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  1. Those clubs are all run a lot differently to ours. We have no CEO or DofF, we only have 7 or 8 outfield players contracted to the club next season, we’re facing an EFL charge and (in terms of promotion) another season has already passed by. It’s bizarre that there’s still posters on here that think DC is doing a good job
  2. We need to know what’s happening with it soon. The two home games this week are either mid table games without much riding on them. Or they’re relegation 6 pointers that we need at least one win from
  3. Jos is back... master minded a 2-0 away win for St Pauli in the Hamburg derby today
  4. Without Hutchinson or Luongo we look lightweight in central midfield whatever formation we play
  5. You can’t sack owlstalk? Who else is signing off the transfers at Wednesday?
  6. Ha not quite... he looks the part when we get him on the field
  7. And Luongo’s probably been injured for more games than he’s been available. I prefer 4-3-3 but 4-4-2 was working quite well before Christmas when Hutchinson and Fletcher were playing. And in reply to Holmowl, Rhodes can only play in a 4-4-2
  8. Agree with everything you’ve said and I’d add he’s probably the most divisive owner currently in English football. Other clubs with unpopular owners (Newcastle, West Ham, Man Utd) their fans are nearly all combined against the ownership of their club. But with DC there’s still a proportion of fans that continue to back him
  9. Need more than a few drinks watching Wednesday at the minute...
  10. As it should be. How far do crowds need to fall until the Chansiri acolytes realise the damage he’s doing to the club?
  11. Gives the same old Chansiri apologists another chance to jump on aswell
  12. Fair enough, there’s been a few. My memory’s been blurred by all the loans that have flopped. Remembered Hooper was a loan initially too and Fryatt was decent for us. It’s just 3 at once straight in seems too many in mid season. Obviously the Wickham one made sense but are da Cruz and Windass any better than we already had is those positions with FF, Reach, Murphy and Harris? Anyway, back to arbitration...
  13. We need to sell thousands of tickets at £30 to sell out. But agree they’re fairly priced for a game against City. Even more so when you consider a ticket for the same seat on the south stand against Derby would cost you £43
  14. Fair point but all of those (other than maybe Carson?) were with us from the start of the season on season long loans. I was thinking more about loans that have come in mid season on short term deals
  15. Try tell that to barmyarmy and casbah. According to those lads we’re loaded
  16. I’m not saying they’re bad players but have either of them done anything yet? We’ve actually got worse in the three games since they came in. And by desperation I meant being in a position where we’re throwing 3 players who don’t even belong to us straight into the first 11. How many loan deals have been a success for us? Kenwyne Jones, Joey O’Brien and Wickham last time he was here are the only ones I can think of. I can think of plenty more loans that have struggled here (McGeady, McManaman, Buckley, Bothroyd, Afobe, Showunmi, Aranalde, Will Keane, Barkley, Urby, Bates etc)
  17. We’ll have to agree to disagree on this. But how many well run clubs make 3 loan signings in January and then throw them all into the first team together?
  18. Based on what’s online and google the owners of Fulham, Barnsley, Stoke, West Brom, Bristol City, Preston, Ipswich, Reading and Cardiff are all richer than DC. And some fans on here seem to think we’re the only championship club impacted by FFP. I’ve even seen a poster say the only reason we didn’t get promoted was FFP
  19. I wasn’t using it to beat DC or the club, just an example of the sort of signings we can expect now. And having to make 3 desperation loan signings in January isn’t a great reflection on the recruitment prior to the season
  20. The only clubs he’s played more than 10 games for are FC Dordrecht, Novara, Spezia and Ascoli. They’re not exactly giants of European football are they? And he’s gone straight into our first team
  21. Looks well short of the standard to me but let’s hope you’re right. He doesn’t look an improvement on what we already had, we’ve actually got worse since he’s come into the team. And to be fair to the lad the championship is quite a big step up from the Dutch and Italian second divisions where he’s played most of his career
  22. I’d have said appointing a manager straight after Bruce left and doing some proper recruitment in the summer would have indicated he had the finances
  23. And his answer is to bring Da Cruz in on loan from Serie B until the end of the season?
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