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  1. FFP and VAR seem to get more discussion in football now than anything else. And both are flawed. The game at the top level isn’t what it used to be
  2. Leeds have sold Wood, Jansson and Roofe in the last few years who were all fan favourites. They seem to have coped alright? Our record sale before Lucas João was still Chris Brunt
  3. Those figures are inexcusable... even the clubs half way up the chart have generated an extra £40-50 million in player sales. And now we’re at a point where the entire playing squad combined probably isn’t worth £10 million
  4. At the minute we’re a team almost completely made up of frees, loans and academy players. Most of the players that have cost anything of note under DC (Rhodes, Abdi, van Aken, Matias, Jones, Joao, Hooper, Hunt) have either left the club or are not being considered for selection. The only two still at the club that cost over £1 million who are featuring in Monk’s plans are Reach and FF
  5. Turn your location off and log in through your browser instead of the app
  6. who all picked up good results on Saturday aswell
  7. Could this be why the ‘other championship clubs want points deduction’ was in the news on Friday? Do they already know the outcome?
  8. I can’t see there being many howls. The team we’re putting out currently only has Forestieri that cost more than 500k so we’re already bargain basement
  9. Doesn’t look like we’ve any money to spend either so it’ll be mainly frees and loans. Even though we’ve sold Joao and Hunt for around £6 million combined in the last couple of years, we haven’t signed a player for over £1 million for 3 years. Rhodes and van Aken were the last ones
  10. 17 games if you include Everton. And we’ve only scored 4 in the first half all season. Blackburn and Everton in two games have scored more first half goals this season at Hillsborough than we have in 17 games
  11. Have a watch of the Monk unveiling press conference and see if DC strikes you as someone with any long or short term plan. Reading between the lines from that press conference Bullen messed up his chance so Monk was appointed within 48 hours because he was available.
  12. We currently have Rhodes, Westwood, Hutchinson and Winnall not making or being considered for the match day squad. That’s probably over 100k a week in wages not even making it into the squad
  13. We won’t see odds like those again for the opposition this season. Charlton at home is possibly the only game we’ll go into as bookies favourites now. Can’t see me backing Birmingham at that price, they’re not massively overpriced. If Luongo, Fox and Reach come back next week we should be better. If Westwood, Hutchinson and Fletcher came back we’d be a lot stronger but that doesn’t look like happening soon
  14. Wouldn’t be an issue if he’d put people in place to run the club. Other than a couple of statements on the website about the EFL charge, has there been anything from the leadership of the club since the Monk unveiling press conference?
  15. It’s not for fans to have reservations... there should be a finance director, chief executive/director of football or a transfer committee involved in these decisions. As I understand it we just had DC and Carlos signing off the transfers (and neither had any previous experience of English football). And DC was making the transfers based on the majority of owlstalk wanting Jordan Rhodes
  16. I never like betting against my own team but as fans we probably know more than the bookies. Anyone who’s watched us recently and saw the starting line up yesterday knew that odds of 3-1 for Reading to win were way out from where they should have been. Reading were 6-1 to win without us scoring a goal... that was a great bet yesterday given our goal scoring record at Hillsborough. And the relegation odds for the last few months have been a lot higher than they should be. I notice we’ve now been cut to 12-1 for relegation with 365
  17. Just back us to win the game or cash the bet out?
  18. Is there not quite a few examples of fans who’ve forced owners out? Wednesday with Dave Allen, Leeds with Ken Bates, Liverpool with Hicks and Gillett, Sunderland with Ellis Short. West Ham, Newcastle and Manchester United another three clubs where fans are currently trying to force a change in ownership
  19. Just heard the Newcastle fans singing ‘get out of our club’ during the Arsenal game and wondered if these sort of chants will start at Wednesday soon
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