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  1. January will be key. We needed that win yesterday but I still think with our current squad, we'll do well to stay up. The next two home games Charlton and Burnley look winnable and we could do with getting something at Huddersfield
  2. Kirkland was outstanding yesterday. Buxton and Llera too
  3. we could do with a winger like this to put a few balls in...
  4. Best - Nigel Pearson, Des Walker Worst - Guy Branston, Ashley Westwood
  5. Pleat and Wilson the worst for me. Surprised at how many say Turner. He signed some of the best players we've had in the last 10 years.... Chris Brunt, Glenn Whelan, JP McGovern, Steve Maclean and Graeme Lee. He also signed some of the worst too.... Ola Tidman, Kim Olsen, Guy Branston and Paul Smith
  6. I think I'd rather have Justin Timberlake playing up front
  7. Spot on. Quality player. Probably the most talented player to wear the blue and white since Brunt. Any player that's helped us to a promotion or we've sold at a profit will always get a good reception from me
  8. The bright side is the next 5 games until christmas are Watford (h), Cardiff (a), Bristol City (h), Barnsley (a), Charlton (h). We can win 3 or 4 of them
  9. Whatever Mandaric decides this week we need to stick behind the team. We have had a tough run of games. The fixtures until christmas look a lot better. Our next five games are Watford (h), Cardiff (a), Bristol City (h), Barnsley (a), Charlon (h). Apart from the Cardiff game, they all look winnable. If we're still in the bottom 3 at the end of December, he should go then
  10. It's not just today though. 8 points from 42. 10 defeats from 14. Another 4 losses on the bounce. Good players from last year like Danny Batth and Ben Marshall have been replaced with lower quality. It takes a lot to stay positive at the minute and it'll be interesting to see if he's still in charge for the Watford game
  11. I've been behind him but it's getting tougher. Too many poor signings and Sidibe was another strange one. If he's still in charge for the Watford game on Tuesday, I think he needs a win to save his job
  12. Great line. Here goes anyway.... 4-3-3 / 4-5-1 Kirkland Buxton Mattock Llera Gardner Semedo McCabe Barkley Antonio J Johnson Bothroyd
  13. I thought Bothroyd had quite a good game today. Probably our best player going forward. He should be playing up front though. He'd be our main goal threat at the minute and would hold it up better than Madine as he has a better touch. I hope Madine proves me wrong and starts scoring soon but I don't think he's good enough for this league. We need a striker
  14. We've changed the manager 12 times since Atkinson and look how far it's taken us. Man United have had the same manager since 1986 and Arsenal from 1996. It seems to work alright for them. He's made mistakes but I'd give Jones until the end of the season and hope to build next year. I think we'll stay up
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