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  1. Having a beer at half time on the kop isn’t possible without leaving your seat well before half time or missing the start of the second half. If you charge as much as we do for match day tickets, the facilities should be a lot better
  2. I'll take your word for those 'goals per minute' stats (and thanks for posting). Out of interest, what was Joao's? I'd have thought Joao would have had the best goals per minute of any of our strikers last year. If Rhodes scored a goal every 168 minutes at Norwich that means he only played 1008 minutes in the entire season. A championship season is 4140 minutes of football so he was on the pitch for less than a quarter of their campaign. I don't remember him missing many games through injury either. Playing less than a quarter of a season at Norwich is not exactly a ringing endorsement of a £10 million striker earning 40k+ a week
  3. The 9 goals for Norwich includes a hat trick against Wycombe in the League Cup. I'm not sure the 'better goals per minute than any of our players' is true if you only count league games. And Norwich were a much better side than us last year, you'd expect a striker to score when he's playing for the best side in the league. He's scored one goal since November and hasn't scored since January
  4. Rhodes has only scored 20 league goals in nearly 4 years since he left Blackburn. In that time he's played under Karanka, Carlos, Jos, Bullen and Farke. Is it all 5 coaches fault for not using him in a sensible way? He'll have earned around £10 million in wages in the 4 years since Blackburn so he's been earning around 500k per league goal. Winnall doesn't have much pedigree as a championship striker really. Most of his career goals are in League 1 and 2. And add to that he's coming back from a serious knee injury so he's still to prove he's the same player since the injury. Jordan Rhodes last league goal came on the 12 January so he's currently on an 8 month goal drought. Sam Winnall's last league goal came on the 30 December 2017 so he's 20 months without a goal
  5. Is that what we should have carried on doing when Jos was manager?
  6. It’s not bed wetting, it’s just a bit of realism from the fans based on what we’re seeing on the pitch. I don’t see us being dragged into a relegation fight but we don’t look like a top 6 side either
  7. Let’s be honest we’ve had an easy start. Barnsley and Luton are going to be strugglers. The league table doesn’t give a true reflection until everyone has played each other. Were you one of the posters who said we were doing well last year when we were 6th at the end of September under Jos?
  8. Looks ok but realistically how often are those 11 going to be fit together in a 46 game season? Getting 25-30 games out of Hutch, Fletch and FF would be an achievement.
  9. Rhodes is our equivalent of Alexis Sanchez now. - Both signed in a January window to a Twitter fanfare - Neither were really needed by the club when they signed them - Both have underperformed massively - Both on more money than anyone else will pay them so the clubs can’t get rid
  10. You never saw Zidane kick with his left?
  11. Would Madrid, Milan and PSG have signed Beckham if he'd have had a face like Paul Scholes? The big clubs signed Beckham because he put millions on their brand value and sold plenty of shirts. Beckham was very good for a few years at Manchester United but after that was over hyped by the media. Eriksson played up it aswell by making him England captain and building the team around him instead of making Scholes and Gerrard the main men who (in my view) were both better midfielders. Zidane was the best of them all, look at what he won... Ballon d'Or, World Cup, European Championship, Champions League, La Liga, Serie A. Even Messi and Ronaldo can't match that
  12. The £6m for Madine needs to stop being used as a barometer for player values. That was a really bad signing from Warnock and only he knows why Cardiff paid that much for him. The only excuse you can give Warnock was that it was January and Madine was in form when they signed him. FFP has kicked in for a lot of clubs since then aswell so the transfer values of championship players has probably come down a bit
  13. Traore is still young. Plus he’s rapid and has plenty of potential. And he was signed by a premier league club which pushes the price up. None of our players fall into those categories
  14. He’s released the out of contract players but we’ll still have the likes of van Aken, Fox, Pelupessy, Rhodes, Winnall and Nuhiu picking up a wage. Does Bruce want all these lads for a promotion challenge? I’d say not and the ones he doesn’t want just need offloading or loaning out
  15. The Antonio deal wasn’t that bad then if that’s true. We got 3m not the 1.5m that’s always quoted
  16. I don’t think anyone would hammer him for selling any of the current squad. They’ve shown over the last two years they’re not good enough to mount a promotion challenge. He just needs to back Bruce by keeping the players Bruce wants (unless we receive big offers for them). The players that Bruce wants to release just need offloading to get their wage off the books. Any fee we get for these players would be a bonus
  17. Antonio was still in his early 20s when we sold him. Not getting a sell on fee at least was a big error from Milan. We don’t have anyone currently with the potential Antonio had. Too many owlstalkers put delusional values on our players. Gary Hooper is available for free and owlstalkers think clubs would pay 2.5 mill for Winnall? Winnall hasn’t scored a goal in professional football for nearly 18 months
  18. They won it because they had Kante, Mahrez and Vardy along with a strong team unit and the usual big clubs all had issues that year. Kante is arguably the best player in the world in his position and it’s no coincidence he’s gone on to win another prem and a World Cup. I don’t see how that correlates with our squad though?
  19. If the players are worth the millions you seem to think how do you explain us losing (and being outplayed) at home to QPR and midtable championship finishes the last two years?
  20. How are we in a position of strength? Blame Jos and Carlos if you want but the main reason we’ve finished 15th and 12th in the championship the last two years is the players aren’t good enough
  21. For one week after 4 games. When was the last time we were top of a league for more than a few weeks or actually finished top of a league?
  22. None of us on here would watch them for free but that’s not the point. There’s plenty of people that will watch them next season. Wednesday should be trying to fill the empty seats and grow the club. There aren’t many clubs in the country with more empty seats for their home games than us. And the posters who say ‘they’ll come back when we’re top of the league’.... Wednesday have never been top of a league in my lifetime. Bruce will need to work miracles to have us challenging for top 2 next year
  23. Forest have averaged over 28k this season with sensible pricing. I think we’d be something similar if we had the same pricing as them.
  24. I think it’s a great league. The teams are evenly matched and you can’t underestimate the physicality of the championship. Over a 46 game season all teams go through peaks and dips in form. You could argue the quality would be improved if there were only 20 teams in the league and a 38 game season but then you’d lose a lot of what makes the championship so good
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