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  1. I don’t think the club helps expectations making posts like these: The Owls are delighted to launch a brand new and completely innovative 10-Year Season Ticket. Incredible savings are on offer, with every supporter signing up freezing their Season Ticket price at 2020/21 Early Bird rate for a full 10 years. But that’s not all! Whilst Wednesday are outside the top flight, the 10 years will not commence until the club reaches the Premier League, be that at the climax of this or any future campaign. So, if the Owls are promoted in 12 years’ time for example, 10-Year Season Ticket holders will have accumulated 12 seasons before the 10-year package has even commenced. And still there’s more! As an additional bonus, all subscribers will receive a minimum of 15 years for the price of 10. So, if we achieve promotion in 2019/20, subscribers will receive an additional five years free, the following season four years free, the season after three years free and so on. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2020/january/10-year-season-ticket-on-sale-now/
  2. This is nothing new, we’d have beat Huddersfield in the play off semi three years ago if Fletcher had stayed on the field. Instead we replaced him with Rhodes on the hour and the rest is history
  3. Has there been any update on the EFL charge? We were charged in November, it’s now February. How long do these normally take? Needs sorting this season really so the club can move on from it and not drag over into next season
  4. Never compared him... you said there’s nothing fans can do about the owner
  5. Did you say the same when Dave Allen was in charge? How can you say it doesn’t matter what anyone on here thinks? Without the fans there isn’t a club. Do you think Leeds fans should have kept quiet when Bates was running their club or Liverpool fans when they were being run by Gillett and Hicks?
  6. Start some good debate then? What do you want to talk about?
  7. If we can’t find that money in Sheffield then we shouldn’t be paying players 30-40k a week. Being in the premier league is not everything. Obviously I want us to be there but the club should be sustainable whatever league we’re in. You blame FFP solely for us not being promoted... do you not think Derby, Leeds, Forest, Boro and a few others would have all spent more aswell without FFP? When you see the losses we’ve posted under DC, are you happy with how he’s running the club?
  8. What can the bloke do? Here’s a few ideas: Charge sensible ticket prices. We’re 1 win in 8 in the league, we’re the lowest home goal scorers in the championship and it’s still £33-£39 to watch us play Reading next week. Appoint a director of football and a CEO. Spend money on sorting the ground out or a new ground (I believe this is outside of FFP if he wants to do it). Run the club inside FFP limits. Stop coming out with schemes like club 1867 and 10 year premier league season tickets. Try get money into the club through corporate and actual sponsors rather than D Taxis, Elev8 and the fans. Don’t give unrealistic expectations and promises of promotion when the squad isn’t good enough. And how do you know we’d be in the Prem if it wasn’t for FFP? We’re not the only club that would have spent more if FFP wasn’t there
  9. We’re skint, we’ve not signed a player for over £1m since 2017. The only real money we’ve spent in the last 3 years had been to fund recruitment mistakes from 2016-17. Is there any other club in the top half of the championship that hasn’t signed a player for over £1m since 2017?
  10. Is that right? Can’t be good for a 26 year old to go over 3 years without starting a game. Could take a while to get match fit and firing again
  11. Possibly. But even when we’ve had average sides goalkeeper is normally a position we’ve been decent in... Lucas, Grant, Bywater, Weaver, Kirkland and Westwood were all good for us and we’ve had some quality loan keepers like Turner and Carson. This season we’re already in double figures for goals conceded from goalkeeping errors
  12. Yeah I could have put those in aswell. Neither keeper is having a good season anyway
  13. Lucky to have 2 good keepers? Have you seen how many goals they’ve been at fault for this year and points they’ve cost us? I posted a video of some of Dawson’s errors earlier.... I thought to be fair I should post one of Westwood’s from this season aswell
  14. It’s unlucky to hit him on the rebound like that but I think he should have got a stronger hand on it and tipped it round the post or away from goal. Wasn’t a great strike from the Blackburn player or in the corner
  15. May aswell stick with Dawson now. This season is gone now anyway but he makes too many mistakes
  16. Have you seen the goals Wildsmith conceded for the under 23s this week?
  17. Yeah I’m already looking at the Wigan, Barnsley, Charlton and Luton results now. Stoke and Huddersfield are picking up and pulling away. Wigan got beat today so we’ve still a 15 point gap from the bottom 3
  18. Borner, Pelupessy, Harris and Nuhiu > Mings, Grealish, McGinn and Abraham
  19. I actually think we should pick up a bit now with Forestieri, Wickham, Windass and da Cruz available. But when you look at away games against Brentford, Bristol City, Swansea and Fulham to come in March and April I can’t see us winning more than one or two of those games. Home games against Forest, West Brom and Preston aren’t easy either. And until the EFL charge is settled we still don’t know whether we’ll be looking up or down in April. If there is no points deduction I’d say we’d need to win 10 or 11 of the last 16 games to make the play offs. Given we’ve only won 12 out of 30 so far it’s a big ask
  20. In the last 7 we’ve played: Stoke (21st) Cardiff (12th) Hull (14th) Blackburn (10th) Wigan (21st) and picked up the sum total of zero points from those 5 games. We need to pick up quite a few points over the next 5 because the fixtures in March and April look tough
  21. I was thinking more around the 92-94 period when we had our best team. Majority of that side was in their late 20s or 30s. Who was the manager at Wednesday when we released Vardy? Would it have been Yorath or Turner? What a decision that was
  22. RIP Kirk Douglas. He was the last living actor who remembered Wednesday winning the league
  23. We totally missed out on the growth of football. Look at the average attendances in the top flight from 1991/92. We were the 4th biggest club in the country then in terms of attendance. We’re currently the 22nd biggest club in the country based on attendance. Some clubs have found an extra 30,000 fans attending since 1991. We’ve lost about 7,000
  24. That’s a good point. That table is distorted by loans, it’d be more accurate if the loans were taken out. 157 minutes of league football for us played by under 23s is still bad though. Is the 157 minutes all from Urhoghide?
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