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  1. We’ve not signed a player for over £1m since Rhodes and van Aken in summer 2017 so you can see why the squad has stagnated
  2. I’d be delighted if we could release him on a free but I think we’re saddled with his wages until June 2021
  3. Fletcher will still have plenty of clubs that will sign him. If we offer him reduced terms, he’ll probably leave. Even with the football he’s missed there’s still only 6 men currently that have scored more goals than him in the championship this season. I can’t see there being many championship clubs queueing up for the rest
  4. What was our excuse against Wigan, Blackburn, Hull, Cardiff and Stoke?
  5. Yes I should really have said it’s debatable whether we’re a better team now. And I was basing that on the team we’ve put to the field against Blackburn, Wigan and today. If you add Fletcher and Forestieri in we’re a better side now but the difference in standard between our squad 5 years ago and now is a lot smaller than it should be given the money spent. The wage bill 5 years ago must have been about a quarter of what it is now
  6. We’ve scored 4 goals in the first half at Hillsborough all season. That’s only one more than Blackburn did in one first half here
  7. We’d have had Woods, Worthington, Warhurst, Wilson, Waddle, Watts, Watson, Whittingham, Williams and Bart Williams around that time. No idea what the most W’s to take the field for us is though
  8. I’ve not seen Da Cruz play yet and you’ve got Windass in a different position in every line up but I’ll go for the bottom one out of those
  9. Looking like Winnall and Forestieri will both leave for nothing in the summer. Fletcher, Hutch, Lee, Nuhiu and Pelupessy could all go for nothing aswell. Westwood and Rhodes have another year on their contract so likely we’ll still be paying those two until 2021. We can’t shift Rhodes
  10. We’ve not given Wickham a 4 and a half year deal like we did with Rhodes. Like you say it might not pay off but Wickham’s a good signing on paper and well worth the risk
  11. Did you see the starting 11 and the bench at Wigan? Anyway I’ll give Chansiri credit where it’s due, he’s got the Wickham deal done
  12. Westwood, Lees, Hutchinson and Lee were all better players then than they are now because they were 5 years younger. Is Odubajo an upgrade on Mattock? Is Pelupessy better than Semedo? Is Winnall much of an improvement on May? And the bench looks stronger then than ours did at Wigan on Tuesday
  13. This was the squad from the first home game after Chansiri took over before he’d put any money in or signed anyone. It’s probably a stronger squad than the one we’ll have out tomorrow
  14. Old head and loanees? Westwood, Hutchinson, Lees, Lee, Palmer and Nuhui were all the club when he took over and were a good age in their early to mid 20s. I wouldn’t put lads like Maghoma or Maguire in either of those categories either. And we had a good coach. I can’t see how we were relegation threatened when we were 9th in the table
  15. We were 9th in the championship with a good core of players when he took over?
  16. The last players we signed for over £1 million were Rhodes and van Aken in summer 2017. And in this window we’re scrambling around for loans and swap deals. The only money he’s currently putting into the club is to cover the losses accrued from his own mismanagement. That’s why I don’t understand a lot of the posts slating the players (maybe apart from Forestieri). The majority of our squad has been put together by shopping for bargains... there shouldn’t be any right to expect them to push for promotion
  17. I had to check what supine meant but I agree with this. If DC had done what he’s done here at a lot of other clubs there’d have been fan protests and walkouts
  18. Every away game I’ve been to the last couple of years, most of the fans are there for the beers. If we win it’s a bonus. I sat on the kop for the last home game against Blackburn and I didn’t sense much love to either the team or the owner at that game. There’s a bit of a sing for ‘Hi ho Sheffield Wednesday’ and then that’s it - nothing from the crowd. Until we go behind and the groans start. Even away from home we’re not as loud as we were a few years ago
  19. Who has it lost and what are the views that are not being represented on here?
  20. What should a forum for Sheffield Wednesday fans be discussing in your view? Are these match attending Wednesdayites you talk about all happy with the current situation? Will you be getting a Chansiri chant ringing around Hillsborough tomorrow with the match attending Wednesdayites?
  21. There was a grid on the 10 year season tickets sales pitch that went up to season 2039-40. There was nothing in the FAQs about what would happen to kop, north or south season tickets if we moved ground
  22. Why has he sold 10 year premier league season tickets for Hillsborough if that’s the plan?
  23. Our situation hasn’t fully played out yet. Blackburn have stabilised and Portsmouth are on the way back up. We’ll need to see where we are when the EFL charge has been settled and the club is operating within the FFP limits
  24. If DC wants the fans to pull together he’s going a strange way about it. It’s £33 on the kop, £36 in the grandstand and £39 in the south stand on Saturday. How many fans that aren’t season ticket holders do you expect to be there on Saturday?
  25. How are you pulling to address our problems? Do I need to pull in the same direction?
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