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  1. I remember being at Hillsborough when we were hammered 7-1 by Nottingham Forest under Francis. It was this day (April 1) in 1995 believe it or not. A lot of fans that day were singing 'We Want Francis Out' and the back page headline of one of the tabloids the following day was '7-1 FANS WANT FRANCIS OUT'. We finished 13th in the premier league that year and Francis was sacked in the summer. So the board were going with what the majority of fans wanted at that point. From a footballing point of view, I'd say the biggest mistakes Wednesday have made in my time watching have been the respective appointments of Pleat and Wilson and the subsequent ineptitude (Kovacevic, Di Canio etc) that came with them
  2. It would be good to see a young player come through at Wednesday for once. Who was the last top player come out of the Wednesday youth system? Mel Sterland? Sheffield hasn't exactly been a footballing hotbed in recent years but we've still missed out on some good talent from around the area like Gary Cahill, Kyle Walker and Kyle Naughton
  3. Georgi Hristov, the Macedonian they signed in the late 90's, summed up Barnsley well.... Barnsley's homesick striker, Macedonian Georgi Hristov, says he is finding it hard to get a girlfriend in England because local girls are not pretty and drink too much. Hristov, 21, who joined Barnsley from Partizan Belgrade for £1.5m last summer, is reported to have told a Belgrade sports magazine: "I'm finding it difficult to find a girlfriend in Barnsley, or indeed settle into a decent way of life." "The local girls are far uglier than the ones back in Belgrade or Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, where I come from." "Our women are much prettier. Besides, they don't drink as much beer as the Barnsley girls which is something I don't like at all." "England is a strange country and I found it hard to adapt to living here. The main thing is that I am not on my own. To be honest I expected more of Barnsley as a town and a club."
  4. It could have gone either way yesterday. The first goal was always going to be crucial.... and we got it :reda:
  5. He's ok, can do a job. He was played out of position yesterday to be fair to him. Left footed left back playing on the right wing
  6. I think they got a couple of the words mixed up when they typed that. It should have read... The all nonsense official who got no key decisions right
  7. That looks a good run of fixtures to me. Maybe I'm being overly optimistic but I expect us to be safe by the Peterborough game
  8. I think Barnsley are in trouble now with the fixtures they have left. Yesterday was a big result. Bristol City would probably have to win at least 5 of their remaining 7 games to stay up so they look to be just about down. I'll go for Blackburn for the third team to go because they haven't won in 8 (and I hope they go down too)
  9. Yes I'd go for a 6 too.... to match their fingers
  10. He didn't have a great game yesterday but he'd still be the first striker on the team sheet for me. Madine and Lita were just feeding on long balls down the middle yesterday until JJ came on when it improved a bit. Pugh on the right wing didn't give much quality service into the box!
  11. I could never say Bothroyd or Jeffers without saying 'for f##ks sake' after it. John Pearson always struggled with Bartosz Slusarski in commentary... he used to shout 'SkuskarskI'
  12. What about Guylain Ndumbu-Nsungu? I remember a caller to Praise or Grumble saying he was like a black Zidane
  13. I thought we were poor against Forest too. Some of the worst performances have been at home. I put it down to lacking a bit of quality in central midfield when we should be looking to control possession in home games. Whereas away from home we're generally solid defensively and have pace down the flanks so are tough to beat. I just hope we sort the home form out and put in a performance for the Barnsley and Blackburn games
  14. I agree, when I saw the last month's fixtures (Palace, Forest, Watford, Leicester and Cardiff) I thought we'll be doing alright if we're still outside the bottom 3 at the end of those games. We took 6 points from the 5 games which I think is a good return. The injury to Antonio is a blow but I still think we'll have enough
  15. Have you forgotten 2008? In the last two games we beat Leicester away 3-1 and Norwich at home 4-1 to stay up. That's up there with last year and 2005 as my favourite finishes to a season. The Leicester away game is one of the best away days I've had. And in 2002 we only just had enough. I'm still hopeful we'll be safe with a game or two to spare this year
  16. I'd have Barkley back. Think he'd do a good job for us and he's likely to chip in with a few goals between now and the end of the season. Without Antonio and Wickham we look short of attacking options and goalscorers. JJ can provide a threat but he's never scored enough goals
  17. That's fair enough. Everyone will have their own opinion on when the game was better. I sat on my sofa today and watched two games between four of England's top sides (Man U v Chelsea and Liverpool v Tottenham) and thought they were both great entertainment. You can see why the premier league sells worldwide
  18. As soon as I saw Reda was starting I put a bet on Wednesday yesterday. £50 at 5-1. Get in :reda:
  19. The game moves on though... if the 1991 league cup final was played 22 years earlier then Mark Hughes' barge on Chris Turner would probably have been allowed (like Nat Lofthouse's was in the 50's). That's why Jimmy Greaves thought it was alright. I just had a look at the league tables from that year and last year: 1991 - League champions Arsenal, games played 38, goals scored 74, goals against 18. 2012 - League champions Man City, games played 38, goals scored 93, goals against 29. For me, the rule changes encourage and assist attacking football which is a good thing
  20. Cheers for the negative reps. I have the 91 league cup final on dvd and watched the full 90 minutes again recently. It's one of our greatest days but the game is a long way from being a classic. There's very few chances and it's quite strange to watch a game now where backpasses are allowed. Remember George Graham's Arsenal won the league comfortably in 1991. They used to win most of their games 1-0 and only conceded 18 goals all year that season. It was easier to defend back then because you could get away with kicking attackers and running the clock down with backpasses. Teams like Graham's Arsenal and Don Revie's Leeds would do nothing nowadays. They'd rarely finish a game with 11 men. If that's the brand of football you'd rather see then bring back studs up and the tackle from behind
  21. True. Players get more chance to show their skill and touch now which for me is what football should be about. It used to be a common tactic to kick the opposition's danger man early in a game
  22. And Steve Bould would have received a red card for his tackle on Hirst. Hirsty's career might not have been finished early by injury if he played today. Players like Messi, Ronaldo, Bale would have been kicked out of it a lot more back then. Football is better now
  23. haha I was stood next to him at the bar in there while I was waiting to get served. He stunk too. He's about 4 foot tall and was getting annoyed because he wasn't getting served. He kept shouting... 'What about the locals?' and 'Owls sh*t, Owls sh*t'
  24. No reception at all, he was at the other side of the pitch. A few chants of 'Pearson's a Wednesdayite' that didn't really get going
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