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  1. The away support is class but everyone who goes away has already got a season ticket. It doesn’t mean we’ve thousands of fans who are going to snap up tickets for a Monday night game at £46 a time. Apart from the Birmingham game (when prices were reduced) we’ve not had more than 23,000 home fans at Hillsborough all season
  2. There’s 8 clubs getting better gates than us in this league so how do you define bigger?
  3. I wouldn’t say it’s embarrassing... it’s as expected really. How many clubs could be midtable in the championship and still sell thousands of tickets to POTGers who’ve not been going all season at £46?
  4. Shouldn’t the club be making an effort to get new fans through the door though instead of just pricing them out and saying we’ve a hard core of 15-20k? Our gates this year are on a par with Middlesbrough, lower than Stoke and comfortably below Derby, Forest, Norwich and the pigs. Historically I’d have said we’re bigger than most of those clubs but we’re not anymore
  5. You think there’d have been nearly 30,000 there if the tickets were priced as they are for the pigs game? Leeds is the only other game this season when we’ve had more than 25,000 there
  6. Did you not notice the highest attendance we’ve had this season was against Birmingham when the tickets were reasonably priced? We’re never going to sell out Tuesday night games but if the tickets were priced correctly we’d be pushing 30,000 for most 3 o clock games
  7. The last time we scored 2 goals in a game was Rotherham at home on the 8th December. Since then we’ve scored 8 goals in 13 games. They’re grim stats. The entertainers we ain’t
  8. Yes the team needs freshening up and definitely needs an injection of pace. Surprised Iorfa and Lazaar haven’t featured yet and I thought Aarons would get a run tonight
  9. Did we get any confirmed offers for him? I like him for his work rate and the fact he’s been fit and available for virtually every game since he signed for us but I’m still not sure what his best position is
  10. I’d like to see a striker with more pace but Fletcher did look decent for Scotland this season when he had runners like Forrest and Fraser to play off him. His hold up and link up play is very good. Too often with us he’s having to feed off long balls with no runners going beyond him.
  11. We wont have sold anything like that this year after the gold and silver membership saga. Ash is trying to spin it like the club do when they say ‘tickets start from £34’. Unless you’ve already forked out £80 or £50 for a membership, it’s £39, £42 or £46 a ticket. Even for a derby game, that’s a scandalous price to watch a team that are 16th in the championship
  12. £34 for members. How many members do we have?
  13. Cant see it. You’re expecting 15,000 POTGers paying those prices for a Monday night game?
  14. It’ll be the lowest crowd we’ve had at home against them in years. £39 cheapest ticket for a Monday night game on sky. We’ll do well to get 28,000
  15. Laughing at Leeds fans waiting outside Elland Road in the cold and Dan James having to drive back down to Swansea. They’ll have had an unveiling video ready for him on Twitter
  16. We can’t go into a season with only Lees, Thorniley and Van Aken as centre halves and Bannan, Hutch and Pelupessy as central midfielders. Hopefully Hector still be here and we’ll sign a midfielder once Jones and Abdi are off the wage bill. If Kieran Lee comes back to fitness he’d be like a new signing
  17. I was trying to get the line ‘Them old legs won’t provide the excitement Master Waddle did but will be just as important to us’ into the Waddle tune
  18. No more 32 year old has beens. We’ve enough of them already. Need to be smarter with the recruitment than giving players one last pay day
  19. No club has cash to burn in the championship, they’re all hamstrung by FFP. And it’d be a surprise if there’s any premier league interest in any of our players
  20. Ferguson did it for years. Made decisions that were unpopular with their fans at the time (like selling Kanchelskis, Ince, Stam, Beckham) but he always got a good fee for them and then replaced them with younger players
  21. Agreed, 2 or 3 years can be a long time in football and squads need freshening up with younger players. Forestieri, Hutchinson and Bannan are all 29 now, Rhodes is 29 next week, Westwood’s 34, Hooper’s 31, Kieran Lee is 30 and Tom Lees is 28. Realistically is anyone going to pay a big fee for a championship player with no sell on value?
  22. Forest and Derby are better sides than us. We’ve lost to them both this season and we’re 17th in the championship for a reason. I’d have changed it earlier too but it wouldn’t have made much difference. We still never looked like scoring when Joao and Forestieri were on
  23. Good luck to the FA telling Pep Guardiola who he has to pick. Since the prem was formed Arsenal and Chelsea have won the FA cup 7 times each and Man U have won it 5 times. In the years before the prem Coventry and Wimbledon won it. You’ve not thought this one through
  24. Who decides what their strongest side is? And do they have to play their best players in every league game, FA cup game, league cup game and champions league game?
  25. We’re the last club from the second tier to win a cup. It’s one record we’ll probably never lose... can’t see a second tier club winning one again
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