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  1. 20 hours ago, cookeh said:


    It's still an ok 11 imo



    Iorfa - Lees - Thorniley - Palmer

    Reach - Hutch - Bannan  - Nando

    Rhodes - Fletch


    It's not terrible, tho we would lack depth out wide. We'd probably have to use Joao out there a fair bit.


    Looks ok but realistically how often are those 11 going to be fit together in a 46 game season? 


    Getting 25-30 games out of Hutch, Fletch and FF would be an achievement.

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  2. Rhodes is our equivalent of Alexis Sanchez now.


    - Both signed in a January window to a Twitter fanfare

    - Neither were really needed by the club when they signed them 

    - Both have underperformed massively

    - Both on more money than anyone else will pay them so the clubs can’t get rid

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  3. 47 minutes ago, Ash77 said:

    Both slightly overrated imo despite being very good players at time, stats reflect this a bit compared to messi & ronaldo who score and/or assist at least every game


    Zz 723 apps 143 goals (1 goal in 5) 92 assists


    Db 714 apps 122 goals 143 assists


    Similar stats not sure if zz took all set pieces like db did tho for extra stats.


    Both not lightening quick but zz very gifted right foot, never saw him kick with left, ideal on left of front 3 these days, it was more 442 then tho so maybe would be better now stat wise! 


    Db less gifted right foot but worked very hard on it and fitness too to max out his ability, more a right of midfield 3 player covering ground, never could beat a man or get you up pitch in 442 but great team player.


    Great with a proper winger in giggs on left but pedestrian midfield with db on right without proper left footed winger in 442 (as england saw with so called golden generation)


    To me db is almost as good as de bruyne but less injury prone, both db and zz would slot into man citys team nicely.


    Zidane like luis figo/ronaldinho/coutinho/ hazard etc, less mobile but more offensive in last 3rd, more flair and more naturally gifted.


    Different types of player, you need a mixture of both ideally.

    More direct comparisons imo are e.g


    Beckham vs gerrard vs scholes vs lampard vs de bruyne


    Zidane vs ronaldinho vs luis figo vs hazard vs coutinho vs messi vs ronaldo vs maradona!


    Based on better stats and teamwork however would take db by a whisker, but with all media posing etc would change mi mind and go zz lol



    You never saw Zidane kick with his left?



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  4. 1 hour ago, Birstall Owl said:

    David Beckham was a great footballer, and as others have said if he wasn't he wouldn't have played for some of the elite clubs he had ie Manchester United, Real Madrid, Milan, PSG


    On the flip side of that people talk about GOAT, personally I don't think it exists, more like GOYG (Greatest Of Your Generation)

    Modern footballers are fitter, technically better, but they didn't have to endure that tackles that players back in the day did.

    Personally I would pick Maradona, but taking everything into account I think Zidane is worthy of the title.


    Would Madrid, Milan and PSG have signed Beckham if he'd have had a face like Paul Scholes? The big clubs signed Beckham because he put millions on their brand value and sold plenty of shirts. Beckham was very good for a few years at Manchester United but after that was over hyped by the media. Eriksson played up it aswell by making him England captain and building the team around him instead of making Scholes and Gerrard the main men who (in my view) were both better midfielders.


    Zidane was the best of them all, look at what he won... Ballon d'Or, World Cup, European Championship, Champions League, La Liga, Serie A. Even Messi and Ronaldo can't match that

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  5. 59 minutes ago, Sham67 said:


    Compared to £6m for Gary Madine...  :tango:


    The £6m for Madine needs to stop being used as a barometer for player values. That was a really bad signing from Warnock and only he knows why Cardiff paid that much for him. The only excuse you can give Warnock was that it was January and Madine was in form when they signed him.


    FFP has kicked in for a lot of clubs since then aswell so the transfer values of championship players has probably come down a bit

  6. 6 minutes ago, casbahowl said:

    And £20m for Adama  Traore!


    Traore is still young. Plus he’s rapid and has plenty of potential. And he was signed by a premier league club which pushes the price up. None of our players fall into those categories

  7. 9 minutes ago, DELUDED OWL said:

    For whats perceived to be undervalue he would.

    Thought with the released list HE had backed Bruce with the players he wants to keep.

    Not quite sure i get ya last point fella,he has released em,they will be off the wage bill,ya don't get fees for out of contract plalyers.


    He’s released the out of contract players but we’ll still have the likes of van Aken, Fox, Pelupessy, Rhodes, Winnall and Nuhiu picking up a wage.


    Does Bruce want all these lads for a promotion challenge? I’d say not and the ones he doesn’t want just need offloading or loaning out

  8. 8 minutes ago, DELUDED OWL said:

    Well its a lose lose situation then innit,we sell players on the cheap,he gets hammered for it,he puts a high price on players,no one buys,he gets hammered for it.


    I don’t think anyone would hammer him for selling any of the current squad. They’ve shown over the last two years they’re not good enough to mount a promotion challenge.


    He just needs to back Bruce by keeping the players Bruce wants (unless we receive big offers for them).


    The players that Bruce wants to release just need offloading to get their wage off the books. Any fee we get for these players would be a bonus

  9. 1 hour ago, Bluesteel said:

    Too many owlstalkers went to the Milan school of sales and were happy with 1.5m for Antonio 


    Antonio was still in his early 20s when we sold him. Not getting a sell on fee at least was a big error from Milan. We don’t have anyone currently with the potential Antonio had.


