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  1. A legend with England, Ireland and with Wednesday, Leeds and Boro for his achievements in the game. How many other people would be classed a geniune legend by two different countries and three different clubs? One of the best was big Jack
  2. When we were charged it was reported it could be anything from a 0-21 points deduction. So we’re either already safe, already relegated or going into the last 4 games in a real scrap. Nothing like a bit of clarity heading into the last week of the season
  3. And we could be playing their under 21 side in the Johnstone Paint trophy
  4. What about the lad who paid £12,800 in February for two 10 year season tickets on the south stand?
  5. Monk wanted to keep Fletcher, Fox and Forestieri. Contracts were offered but the money isn’t there to keep them. The squad is thin now. The best attacking players we’ve had since restart are Murphy and Wickham who aren’t even our players. You can’t put that on Monk
  6. Put Fletcher, Forestieri, Fox and Hutchinson in our team tonight and we probably win that game. Can be debated why Hutchinson left but I don’t think you can blame Monk for the other three leaving
  7. Monk takes some of the blame but he isn’t the main reason for the decline. How many other managers would work without any of their own coaches? How much money has been made available to Monk for transfers? Is it Monk’s fault a big part of the first team (Fletcher, Forestieri, Fox and Hutchinson) have all just walked away from the club for nothing?
  8. The barbers are reopen... he needs to take that haircut
  9. I forgot about the Nuhui last minute winner at Leeds. Was there and gave it a big one for that, great day. But there’s not been many in the last few years
  10. Last time I was geniunely gutted after a game was the Huddersfield play off semi or the 2-4 home defeat against the pigs. The last goals I can remember giving a big celebration to and bouncing were the Fletcher and Joao goals in those games too. A few years ago a defeat like tonight would hurt but now I’ve come to expect it
  11. Ok what has DC done in the last 3 years to make you think he can turn it around? Big Ron, Trevor Francis and Dave Richards all gave us some good times but I wouldn’t back any of them now
  12. Club and fans need to know now though. We could be already safe if we’ve won the case. If it’s 9 points we need 2 wins from the last 4, if it’s 12 points looks like we’re gone
  13. If DC was the owner of any other club in the top two leagues he’d be hammered for the way he’s run the club. With us, there’s still a section of our fan base that back him. Monk will probably go at the end of the season but I can’t see much changing until there’s a change of ownership
  14. I don’t think Gibson will get involved with this. Wigan have adhered with the EFL’s P&S rules he’s so keen to see implemented. This is alleged fraud from Wigan’s owners to deliberately relegate the club
  15. We haven’t stood still. We went forward in DC’s first year and then we’ve gone backward every year since
  16. We’ve barely spent anything in the last 3 years on transfers
  17. Has Garry Monk ever been sacked before?
  18. Our government will likely follow the rest of Europe. If you start seeing crowds in Germany, Spain and Italy you’ll see them return here. Whether league 1 and 2 (and even the championship) can start next season with crowd restrictions still in place remains to be seen
  19. Yes it was on the vital football site so not sure how much weight you’d give it but that’s what they reported https://sheffwed.vitalfootball.co.uk/explained-how-much-of-connor-wickhams-wages-have-sheffield-wednesday-offered-to-pay/
  20. Saw an article that says we’re paying 30% of Wickham’s wage which is 12k
  21. 21 points separating 6th place to bottom shows how evenly matched the majority of the teams are in this division. The 3 relegated teams this season could easily end up being 3 teams who’ve all had points deductions
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