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  1. I know but we probably need someone like Milan now to sort this out
  2. Milan is 81 years old. We could do with someone like him but he’s too old now. Turning this around is a 5 year job
  3. While we still have Jordan Rhodes, Kieran Westwood and Tom Lees picking up over 25k a week I‘m surprised by any supporter that wouldn’t take a refund
  4. Or a Portsmouth. The fans had to come together to sort that out with the supporters trust taking ownership of the club. The club will come again but I can’t see DC turning it round
  5. It’s the hottest night of the year. We’re 12 points behind the rest of the league before a ball has been kicked. Most of the decent players we had have just walked away from the club. Doesn’t look like we have any money for new signings. And you’re telling people to chill
  6. If we repeat the form since Christmas we’ll only be on 5 points after 23 games
  7. Makes a bit of difference because the fan base is still divided? We still have fans like casbah backing DC and calling other fans bed wetters
  8. Leeds and the grunters have done it without parachute payments?
  9. You were blaming fans for negativity in the ground even though the team hasn’t been any better in empty grounds. In an empty Hillsborough we’ve played 5, won 0, drawn 2, lost 3. Who’s fault is that? The fan base is just about all this club has right now
  10. Weren’t the accounts due to be submitted today? Are we late on those?
  11. We’ve won 4 out of the last 23 league games and that’s with the likes of Fletcher, Fox, Murphy, Forestieri, Wickham, Nuhiu and Lee in our squad. Are you happy with how the squad is looking for next season? We’ve not won a game at home even when the stadium has been empty and you’re still blaming the fans?
  12. All this just to sign Jordan Rhodes, Almen Abdi, Dave Jones, Joost van Aken and Urby Emmanuelson. Could easily have been avoided. Complete mismanagement from DC
  13. Next season starts on the 12 September so given how long it takes the EFL, I don’t think Charlton will have time to get their appeal verdict for the new season. Agree it’s a mess though and players aren’t going to be queueing up to sign for us
  14. Strange comparison, even though it was a big shock Wigan were a top flight team in 2013. Kaiserslautern beating us wasn’t a shock result. In 91/92, 92/93 and 93/94 the English champions were knocked out of the champions league before even reaching the group stages. Can you imagine the English champions now being knocked out over two legs by Rangers or Galatasaray? The Scottish league winners were a better side than the English league winners in 92/93
  15. Exactly, I don’t think the 3rd best side in the country would lose to a team like Kaiserslautern now. And the Italian clubs were a long way ahead of the English clubs at that time. I re-watched the 1992/93 end of season review during lockdown. English football was better to watch then than it is now but it wasn’t a better standard. It was a lot more direct and physical with barely any foreign players in the league
  16. How did all four finalists last season in the champions league and Europa league come from England then? In the early/mid 90s (when Hirst was playing) the English sides were generally getting knocked out of the European competitions in the early rounds
  17. Closest we’ve been to a 20 goal a season striker in the championship since Hirst is Forestieri with 15 goals in 2015/16
  18. Only other two seasons we’ve been promoted since then MacLean scored 20 in 2004/05 (if you include the play offs) and Madine scored 18 in 2011/12
  19. Too many fans say Dawson and Wildsmith are ‘ones for the future’. Dawson is 25 and Wildsmith is 24. They’re not kids. Henderson is a couple of years younger than both of them. If a keeper isn’t good enough in his mid 20s the chances are he’ll never be good enough
  20. Possibly but 19 goals at home all season is inexcusable. It’s been dire. And seeing those two clubs leave us behind (on and off the pitch) in the last 3 years has exacerbated that
  21. The only players we’ve re-signed for next season are Dawson, Pelupessy, Penney and Urhoghide so it looks like it’ll be done on a shoestring budget. Based on that, I’m not expecting us to sign many players that are proven at this level
  22. This was worse than either of those two seasons for me. We weren’t charged by the EFL in those seasons, we scored more than 19 home goals and we probably had a better squad than we’ve ended up with now. We also had Gary Megson and Milan Mandaric. And the pigs and Leeds were both in a mess then too. Leeds were only promoted out of league one in 2010 after being down there for 3 years, the pigs were relegated into league one in 2011. Those two clubs are further ahead of us now than they’ve ever been in the last 40 years
  23. Playing the 20/21 version of football manager and starting with Wednesday is going to be tough
  24. Until Christmas Fletcher. Since restart it’s been Murphy. Over the season I’d go Iorfa
  25. Only two teams we’ve beat Bristol City and QPR have been stinking aswell
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