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  1. Fair enough, I don’t have a massive issue with it. Just find it a bit strange having his name across the north stand and on the kit. How many other owners do that?
  2. I could understand that if it said John West Tuna on the kit. But why Chansiri across the kit and the north stand and D Taxis on the advertising boards around the ground?
  3. In the last 3 years accounts (if you discount the ground ‘sale’) we’ve posted combined losses of £69.3 million. So it doesn’t look like it made us much money?
  4. Last time I remember it being sung was away at Tranmere when we got thumped 3-0 and even Showunmi scored. Megson had just been appointed I think
  5. Well we posted losses of £37.7 million in a single year last year It’ll be two years until that’s off the FFP cycle
  6. Yeah and there was only about 16k Wednesday fans that turned up for the Everton game in the league cup. The Everton fans swelled the numbers for that one to 21k. City are a bigger draw than Everton but we’re playing a lot worse now so we’ll have to see how they sell
  7. He’s 71. And it’s not a short term job fixing Wednesday, going to take a few years
  8. It should be but I think a lot have had enough. And it’s hard to see much other than a bad defeat from the game. I hope I’m wrong and we sell it out and put a performance in
  9. No probably not but we’ve more options for replacing Windass and Da Cruz. There’s Reach, Murphy, Harris and FF that can all play there. If he drops Wickham he’d need to bring back either Rhodes, Winnall or Nuhiu
  10. There’s quite a few I know that aren’t going. Could be a bit of a nightmare that game... getting stuffed live on bbc in front of a half full Hillsborough
  11. Reach gets some stick on here. All I was saying was we look even worse without them in the team. Windass and Da Cruz don’t look like the answer
  12. Windass hasn’t done a lot in the two games. Personally I’d drop him and Da Cruz
  13. We could struggle to even get 25k against Man City unless something changes between now and that game
  14. Sometimes players become better players when they’re out of the side. That’s what’s happened with these 4. What would you do with the new loan players now? I’ve no idea what team he picks on Saturday but think he should go back to the 4-4-2 that was working alright
  15. I just wanted to know if the OP is blaming players like Lee, Bannan and Lees that have been good servants to the club but are struggling now. Or is he blaming lads like Dawson and Palmer that have come through the academy. Or FF who was shunted out to LWB last night? Or is he blaming Iorfa, Borner? Or the 3 loan lads that have been here a week? Or is it the players who weren’t even in the team last night?
  16. Think you’ve misunderstood my post. Never said they were rubbish players, I just wanted to know exactly which players the OP was blaming
  17. True but throwing 3 loan players straight in and expecting them to deliver is desperate. When fans say they’re blaming the players I’d rather they name names than just say the ‘players’. Out of that 11 tonight who is the OP actually blaming? Most of them just aren’t very good. There’s a reason players are available for free/loan in January
  18. Look at the eleven on the pitch tonight and what they cost; Dawson - Academy Palmer - Academy Lees - Free Iorfa - 200k Borner - Free Forestieri - £3m Bannan - Free/undisclosed? Lee - Free Da Cruz - Loan Windass - Loan Wickham - Loan Take FF out and that entire team cost about 200k to put together. They were really poor tonight but when it’s a team put together with loans, frees and academy players how much are you expecting from them?
  19. It needs sorting soon so we know where we are with it and whether we’re in a relegation scrap or just seeing this season out in midtable. Birmingham’s point deduction came on the 22nd March last year
  20. He’s as dangerous as some of the owners at Portsmouth, Coventry, Sunderland etc. But there’s still a proportion of our fans that don’t see it. I don’t see building towards a promotion as being realistic in the next few years, stabilising as a championship club would be an achievement from where we are now
  21. Shuffling the deck chairs on the titanic is a good way to put it. But Monk has to take some culpability for what’s happened in the last two months. It needs a change. And I can’t see DC going anywhere so it has to be Monk
  22. As bad as that? Name a game when we played that badly with those two in the team. We were all over the place tonight
  23. Iorfa had the worst game I’ve seen him play tonight but he isn’t shitt. Agree that Hector is better than any centre half we have though
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