan are going into administration because there was a takeover 3 weeks ago and for some reason the new owners have stopped funding the club. Even the players had no idea this was coming last night. Shows the importance of football clubs being sustainable without relying on owners bankrolling them and why the P&L rules are there
  14. Bury overspent based on their turnover and attendances. Who do you think should have provided the bail out for them? Taxpayers?
  15. Should the government step in to support an industry where players are earning millions of £s per year? Football is a long way down in the list of industries that should receive government support. These clubs will come back. They may be in a different guise and run on a much lower budget but they’ll come back
  16. If crowds aren’t allowed back in soon, how many EFL clubs are going to go to the wall? This could be the first of many
  17. When Bowyer was a player he never came across as someone who’d go into management but he’s done a great job at Charlton. He knows the game and seems to be a good man manager
  18. After we came back up in 2012, the league position improved every year under Milan until he left. The basis of the squad was already here (5 of the squad are still here now) so I can’t see how you think Milan would have relegated us
  19. Finished comfortably midtable in Milan’s last season. Already had Westwood, Hutchinson, Lee, Lees, Loovens, Palmer and Nuhiu at the club and you think he wouldn’t have kept us in the championship much longer?
  20. Strange one isn’t it. As it stands we’re safe. The 52 points we have is probably enough already to stay up, one more win to be certain. Just all waiting on this case
  21. Agree with this but be happy to see Huddersfield and Hull go down after the play off defeats against those two. Look back on those defeats and think what could have been and would we have kicked on in the premier league. The two clubs that beat us in the play offs and now no further forward than us. Hull still come out with the ‘we saw you cry at Wembley’ line to us. Decent enough banter to be fair but I’d be glad to see them go
  22. The form of the bottom clubs has thrown it wide open. Looks guaranteed to go to the final day with quite a few still involved. It’s shown how wrong the PPG method they used in league 1 and 2 is. Under PPG Charlton, Barnsley and Luton would have already been relegated. Since the restart Charlton and Barnsley have picked up 7 points from 3 games and Luton 5 points from 3. They’d all be near the top of the form table now. I don’t think teams should have been promoted or relegated without finishing the full season
  23. Absolute disgrace that the ref didn’t even stop the game to get the medical staff on. He doesn’t give a foul and then books Bennett when play eventually stops 🤷‍♂️ If the crack was as loud as people say, why didn’t the Wednesday player (Shelton I think) who picks up the loose ball put it straight out of play? He was only about 5 yards away from the tackle so must have heard it? Ian Knight is laid there with his leg shattered while the game goes on and the Chester fans sing ‘Psycho’. Bennett should have been charged with assault or GBH
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