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  1. Bannan never hits a shot or cross first time when it’s on his right foot. All players have a stronger foot but sometimes you have to just hit it. He should have struck that first time tonight
  2. Dawson could have been sent off and Fletcher’s goal was hand ball so have to take it both ways. But I didn’t see that much stoppage time and didn’t think it was a foul from Matias either. On the free kick... Bannan went back to go on the post and Dawson sends him away. A man on the post clears that equaliser off the line
  3. I’ve give him a bit of stick in this thread... delighted to be proved wrong with that goal tonight. When you see what he can do when he wants it he is one of the best attackers in this league. Waste of a talent really... he should have played at the top level. That goal tonight has probably put a million or two on his value. So do we sell in the summer if a decent bid comes in or keep hold and risk losing him for nothing next summer?
  4. It has to be Springett really. He must be the keeper with the most international caps gained while playing for Wednesday? He’s before my time though so I’ve gone for Westwood. He’s slightly ahead of Pressman for me. Woods was quality at times for us but he’ll always be remembered some errors in the big games. And my main memory of Hodge is the game where Steve Ogrizovic scored
  5. Debatable whether Winnall would have fetched £2-3 million before his injury. As it is he’s scored 10 goals in two and a half years since we signed him and hasn’t scored a goal since December 2017. No way would a club risk that kind of money on a player who could be crocked and finished at this level. If he comes back, looks sharp and scores goals before the end of the season then maybe but not right now
  6. Leeds will have a lower wage bill than us and comparing the ages of the players who played on Saturday in the two sides: Casilla 32, Jansson 28, Phillips 23, Beradi 30, Ayling 27, Klich 28, Roberts 20, Alioski 27, Hernández 34, Bamford 25, Harrison 22, Forshaw 27, Roofe 26, Dallas 27 Leeds average age 26.9 Westwood 34, Palmer 27, Lees 28, Hector 26, Fox 25, Reach 26, Hutchison 29, Bannan 29, Boyd 33, Fletcher 32, Hooper 31, Matias 29, Nuhiu 29, Forestieri 29 Wednesday average age 29.1 Once Reach went off we didn’t have a midfielder or attacker on the field under 29. Sorting out this squad is going to be a big job for Brucey
  7. The post never compared us to Ajax. Just the fact we’ve spunked a lot of cash on has beens and never beens rather than putting it into youth development. We didn’t have a player on the pitch who was under 25 on Saturday and it showed. Compared to Leeds we looked short on legs
  8. He can’t even get in our side ahead of George Boyd or Marco Matias and you think Leeds would want him to spearhead a premier league strikeforce? He’s a similar player to what they already have anyway in Pablo Hernandez. But he’s not as consistent as Hernández and doesn’t have the experience in top flight football of Hernández
  9. Jordan Rhodes hasn’t been a first team regular starter since he left Blackburn in January 2016. He’s played under 4 different managers in that time... Karanka, Carlos, Jos and Farke. Have all those 4 managers got it wrong about him?
  10. Doesn’t sound like we’ll be able to offer him what he’s currently on either though. He’s still quite a big name for championship football (and still a class player and proven goalscorer at this level). So even with the fitness risk I think there’d be a few clubs who’d sign Gary Hooper on a free.
  11. Yes that’s what I thought aswell. I don’t like to say it but if you were Westwood or Hooper’s agent you’d probably be already negotiating deals/signing on fees with other clubs
  12. Are all the players who are out of contract in the summer free to speak to other clubs now? Or do they have to wait until their contract expires in June?
  13. I put £20 on a top half finish at 9-1 when Jos was sacked. I cashed out for £110 after Villa beat us
  14. Easy to forget now that he kept clean sheets against Arsenal and Newcastle in the league cup run in 2015. He looked a real prospect then... his career just hasn’t kicked on. I still think he can be the next number 1 for us after Westwood but at his age he should be playing first team football somewhere
  15. Both shocking signings those that tell you more about David Moyes and Carlos than FF’s value. And West Ham were a premier league club when they signed Hugill. If a premier league club was interested in FF then we’d get a decent fee for him. Which championship players of a similar age to FF have gone for big money? Ross McCormack to Villa is the only one I can think of and the championship clubs have had to rein in their spending since then with FFP.
  16. Yes you’re right, I should have said 3 or 4 years. And I think both May and Wiggins were sold before Chansiri came in? Either way, we’ve not recouped much through transfer fees in recent years
  17. What a record we have of getting fees in for players under Chansiri. Jack Hunt is the only player we’ve received a fee for in the last 5 years. I hope you’re right but I just don’t see any championship side spending most of their transfer budget on Forestieri based on what he’s delivered on the pitch the last two seasons. We’ll see what happens in the summer anyway. Big decision for Bruce what he does with Forestieri and also with Jordan Rhodes when he comes back to us
  18. Before the non-travelling to Norwich I’d have said he was worth about £10 million. Right now as an underperforming 29 year old on big wages I’d say we’d do well to get any fee for him. Wednesday never seem to sell players at the right time. Chris Brunt is still our record sale at £3 million
  19. Who do you genuinely think would pay 5 million for him? All the championship clubs are hamstrung with FFP and I don’t see any premier league clubs signing him. I’d just be glad to get his wages off the books now if he’s on the reported 25k a week. You could count the number of good games he’s had in the last two seasons on one hand
  20. If you look at our last five games and roughly what odds the bookies will have us to win each one: Leeds - 5/1 Norwich - 5/1 Bristol City - 7/4 Preston - 2/1 QPR - Evens Putting that in a 5 fold you’ll get odds of around 500-1. And even then it probably won’t be enough. But I’ll still be at Leeds on Saturday and I’m backing us at 5-1 against them
  21. Yeah look at the bottom half of the table and a lot of those teams (like Wigan, QPR, Birmingham, Blackburn and Brentford) hammered us under Jos. They’re the games that have cost us top 6, not one penalty miss
  22. We’ve too many strikers so at least a couple will leave in the summer. If we could offload Rhodes, Nuhiu and Winnall I’d offer new deals to Matias and Hooper. I’d rather see Hooper and Matias at the club next season than Rhodes and Nuhiu
  23. People get annoyed because you can’t say anything that might offend someone now. Watch just about any comedy or comedian from the 60s, 70s, 80s or even 90s and they wouldn’t be allowed today
  24. Hooper or Hector for me. Frustrating second half, when you miss chances against a team with good attacking players it can always happen. And the fans singing ‘Brucey give us a wave’ when we went 1-0 up, don’t sing that again so early in a game. I can just about have that song if we’re 3 up in the second half but not after 10 minutes
  25. We’re not finishing 6th anyway are we but this is a really daft question
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