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  1. Man Utd's midfield when they beat us 1-0 at Hillsborough in 2000 was quality... Giggs, Scholes, Keane and Beckham. Giggs was lightning that night, he looked dangerous every time he got the ball
  2. Dean Windass Simon Grayson Phil Scott Simon Coleman Ziggi Aranalde Patrick Blondeau
  3. Wednesday's back 5 is sound. Kirkland, Buxton, Reda, Gardner and Llera are all good quality championship players. It's just the front 6 that needs tweaking
  4. Look at how much Blackburn are paying out and they're not very good.... Pedersen reputedly on 50k a week, Jordan Rhodes and Nuno Gomes on 40k, Danny Murphy on 30k plus some other big earners. There was 13,000 at Ewood Park watching them lose at home to Charlton today
  5. 18 points from 9 games with Reda... that's an average of 2 points per game. So if Reda had been available all season we'd have 56 points and be second in the table
  6. I think he'll be bagging a sub suit. I'd start with the same team as at Hull
  7. Away form is spot on. Ten points from four away games against Barnsley, Bolton, Huddersfield and Hull is unbelievable. He just needs to sort his tactics out at Hillsborough now
  8. this was a good one. Wednesday win away at Hull Blunts lose at home to Yeoviil. Best performance of the season
  9. My dad used to always say that... 'Worth the entrance money alone to see Waddle play'
  10. Ched Evans - Ache Vends Mamady Sidibe - I am my baddies Chris Waddle - He's wildcard Enoch Showumni - oh no! whine scum Sheffield United - The duff sideline
  11. Are you Graham Taylor? He won footballer of the year in 1993
  12. That Birmingham game seems a long time ago now.... I left that game thinking Dave Jones was a football mastermind, we were playing great football and had a chance of going up. 4 months later and I've realised Dave Jones is not the messiah, we play awful football and are probably going down with him in charge
  13. He couldn't trap a bag of sand
  14. January will be key. We needed that win yesterday but I still think with our current squad, we'll do well to stay up. The next two home games Charlton and Burnley look winnable and we could do with getting something at Huddersfield
  15. Kirkland was outstanding yesterday. Buxton and Llera too
  16. we could do with a winger like this to put a few balls in...
  17. Best - Nigel Pearson, Des Walker Worst - Guy Branston, Ashley Westwood
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