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  1. 19 minutes ago, cookeh said:


    So.. blame the manager, no?

    Should Rhodes have refused to come on? What would fans have thought if he'd refused to come on?


    See what I'm getting at? This isn't a reason to be pissed at Rhodes.


    When you’ve paid that fee and those wages for a player, you’d expect them to be quite good?


    A quality striker replacing Fletcher that night (or Fletcher staying on the field for 90 minutes) would have seen us go on to win the game.

  2. 6 minutes ago, cookeh said:


    But even with that.. there will have been a reason.

    Whether he just didn't feel in the right place to take one and didn't want to risk missing it.

    or if he'd taken a knock in the game and it was bothering him, and he thought it might affect him in taking it.


    We don't know why he didn't take one.. but for some reason people just assume the worst.

    One thing is for certain, he didn't not take one to try and hurt our chances.

    The only reason he would have ever not taken one is because he thought the team would be better off if someone else took it.

    And i will never understand people being pissed at a player for that.


    It wasn’t just the penalty, Rhodes coming on cost us that game and probably promotion. 


    Fletcher had just scored and the Huddersfield defence were struggling to cope with him.


    Rhodes replaced Fletch after 60 minutes, was on the field for around an hour and (as with most of his Wednesday career) contributed absolutely nothing to the game.

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  3. Just now, sMacLean said:

    In reality upfront we now have a 32 yr old now injured (Fletch), a 29 yr old that looks done (Rhodes), a 28 yr old that might be done (Winnall), a 30 year old super sub now starting games (Adthe) and a 29 yr old who hardly plays and has had no form for 2 years (FF). It's actually quite scary what an overhaul it needs.


    And Fletch, Dave and FF are all out of contract in the summer.


    Fletch and Dave are two strikers that injury permitting could carry on until their mid 30s. They’ve never had any pace anyway but have other attributes. Fletch is still quality and we miss him badly when he’s not playing.


    Rhodes was never quick but used to have a yard of pace to make a chance. He looks to have lost that now.


    Debatable whether Winnall has ever been good enough for a top half championship side.

  4. I’m not normally one to criticise our players but I just think he’s finished at this level. I can’t see what he offers or what we’re expecting him to do when he comes on or starts.


    He’s been at Wednesday nearly 3 years now and how many good games has he had in that time?


    He’s not the first striker to be finished at 29... David Hirst, Robbie Fowler, Michael Owen, Stan Collymore (and even Francis Jeffers) are a few strikers that were considerably better than Rhodes, scored plenty of goals in their early 20s but were pretty much finished at 29

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  5. 3 minutes ago, torres said:


    I want it to be the best and biggest it can be.


    Yesterday wasn't a closed shop was it???


    I want as many season ticket holders as possible - you get a season ticket you are more than likely to renew - then be a supporter for a long period 


    You don't agree?


    I just think more of an effort should be made to get the casuals back into it. £33 to £42 for the next home game against Wigan isn’t going to bring them back.


    The home crowds are going to be around 23k all year. In terms of attendance we’ve fallen behind the clubs around us.... Leeds, the grunters, Derby and Forest all get bigger crowds than us now.

  6. 21 minutes ago, torres said:


    to be fair you are like a lot of ''fans''


    Happy to go when they are playing well and winning, but don't want to go when it's not much fun.


    Nothing at all wrong with that at all - if you are not that bothered why would you go when the team are not winning??


    That is why i would always make Season Tickets that bit cheaper than they are  - give something back to the loyal ones and try and entice the ones that go to a fair few games already to get a season ticket.


    I then have no problem with charging a bit more for the bigger home games (to home ''fans'') because if we are doing well they will still come.


    These early round midweek cup games should be next to nothing for season ticket holders too


    Do you want the club to try grow the fan base again or just keep it a closed shop for season ticket holders?

  7. 3 minutes ago, matthefish2002 said:


    I feel a lot of people being less enthusiastic is with the way football has gone.
    Thinks its impossible a club like Wednesday will ever be a top side again. Best we can hope for is being a mid table Premiership side for a couple of seasons.


