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  1. Will we sell more than 10,000 season tickets next season?
  2. He’s either not fit enough to play right back or is too lazy. Would be interested to see his scores in the beep tests they do. We’ve conceded plenty of goals where Palmer has lost his man or is just jogging back. Good luck to the lad but he needs moving on. He’s 27 now and has never looked a genuine first teamer at Wednesday in all the years he’s been with us
  3. Agree with this. Look at how Klopp has converted Milner into a full back and Pep has done it with Delph. To me we’d look a stronger team with any of Hutch, Boyd or even Jones playing at full back
  4. Baker is the same age as Dele Alli and Leroy Sane. If he’s not ‘ready’ to play championship football now, it’s unlikely he ever will be
  5. I’m not having a go at him. Just shows how bad we are if we’ve conceded the most goals in the league and the keeper is potentially the player of the year
  6. We’ve conceded more than anyone in the league and plenty saying the keeper is our player of the season
  7. You’re expecting thousands of POTGers to turn up on Saturday and pay £39 on the south?
  8. If that’s the case I can see the gates next season being the lowest since the 70s. Other than season ticket holders and away fans there is no one going now. The club needs a real drive to re-engage with the fans. It’s laughable that during the Bolton game we were still advertising £90 gold memberships
  9. Problem is when we’ve played 3 at the back we’ve looked more solid defensively but we don’t have anyone good enough to play as a wing back with attacking quality. So it just ends up as a back 5. And if we play 4 at the back we’re conceding a hatful
  10. I was at Blackburn yesterday and both right and left back are weak links. I don’t like to slate Thorniley, Penney or Baker because they’re young lads making their way in the game (and Thorniley isn’t really a left back anyway and wasn’t getting much support in front of him). Palmer is an experienced pro so there’s no excuse. He just isn’t good enough. Surely Hutchinson or Boyd could do a job at full back and would be an improvement on what’s currently there
  11. Moyes was reportedly on 50k a week at West Ham last season and received a 2 million bonus for keeping them up. The chances of Moyes coming here (or even Chansiri offering him the job) are slim to none.
  12. He’s 22... these should be his peak years. He’s the same age as Leroy Sané and two years older than Trent Alexander Arnold. When do you think he’ll be good enough?
  13. You’re not much of a football fan then. Current FA suspensions are: Two yellows = 1 match Denying a goal or goal scoring opportunity = 1 match Using offensive or abusive language = 2 matches Violent conduct or serious foul play = 3 matches Spitting = 6 matches
  14. I’m (one of the few) that bought a 6 game bundle on the kop for £180. Been to the Leeds, West Brom, Boro and Norwich games so far on the bundle and I’m planning to go to the Derby and Rotherham games. After the dross I’ve watched on the bundle... I don’t think I’ll be rushing out for another one or a half season ticket
  15. They sold Wood and majority of that spend is on Bamford who’s barely played
  16. Are we any more mediocre than Leeds were last year under Heckingbottom? How do you explain what Bielsa has done there?
  17. Would you prefer pundits who just lie and say we’re playing well? Unless we get John Pearson on there, you could be struggling at the minute
  18. Managers can win. They need to win games.
  19. Never want to see a merry go round but he’s had long enough. What is Jos’s style of football? I’d back any manager if it looked like he had a plan to take us forward. So long as we’re not in the bottom 3 I don’t see league position that important this year. I’d just like to see the performances improve and us to get a settled team
  20. Hector and Dawson class tonight. I’m happy with the point but they’re not a great side and they bossed us. A new manager could turn us around... I just don’t see Jos doing it
  21. I need more than a pint after watching us this year
  22. Fair point but the top teams in most leagues are the ones paying the £s out. We’re getting outplayed by teams with much lower wage bills than us. A better manager would get more out of our players
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