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  1. They can push to get it resolved this season though. If you were at Barnsley, Luton, Wigan or Stoke you’d want any points deduction for us to take effect this season
  2. The only players that started on Wednesday night that played under Carlos are Lees, Lee, Bannan and FF. And two of them will likely be gone in the summer. Dawson and Palmer were at the club but didn’t play much under Carlos. Debatable whether either of them are good enough to be regular starters in a top championship side but I wouldn’t call them self serving waankers as you did. 3 of the team that started on Wednesday have only been here for 2 weeks. Have you written them off already as self serving waankers? I didn’t think the performance on Wednesday night was down to a lack of effort. We were just all over the place. The back 3 didn’t know what they were doing, FF was playing LWB and the front 3 haven’t gelled yet at all
  3. Interesting that, the bookies can’t think the points deduction is coming this season. Or do they have something in their T&C’s that covers them against points deductions in relegation markets?
  4. Just some communication with the fans and media would be a start. Maybe something similar to the Leeds chairman? And a bit of transparency about who is actually running the club on a day to day basis
  5. It’s an issue because there’s a lack of leadership and communication from the top of the club and the main man isn’t even in the country (or is he?) Every premier club has a list of all the key personnel at the club on the premier league website. I’ll pick Arsenal as an example as they’re first on the list: https://www.premierleague.com/clubs/1/Arsenal/directory Does anything like this even exist for Wednesday so we’d know who was in charge with running the club’s operations?
  6. There is an update there... confirmation that we’ll face the commission before the end of the season and that other championship clubs are pushing for a points deduction. Some of our fans still blaming sky, the EFL and other clubs for the failings of our owner
  7. Doesn’t look like it based on Birmingham https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/birmingham-city-face-second-points-17524484
  8. I guess we knew most of what’s on there other than the confirmation we’ll face the disciplinary commission before the conclusion of this season. The other clubs at the bottom will be pushing for the points deduction this season
  9. We’ve just been on sky sports news about the EFL charge. Anyone know how to post a video on here and I’ll share it?
  10. We aren’t going up this season so there’s no point even discussing that scenario
  11. The ground needs money spending on it. Something it doesn’t look like DC is prepared to do. And why would any new owner spend money on a ground that’s owned by DC?
  12. Agree with most of that. Was just replying to adelphi who asked to name a manager that’s not been sacked
  13. That’s the whole point. There won’t be any buyers. Chansiri has created a business that‘s hemorrhaging money. The club isn’t worth anything at this point and any potential new owner would have to put millions in just to try stabilise us
  14. We lost £37.7 million in the last year’s accounts (that were made up to 31 July 2018). We‘ve lost £69.3 million over the last 3 years but that’ll go up when the 2019 accounts are submitted because we (only) lost £10.3 million in 2016
  15. Not convinced Carlos chose Rhodes, Urby and a few others. Or gave out all the big contracts to the players we already had. If DC was listening to Carlos on signings who’s fault are they? And why has DC never appointed anyone to make signings, player sales and do the deals? Carlos is a coach, he’s not responsible for transfer fees and player wages
  16. Do you believe Carlos made those signings and gave the contracts out?
  17. It it all of them you think that about or are you going to name them?
  18. Well you asked to name a manager who’s not been sacked. I’ve named quite a few there. Eddie Howe? He just wanted to go back to Bournemouth I think. He was struggling at Burnley at the time but they didn’t sack him
  19. If it’s retired managers you’re after... Matt Busby, Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley. How many do you want? Eddie Howe resigned at Burnley
  20. Off the top of my head in the top two leagues Guardiola, Klopp, Eddie Howe, Dean Smith, Graham Potter, Arteta, Gerrard, Lampard, Cowleys never been sacked yet
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