    Agree with that. Everton’s squad last night must have cost over £300 million combined. Look at the fees paid for Pickford, Digne, Mina, Richarlison, Iwobi, Bernard, Sigurdsson and Walcott. And they’re only a mid table premier league side.

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  8. 24 minutes ago, 442 said:

    Just not bothered about going to Hillsborough anymore and I only live 10 minutes away. Completely fallen out the routine. Went to my first home game of the season last night and I'm not bothered about returning for a while. I'll go to a few more aways but other than that and big games it's all a bit flat to be honest.


    That’s similar to me. I went last night for the first time this season and it wasn’t a game to get you back. Once you stop going you fall out of the routine. 


    I’d put it mainly down to two and a half years of mediocrity on the pitch, Chansiri’s continued overpricing for league games and the SAG and FFP issues.


    The grunters doing well doesn’t help our gates either. Geniunely don’t know when the next time we’ll see a crowd over 30k in Hillsborough will be.

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  9. 4 hours ago, cookeh said:


    So, minutes per goal, only counting league games..


    Rhodes 168
    Fletch 230
    Nando 240
    Nuhiu 382
    Winnall (no goals)


    I take your point about Norwich being better than us, but if we're going to get promoted, we're going to have to play more like Norwich and less like Jos' Owls. If Rhodes can score for a good Norwich side, there's no reason he can't score for a good Wednesday side.



    I'll take your word for those 'goals per minute' stats (and thanks for posting). Out of interest, what was Joao's? I'd have thought Joao would have had the best goals per minute of any of our strikers last year.


    If Rhodes scored a goal every 168 minutes at Norwich that means he only played 1008 minutes in the entire season. A championship season is 4140 minutes of football so he was on the pitch for less than a quarter of their campaign.


    I don't remember him missing many games through injury either. Playing less than a quarter of a season at Norwich is not exactly a ringing endorsement of a £10 million striker earning 40k+ a week

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  10. 5 minutes ago, cookeh said:


    Then Rhodes went on loan. Knocked in 9 goals for Norwich, with a better goals per minute than any of our players.



    The 9 goals for Norwich includes a hat trick against Wycombe in the League Cup.


    I'm not sure the 'better goals per minute than any of our players' is true if you only count league games.


    And Norwich were a much better side than us last year, you'd expect a striker to score when he's playing for the best side in the league.


    He's scored one goal since November and hasn't scored since January

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  11. 25 minutes ago, cookeh said:

    The idea that they're suddenly bad players is stupid on it's face.

    We just don't, and have never, used them in an even half way sensible way.


    Rhodes has only scored 20 league goals in nearly 4 years since he left Blackburn. In that time he's played under Karanka, Carlos, Jos, Bullen and Farke. Is it all 5 coaches fault for not using him in a sensible way? He'll have earned around £10 million in wages in the 4 years since Blackburn so he's been earning around 500k per league goal.


    Winnall doesn't have much pedigree as a championship striker really. Most of his career goals are in League 1 and 2. And add to that he's coming back from a serious knee injury so he's still to prove he's the same player since the injury.


    Jordan Rhodes last league goal came on the 12 January so he's currently on an 8 month goal drought.


    Sam Winnall's last league goal came on the 30 December 2017 so he's 20 months without a goal

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  12. 5 minutes ago, sonofbert2 said:


    I get the frustration but you have to put it in context.  Bruce fucksoff 3 weeks before the start of the season, bedding in 5 new players with a caretaker manager and no really obvious permanent appointment out there....


    Dicing with the top 6 is ok for now in my book - long, long way to way to go!



    Let’s be honest we’ve had an easy start. Barnsley and Luton are going to be strugglers. The league table doesn’t give a true reflection until everyone has played each other.


    Were you one of the posters who said we were doing well last year when we were 6th at the end of September under Jos?

