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  1. Look at the eleven on the pitch tonight and what they cost; Dawson - Academy Palmer - Academy Lees - Free Iorfa - 200k Borner - Free Forestieri - £3m Bannan - Free/undisclosed? Lee - Free Da Cruz - Loan Windass - Loan Wickham - Loan Take FF out and that entire team cost about 200k to put together. They were really poor tonight but when it’s a team put together with loans, frees and academy players how much are you expecting from them?
  2. It needs sorting soon so we know where we are with it and whether we’re in a relegation scrap or just seeing this season out in midtable. Birmingham’s point deduction came on the 22nd March last year
  3. He’s as dangerous as some of the owners at Portsmouth, Coventry, Sunderland etc. But there’s still a proportion of our fans that don’t see it. I don’t see building towards a promotion as being realistic in the next few years, stabilising as a championship club would be an achievement from where we are now
  4. Shuffling the deck chairs on the titanic is a good way to put it. But Monk has to take some culpability for what’s happened in the last two months. It needs a change. And I can’t see DC going anywhere so it has to be Monk
  5. As bad as that? Name a game when we played that badly with those two in the team. We were all over the place tonight
  6. Iorfa had the worst game I’ve seen him play tonight but he isn’t shitt. Agree that Hector is better than any centre half we have though
  7. I’d take Carlos, Gray, Megson or Laws back at this point. I’d draw the line at Jos, Irvine, Jones, Yorath and Turner
  8. Agree to an extent but have you ever seen us as badly as that tonight with Westwood and Hutchinson in the team? For the remainder of this season they still should be involved
  9. Can only comment on what I see on the pitch, no idea what they’re like in training or in the dressing room. But we’re a much better team when Westwood and Hutchinson are playing
  10. You need to replace the word invested with wasted or spunked
  11. Can you explain how you’re valuing us at 100 million?
  12. A new manager could pick us a bit. Hutchinson has to play in that team if fit and throwing 3 loan players straight in to start is desperate. And wtf was that back 3 tonight with FF at wing back. But it’s not a new manager we need really, it’s a new owner
  13. Do you know what that job is? DC struggles to sell a player. How’s he going to sell a club?
  14. Yeah the average weekly wage was £6,445 in 2015 when Chansiri arrived and a lot of our players (Westwood, Palmer, Lees, Lee, Hutchinson) were already at the club
  15. The investment in the club the last 3 years has been (by championship standards) almost on a shoestring. The last players we signed for over £1 million were Jordan Rhodes and Joost van Aken, there’s been no money spent on the ground, no CEO since Meire left and Monk hasn’t even been allowed to bring his own staff in. The only real money that’s gone in has been to pay the big contracts we gave out in 2016-17
  16. Our average weekly wage was reported to be £17,476 by Maguire so there’ll be plenty at the club earning more than 20k a week
  17. Bizarre that in the sales pitch for 10 year season tickets the club talked about achieving promotion in season 2019/20 and now the manager makes comments like this
  18. Swansea was a decent game I thought (even though we threw it away at the end). But other than that agree, we’ve scored 14 goals in 16 games at Hillsborough this season
  19. Debatable whether the City game will sell out but we’ll see. Given the crowd against Everton and the form we’re in we’ll do well to sell out. You’ve missed out Hull but even with that it’s 4 games in 25 years (and 3 of those are in the same season).
  20. Do you geniunely think there’ll be anyone begging for an ID in the next few years? I hope there is but we’ve only had that situation a couple of times in the last 25 years. Unless something changes at the club, crowds could well be below 20k next season
  21. Be a struggle for them turning the pages with trotters
  22. Name a year in the 80s when we had 11 worse players than Joey Pelupessy
  23. At most clubs now it isn’t the manager in charge of this. Liverpool have a director of football called Michael Edwards, Manchester City’s is Txiki Begiristain. They don’t get much media spotlight compared to Pep and Klopp but it’s a key role in today’s game. Pep and Klopp are probably in regular conversation with the DoF’s about which players they want to buy and sell but it’s the DoF’s job to get the deals done and find the players. As far as I know with us it’s just DC and Monk
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