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  1. For all the money he’s spent and the wages we’ve paid, the odds have never actually been in our favour of getting promoted. If you look at this season as an example, Leeds are currently 2/7 for promotion and West Brom are 1/2. Leeds may choke again but according to the bookies there’s a 78% chance they’ll be promoted and a 67% chance West Brom will be promoted. The bookmakers have never had us odds on for promotion at any point in the last 5 years.
  2. The average wage at Wednesday tripled in Chansiri’s first 3 seasons. And virtually no player sales to cover it.
  3. I don’t think he will but we’ll see. Is there going to be a queue of buyers lined up for a club that’s lost £57 million in 3 years, has an EFL misconduct charge hanging over them and has the issues with the ground and SAG to resolve?
  4. Do you geniunely believe there’s anyone on here who doesn’t want to see us do well? And if so, who are they? Plenty on here saw this coming but were called allsorts by the ‘true fans’. That doesn’t mean anyone is happy to see it
  5. This a very good article from Maguire about Wednesday’s 2017/18 accounts and ground sale... http://priceoffootball.com/sheffield-wednesday-2017-18-when-the-sun-goes-down/ Apologies if it’s already been posted (and it’s a long read) but some of the figures and graphs are eye opening. This one shocked me... we posted losses of £37 million in 2017/18 and there were still 7 clubs in the championship with higher losses than us
  6. Chansiri is more comparable to Peter Ridsdale
  7. Since sacking Jos the club has been run much better (ticket pricing aside). Two good managerial appointments, some shrewd acquisitions and selling Joao for decent money. It’s the two years after the play off final that has put us here.
  8. So let me get this right using your logic.... Sheffield Wednesday have been charged with breaching EFL rules and with misconduct about how and when we sold the ground. A Wednesday fans forum shouldn’t discuss this and ‘people who support the club’ should only say what a great job Chansiri is doing running the club?
  9. It’s the EFL that have said it in their statement: The EFL has reviewed a large number of documents obtained from the Club as part of this process and concluded there is sufficient evidence to justify issuing charges of Misconduct. The charges are in respect of a number of allegations regarding the process of how and when the stadium was sold and the inclusion of the profits in the 2017/18 accounts. Has any club ever successfully appealed an EFL charge?
  10. Isn’t the other issue that we’ve not actually received the proceeds of the sale?
  11. I think most do. Leeds as an example have sold Chris Wood, Ronaldo Viera, Pontus Jansson and Kemar Roofe in the last 3 years to ensure they comply with FFP. And at least Derby got their ground sale in the right financial year. We couldn’t even do that. Name any other clubs that have just ignored FFP? You defend him over everything whether it’s ticket prices or his failed transfer strategy and overspending
  12. Who else is to blame that (without ground sale) we’ve posted losses of £57 million in 3 years?
  13. Complying with the league’s rules would be a start
  14. That list’s nonsense. Factor in we were still a premier league club when we made all those signings. We were one of the top clubs in the country when we signed Sinton and Walker and 3m was about the going rate for an England international then. Rhodes is the biggest outlay Wednesday have made by a distance (even accounting for football inflation) because we didn’t have any premier league money when we signed him. And where’s Jackie Sewell in the list? He was a British record transfer when he came to Wednesday so that must be the equivalent of about £150 million using those calculations.
  15. Sawyers and Livermore being out should give us a good chance in this one. That’s their first choice central midfield and Sawyers has looked class when I’ve seen him this year.
  16. I’ve always thought West Brom to be a decent club and fanbase. They’ve plenty of history... they were one of the founder members of the football league and they’ve spent more seasons playing top flight football than us (81 to 66). And recent history.... There’ll be no one under the age of 25 who remembers last time we finished above them.
  17. You’re telling the fans who aren’t coming to drink less beer so they afford a ticket? That’s a new sales technique on me
  18. Depends if you use the 39k figure for the capacity or what the actual capacity is with SAG and the north west being out of action. Not that it matters at the minute anyway, it looks like it’ll be a few years before we next see another crowd above 30k at Hillsborough.
  19. Leeds are getting 35k every week. We can’t get anything like that in Hillsborough. With the SAG restrictions on us, I think Forest, Derby, Boro and Cardiff all have bigger current capacities than we do aswell.
  20. That must be going back a few years. Which ground developments generated criticism?
  21. How many other grounds in the country look virtually exactly the same as they did in the mid 90s? Elland Road and Loftus Road are the only two I can think of. Every other ground in the top two leagues has either been redeveloped or built from new in the last 25 years. If Chansiri does put any more money into the club I’d rather he put it into the ground than players. We wasted money in the 90s on the likes of Hinchcliffe, Jonk and de Bilde instead of developing the ground and then we’ve done it again on Rhodes, Abdi, van Aken, Jones and Boyd. But the reality is unless we get promoted, nothing will happen. I don’t think Chansiri has the appetite to take on something with the cost of either redeveloping Hillsborough or building a new ground.
  22. Yes I wasn’t disagreeing with your post. Just agreeing that ‘better players’ should never have been used as an excuse for the prices.
  23. The ‘better players’ we’ve paid money for in the last few years: Jordan Rhodes £10m Abdi £3m van Aken £3m Pelupessy 500k Add to that the money we’ve wasted on wages for these lads along with Jones, Boyd and Urby. How the ‘better players’ line can still be used as a justification for the extortionate ticket prices is beyond me
  24. I don’t see that analogy. A T20 season ticket at Yorkshire is £80 for 7 games and a ticket for a county championship game is £15. And the tickets for under 16s are very cheap or free. The prices Chansiri charges for championship football are only comparable to international cricket.
  25. Now would be a good time to knock down and rebuild the west stand if we are going to stay at Hillsborough for the long term. There won’t be a crowd over 28k this season so we don’t even need the seats in the west stand.
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