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  13. 20 hours ago, cookeh said:


    It's still an ok 11 imo



    Iorfa - Lees - Thorniley - Palmer

    Reach - Hutch - Bannan  - Nando

    Rhodes - Fletch


    It's not terrible, tho we would lack depth out wide. We'd probably have to use Joao out there a fair bit.


    Looks ok but realistically how often are those 11 going to be fit together in a 46 game season? 


    Getting 25-30 games out of Hutch, Fletch and FF would be an achievement.

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  14. Rhodes is our equivalent of Alexis Sanchez now.


    - Both signed in a January window to a Twitter fanfare

    - Neither were really needed by the club when they signed them 

    - Both have underperformed massively

    - Both on more money than anyone else will pay them so the clubs can’t get rid

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  15. 47 minutes ago, Ash77 said:

    Both slightly overrated imo despite being very good players at time, stats reflect this a bit compared to messi & ronaldo who score and/or assist at least every game


    Zz 723 apps 143 goals (1 goal in 5) 92 assists


    Db 714 apps 122 goals 143 assists


    Similar stats not sure if zz took all set pieces like db did tho for extra stats.


    Both not lightening quick but zz very gifted right foot, never saw him kick with left, ideal on left of front 3 these days, it was more 442 then tho so maybe would be better now stat wise! 


    Db less gifted right foot but worked very hard on it and fitness too to max out his ability, more a right of midfield 3 player covering ground, never could beat a man or get you up pitch in 442 but great team player.


    Great with a proper winger in giggs on left but pedestrian midfield with db on right without proper left footed winger in 442 (as england saw with so called golden generation)


    To me db is almost as good as de bruyne but less injury prone, both db and zz would slot into man citys team nicely.


    Zidane like luis figo/ronaldinho/coutinho/ hazard etc, less mobile but more offensive in last 3rd, more flair and more naturally gifted.


    Different types of player, you need a mixture of both ideally.

    More direct comparisons imo are e.g


    Beckham vs gerrard vs scholes vs lampard vs de bruyne


    Zidane vs ronaldinho vs luis figo vs hazard vs coutinho vs messi vs ronaldo vs maradona!


    Based on better stats and teamwork however would take db by a whisker, but with all media posing etc would change mi mind and go zz lol



    You never saw Zidane kick with his left?



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  16. 1 hour ago, Birstall Owl said:

    David Beckham was a great footballer, and as others have said if he wasn't he wouldn't have played for some of the elite clubs he had ie Manchester United, Real Madrid, Milan, PSG


    On the flip side of that people talk about GOAT, personally I don't think it exists, more like GOYG (Greatest Of Your Generation)

    Modern footballers are fitter, technically better, but they didn't have to endure that tackles that players back in the day did.

    Personally I would pick Maradona, but taking everything into account I think Zidane is worthy of the title.


    Would Madrid, Milan and PSG have signed Beckham if he'd have had a face like Paul Scholes? The big clubs signed Beckham because he put millions on their brand value and sold plenty of shirts. Beckham was very good for a few years at Manchester United but after that was over hyped by the media. Eriksson played up it aswell by making him England captain and building the team around him instead of making Scholes and Gerrard the main men who (in my view) were both better midfielders.


    Zidane was the best of them all, look at what he won... Ballon d'Or, World Cup, European Championship, Champions League, La Liga, Serie A. Even Messi and Ronaldo can't match that

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  17. 59 minutes ago, Sham67 said:


    Compared to £6m for Gary Madine...  :tango:


    The £6m for Madine needs to stop being used as a barometer for player values. That was a really bad signing from Warnock and only he knows why Cardiff paid that much for him. The only excuse you can give Warnock was that it was January and Madine was in form when they signed him.


    FFP has kicked in for a lot of clubs since then aswell so the transfer values of championship players has probably come down a bit

  18. 6 minutes ago, casbahowl said:

    And £20m for Adama  Traore!


    Traore is still young. Plus he’s rapid and has plenty of potential. And he was signed by a premier league club which pushes the price up. None of our players fall into those categories

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