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  1. We totally missed out on the growth of football. Look at the average attendances in the top flight from 1991/92. We were the 4th biggest club in the country then in terms of attendance. We’re currently the 22nd biggest club in the country based on attendance. Some clubs have found an extra 30,000 fans attending since 1991. We’ve lost about 7,000
  2. That’s a good point. That table is distorted by loans, it’d be more accurate if the loans were taken out. 157 minutes of league football for us played by under 23s is still bad though. Is the 157 minutes all from Urhoghide?
  3. We don’t have four 22 year olds that have played every game though... that’s the issue. That table is pretty poor and you can’t really defend it. A result of short term recruitment under DC. We’re not a club with a great track record of playing under 23s and bringing youth through. Chris Turner and Jos did but it didn’t work out well for either of them. Even in the early 90s, Bart Williams would have been the only under 23 getting any game time for us?
  4. He’s played virtually his entire senior career under this man. Bring him home and let’s see what he can do
  5. What a game that was. When Monday night football has just started on sky. That ball from Waddle for the second goal is absolute class. The replay as I remember it was a lot tighter and Warhurst bagged the winner for us
  6. Similar to us, they’ve not won it since the 1930s and have only won one cup since the war
  7. We’ve an extra 50+ years of history on Leeds. They have won it 3 times since we last won it
  8. You don’t have to be that old to remember that. Everton were the best side in the country for a few years in the mid 80s
  9. And The Wanderers. Won’t be many clubs won as many FA Cups at the Wanderers
  10. It’s good to be on the list still but using trophies we’ve won before anyone under the age of 90 was born as evidence we’re a big club is a bit of a stretch. Basing it on league titles we’ve been sleeping since 1930
  11. Someone let him know or he’ll miss it
  12. In what way was the business failing under Mandaric? We were midtable in the championship and comfortably operating within the limits of FFP. We weren’t exactly a thriving business under Milan but we weren’t failing either
  13. Agree with this but I’m also surprised how many posters think it’ll be quite easy to sign all these new players that are championship quality. We’re going to need to sign about 10 players. And that’s with a limited budget and without a director of football to lead the recruitment
  14. Is it because he’s not very good? Wickham has scored more goals for Wednesday in two loan spells than Winnall has scored in three years
  15. According to the accounts we lost £69.3 million in the 3 years from 2015 to 2018. If you add on what we’ve lost since then about £100 million sounds about right. The annual operating losses have gone up from £5.2 million in 2015 (under Mandaric) to £37.7 million in the last set of accounts in 2018 under DC
  16. On the accounts - could anyone confirm what the figure was for player wages in the years 2013/14 and 2014/15 and what it was in the last year’s accounts? I’d be interested to see how much the wage bill has gone up under DC
  17. I wouldn’t say I’m lauding him. My view would be similar to mattthefish above. But in your original post you only made reference to him not sacking Wilson and his elevation to the chairman of the premier league. I just think you have to balance that with the success he brought to the club when assessing his overall record as chairman. There were some heady days for Wednesday with Richards at the helm and for the first 5 years he spent money a lot more shrewdly than DC has done
  18. We’ve scored a total of 4 goals in the first half at Hillsborough this season. That’s 4 goals in 720 minutes of football in the first half. And a total of 14 goals in 16 games. We’re the lowest home goal scorers in the entire championship. And DC is still charging a minimum of £33 to watch us play Millwall and Reading. It’s like he’s given up on attracting any new fans
  19. Even though he’s been here 5 years I’d say it’s still too early to say where he sits in that list. Need to wait until the charge has been settled and if/when the finances are stabilised and crowds are improving again. Richards brought us the league cup, European football, the likes of Waddle and di Canio, improved the ground and ensured Hillsborough was used for Euro 96. Ok he left under a cloud but what has Chansiri achieved close to that? And I wouldn’t use the word ‘solidified’ to describe Chansiri’s tenure
  20. Debatable. And who’s he in competition with there? Richards, Allen, Hulley, Strafford and Mandaric? We’ll have to see how the next couple of years unfold under Chansiri. How much further will crowds fall until they start going back up, what happens with the EFL charge and can he get the club operating within the limits of FFP
  21. This is one of his biggest failings. The current squad is simply not good enough to mount a challenge for the top two and Chansiri still sells 10 year premier league season tickets and talks about promotion. Getting out of this league is tough. Just look at how teams like Stoke, Huddersfield and Cardiff have struggled even with premier league money and parachute payments. In the the last 50 years we’ve spent 16 seasons in the top flight, 25 seasons in the second tier and 9 seasons in the third tier. For the owner of a club with that recent history to base his entire business model on us being a premier league club is reckless
  22. Have you any ideas? Doesn’t look like DC listens to anyone and I don’t have the funds to buy him out
  23. Richards gave us the best players, manager and the best years the club has had in living memory. The only trophy we’ve won in the last 80 years was under Richards. He took us into Europe and to two other cup finals. And the kop was seated and south stand redeveloped under his ownership. There’s plenty you can criticise him for but you have to remember that aswell. Chansiri hasn’t achieved anywhere close to what Richards did at the club
  24. I don’t have any hatred to him. I just don’t think he’s doing a very good job of running the club
  25. I wonder what it’d actually take for casbah to question him?
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