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  1. Don’t think we’re that skint that we couldn’t pay him the last few weeks of his contract if that is the case. Only Chansiri knows why he’s not been sacked yet
  2. Our ticket pricing has almost become a non issue for this season now (apart from for the away fans coming). There’s barely anyone paying on the gate and reducing prices isn’t going to bring them back to watch an underperforming team and manager. The season ticket, membership and POTG prices for next year will be interesting
  3. He’s forming a consortium with Geoff Sheard to rescue us
  4. Not exactly an attractive proposition for a sale is it? The next owner will have to fund operating losses, continue to pay excessive wages to a number of players and is unlikely to be able to sign any new players. And the squad itself looks nowhere near a promotion challenging squad. I’d be surprised if DC sells, who’d buy us?
  5. You’re not factoring in the operating losses we have now and the future liabilities with the high earners we still have to pay for the next few years. The closest comparison to where we are now would be when we were relegated from the premier league with Hinchcliffe, Jonk, De Bilde, O Donnell and Donnelly still on the wage bill.
  6. Are we actually worth anything? We are a failing business. Anyone that buys us would have to take on the losses and still have to honour the contracts of Fletcher, Rhodes, Hutchinson, Lees, van Aken etc for the next couple of years. There’s plenty of failing football clubs that have been sold for £1 or some other nominal amount.
  7. You sound as deluded as Chansiri. He’s driven us off a cliff edge. We can’t sign anyone in January and have to sell whether DC is here or not
  8. It’s Chansiri that needs to go for the madness to end
  9. Facts: We’ve won 1 in 10 We’ve conceded the most goals in the league We’ve been in an embargo We’ve 5 of the highest paid players in the squad frozen out Have you got any facts?
  10. Unbelievable assist from Chris Kamara for Scott Oakes
  11. Looking through past seasons the lowest I can find is 7,316 for a second round replay against Tranmere in December 1978. We won that game 4-0
  12. What’s the lowest home crowd in our history for an FA cup tie? If Jos is still in charge, this one could be close
  13. A new manager would put a few thousand on the gate
  14. In the last 23 games I’ve been to, I’ve seen 2 wins
  15. All about opinions and I’m not saying they are the saviours of our season but in my view they would significantly improve us. The fact we’re conceding nearly two goals a game on average (more than anyone else in the league) and the seniors players haven’t even been called on to try shore it up is inexcusable.
  16. Do you think we’d have conceded 40 goals in 22 games with Westwood and Hutch playing?
  17. We’ve already played the bottom 3 at home and Rotherham so we don’t have many games left that we’ll go into as favourites. It’s hard to see where the next win is coming from at the minute. We are in trouble. Preston is a big game on Saturday. Lose that and we could be in the relegation zone by new year
  18. A D Taxi is needed for Chansiri, Meire, Luhukay and Paxo
  19. Redknapp’s 71, has been in the jungle for the last month and has never managed north of Birmingham
  20. That’s a bit of a weird analogy
  21. The club has to give something back to the fans too. Chansiri, Meire and Luhukay are killing the club
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