    Too many owlstalkers put delusional values on our players. Gary Hooper is available for free and owlstalkers think clubs would pay 2.5 mill for Winnall? Winnall hasn’t scored a goal in professional football for nearly 18 months

  10. 2 minutes ago, DELUDED OWL said:

    Good lord,its not about what i think the players are worth,and since when has "value" got anything to do with ability.....................weak argument.

    How did Leicester  win the prem versus Man City's billion pound investment,or Chelseas,or Man utd's.


    They won it because they had Kante, Mahrez and Vardy along with a strong team unit and the usual big clubs all had issues that year. Kante is arguably the best player in the world in his position and it’s no coincidence he’s gone on to win another prem and a World Cup. I don’t see how that correlates with our squad though? 

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  11. 1 minute ago, DELUDED OWL said:

    Really ?

    You think the players we "may" want to sell are gunna go cheap,not happenin with Chansiri at the helm,other managers want our contracted players,pay up or as near as dam it.


    If the players are worth the millions you seem to think how do you explain us losing (and being outplayed) at home to QPR and midtable championship finishes the last two years?

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  12. 7 hours ago, DELUDED OWL said:

    The selling club (us) has the position of strength,pay what we want or near as dam it or don't bother,And why would you sell 3 players for less than we supposedly paid...................madness.


    How are we in a position of strength?


    Blame Jos and Carlos if you want but the main reason we’ve finished 15th and 12th in the championship the last two years is the players aren’t good enough

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  13. 24 minutes ago, bradowl said:


    That shouldn't be a problem, I wouldn't watch them free, it's irrelevant to me what they charge. 




    None of us on here would watch them for free but that’s not the point. There’s plenty of people that will watch them next season.


    Wednesday should be trying to fill the empty seats and grow the club. There aren’t many clubs in the country with more empty seats for their home games than us.


    And the posters who say ‘they’ll come back when we’re top of the league’.... Wednesday have never been top of a league in my lifetime. Bruce will need to work miracles to have us challenging for top 2 next year

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  14. 1 hour ago, LSOwls said:

    We have a core of 24kish and a lot more who are passive (hence Wembley etc...)


    Serious question


    How many do you think we'd get if it was £10 a game? How many for £20 a game?


    Forest have averaged over 28k this season with sensible pricing.


    I think we’d be something similar if we had the same pricing as them.

  15. I think it’s a great league. The teams are evenly matched and you can’t underestimate the physicality of the championship. Over a 46 game season all teams go through peaks and dips in form. 


    You could argue the quality would be improved if there were only 20 teams in the league and a 38 game season but then you’d lose a lot of what makes the championship so good 

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  16. 1 hour ago, HOOTIE AND THE poo TU said:

    Gary Madine was bought for 6 million


    I'll leave that there


    Still can’t believe Warnock paid that for Madine but it was the January window and he was in form at the time. 


    You can see the odd inflated price in January when teams are going for promotion. Look at what we paid for Rhodes.


    I’ll have a side bet with you if you want? Other than maybe Forestieri, not one player will fetch the fee quoted in the original post this summer

  17. 4 minutes ago, Brommers said:

    None of our players are good enough for the Prem, as such their values are nominal. The original poster is deluded if he thinks we'll get anything like those fees. Happy to be proved wrong though.


    Forestieri is good enough for the prem, but he’s probably missed the boat now 

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  18. 1 minute ago, Neon Nick said:

    Player value is a strange thing, so many variables determine value, things that we don't even know, that we don't even know about.  Bruce knows, because his life is football, on a Ph.D. level, it's what he does, all day, everyday.  He knows all the behind the scene goings-on, look what he did during the January transfer window, when it was widely believed that no new Players could be had...


    Whatever money Wednesday can get from the sale of this Player or that, will be the most that's possible, because Bruce knows the deal, who needs what we have, how badly they need it, what other choices they have, he knows the game, on an engineering level.  I don't normally look forward to the off-season, but am this year.




    Player value in the championship has took a hit with FFP. If the rules on that are eased, you could see some more money being spent.


    And Norwich, Leeds and the pigs have all shown this year that you don’t need to spend big to succeed in this league 

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  19. 40 minutes ago, HOOTIE AND THE poo TU said:

    Forestierri 4 million


    You can triple that, he’s still our best player, and Reach has looked nothing like a 12 million player for months


    I think all your other valuations need doubling


    Lees 3 million? He’s as good as any other centre half in the division at defending, I’d want nothing less than 6 million


    Are you serious? Some posters on here have unrealistic values of our players.


    You can blame Carlos and Jos but the main reason we’ve been midtable the last two seasons is that the majority of our squad are average championship players.


    And which teams in the championship are actually spending money?

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  20. 10 minutes ago, Kagoshimaowl said:

    After that FF has made some of the tools on here suggesting free transfers look like right tvvats!  Love it!  :ghoulguy:


    You do realise players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Wayne Rooney went for free transfers? I don’t think anyone on here has questioned his ability...  just the fact he’s 29, has missed a lot of football and is out of contract next year

  21. 1 minute ago, swfc-dan said:

    If he shows consistent form for the last few games and no fitness worries, and is a big part of Bruce's plans then I wouldn't be against it. Still think we may see how things go until Jan before making a decision though, which I'd agree with.


    It’s a tough one... keep him until January and we’ll probably lose him for nothing unless we offer a new deal this summer. But when fully fit and his head is right he’s as good as anyone in the league 

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