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  1. I’ve got my bet at 80-1 on with black type and the 40-1 with 365. This is all I could find in the black type T&Cs
  2. I’d be surprised if they could deduct points after the season to relegate us. We’d have to know going into the last games whether we needed a win. And aren’t the fixtures for the new season normally released in June?
  3. Add VAR, goals being disallowed for a toe end or an armpit offside, the ridiculous hand ball rule, Leeds likely to go up and constant discussions about FFP and P&L. It’s been a stinker. At least the cricket’s been class
  4. This is my logic too. I backed us at 80-1 after the charge in November and again at 40-1 last week. I read the t&c’s and didn’t think a points deduction would void them but wasn’t 100% sure so thanks to steelowl for posting that
  5. From the sky sports article on Friday it’s coming this season: The EFL have confirmed to Sky Sports News that the process is "ongoing". Wednesday were charged by the EFL in November and will face the disciplinary commission before the conclusion of the current season.
  6. Quite interesting stats I thought
  7. Somehow we’re still in the top half with a positive goal difference
  8. We’ve scored 4 goals this season in 17 first half’s at Hillsborough
  9. Biggest mistake we made after Huddersfield was signing Jordan Rhodes and giving him a 4 year deal. We’d already seen during the loan spell that season he wasn’t up to it. We also signed Joost van Aken, George Boyd and Jacob Butterfield in the window following Huddersfield.... what a summer of recruitment that was!
  10. Yeah just looked at Reading’s form... they’ve not won in the league since New Year’s Day
  11. The bookies have us at evens to win today and Reading out at 3-1. Surprised by those odds
  12. Good football teams require a bit of building. You can’t just throw a group of players together and a new formation like we did against Barnsley and Luton and expect them to deliver. Maybe you’re right about the effort aswell but we’ve ended up in a position through DC’s strategy when the majority of the squad is either on loan or out of contract at the end of the season
  13. Yeah I paid £30 to sit on the kop against Blackburn and it’s geniunely one of the worst games of football I’ve ever seen. Even under Yorath, Turner and Irvine I can’t remember seeing us as bad and I’ve never left a game as early as that. I gave the Millwall game a miss at £33 and I won’t be paying £33 tomorrow either. Anyway, for all my moaning I hope we turn it around and the players turn up tomorrow
  14. We’ve been a lot worse but it was lot cheaper to watch us when we were
  15. It’s a good point and I carried on supporting in previous relegation seasons and when we were league 1. Two of the best years I’ve had watching were 04/05 and 11/12. Even going during the Sturrock, Laws and Gray years when we were mainly a lower end championship side was better than it is now. At the minute I’ve just had enough of the ownership and what’s being served up. I’m a POTGer so it’d be £33 to go tomorrow and the lad I normally go with isn’t going
  16. So as an example how would the Jordan Rhodes transfer have worked using these rules? That was reportedly an £8 million transfer payable in instalments of £2 million a year over 4 years with a contract on around 35k a week. Would DC need to put £16 million into this simple back account before he can sign him? Would this new system apply to all purchases (property, ground improvements, training ground etc) or just player purchases?
  17. Add him to Abdi, Urby, Will Buckley, Mcmanaman, McGeady with the signings that go missing. I thought he looked a good signing on paper.... 23 year old Scotland international. Barely been seen
  18. Yeah that was my last game. Enough to finish a POTGer off that
  19. If DC spent millions solely on the input of Carlos (a man who’d never previously worked in English football) he’s even dafter than I thought
  20. To be fair I should have said on the last post that I’m not a fan of a FFP, I think it’s flawed but I can see why it was brought in. How are owners going to put aside money for transfers and wages that’s yet to be generated? And does DC actually want to pour millions of his own money in? There was about 40 or 50 cases of football league clubs going into administration between the year 2000 and the introduction of FFP. Since FFP was introduced, Bury and Bolton are the first to go into admin so you could say it’s been a success on that front. And can you imagine what the championship would be like now without FFP? There’d be some wild transfer fees and wages being thrown about. QPR would still be spending millions... Derby, Forest etc would all be going for it
  21. And how many clubs went into administration before FFP was introduced? Some clubs went into administration multiple times. HMRC were losing out every time a club went into administration so something was always going to be done about it. Football clubs had shown they were incapable of running their internal financial affairs without having some rules put in place to prevent them going for broke
  22. I’ve just checked the accounts, it was John Warner on behalf of BHP LLP
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