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  1. Depends how you’re judging these... if it’s based on what we paid for them, what they were earning and what they delivered Jordan Rhodes, Almen Abdi, George Boyd, Francis Jeffers and Andy Sinton would all be in there. If it’s just the geniune worst players it’s players like Enoch Showumni, Ola Tidman, Chris Adamson, Guy Branston, Ian Hendon, Danny Maddix and Kim Olsen but I don’t like being too critical of the lads who turned out for us in league one
  2. Best Wednesday manager in my lifetime. Still can’t understand why he left a club where he’d just won the league cup and promotion and had players of the calibre of Nilsson, Pearson, Palmer, Sheridan and Hirst. We’ll never know but if he’d stayed I think he’d have won more trophies with us and would have had us competing for the title with that side
  3. Hirst played on in the game after Steve Bould did him and even scored with a broken ankle. The phsyio at the time Alan Smith probably didn’t do him any favours either allowing him to play on
  4. I remember it being reported that Hirst signed a new deal to stay at Wednesday on 6k a week which made him the highest paid player in the country at the time. Hard to believe now that the highest paid footballer in England was only earning 6k a week and he was at Wednesday. That’s why Gazza and Platt went to Italy and Lineker went to Japan. The English clubs weren’t paying out big wages in 1992
  5. Can still remember watching that live on sky on the Sunday afternoon game. No one expected that from Atherton and he never did anything like that again! Poor kick from Bosnich but what a strike
  6. Decent player for Wednesday was Atherton. Rarely injured, pretty much ever present in the years he was here - must be up there in the most appearances for Wednesday in the last 50 years. Off the top of my head can only think of Pressman, Walker, Worthington and Hirst who’ll have played more games than him for the club. Main problem was he wasn’t anywhere near as good as the man he replaced. Atherton, Nolan and Pearce were downgrades on Nilsson, Worthington and Pearson. Dan Petrescu had the quality to replace Nilsson if we were going to continue competing at the top end of the premier league but we sold him to Chelsea after one season for peanuts. Chelsea got a great deal with Petrescu from us
  7. Players at different stages of their careers will have different views. Someone like Troy Deeney is 31 years old and has made as much money as he’ll ever need out of the game. But there’ll be young pros and lads in academy squads desperate to play
  8. When do you envisage the situation being tenable so that next season can restart? And there’s likely to be another spike next winter so what happens then? For me, they should restart. Can understand players who don’t want to play or train, respect their decision and it’s up to the clubs what they do with their contracts but the players who want to play should be allowed to
  9. Charlton have only been in the bottom 3 for one week all season and they’d be relegated under these plans. And they were scheduled to play Hull in their next game who are only 2 points ahead of them. Any estimates of much Wednesday would lose in season ticket refunds and TV revenue if the season is finished?
  10. What an absolute mess - going to rumble on for months or even years is this. They can’t relegate teams when there’s 9 games to play and 3 points separating 6 clubs. It’s not right that
  11. How long do you think furlough can go on? 2.1 million people are now claiming unemployment benefits in the U.K. There’s also 8 million people furloughed. The longer this goes on the less chance they’ll have a job to go back to. The ‘Stay at Home’ mandate isn’t there anymore, it’s been replaced by ‘Stay alert, control the virus’. A lot of people seem oblivious to the wider damage of just shutting down economies. The knock on effect of the virus is going to be worse than the actual virus itself unless there’s a shift in this
  12. It’ll be different for each player. I’d have thought someone like Pelupessy would be happy to sign a short term extension to see the season out because he won’t have that many offers in from elsewhere. I wouldn’t say he had much power at all. But Fletcher and Forestieri are likely to have other offers of at least a 1 year deal. And they’re both at a stage in their career where the next contract they sign could be their last one so would want longer than a couple of months to see the season out. If Wednesday were to offer players like Fletcher and Forestieri deals just to see out the season, how much would we offer and how much would they want?
  13. The USA are currently getting around 30k new cases per day, Russia around 10k new cases per day and Brazil 15k new cases per day. Is track and trace viable globally? Seems likely the numbers will go down in Europe through the summer and then spike again next winter. Even countries that have been successful at keeping it at bay so far like Australia and New Zealand - are they not just kicking it down the road? They’ll have to reopen their borders and airports at some point
  14. What’s your solution then? Sports, pubs, restaurants and airlines can’t reopen or restart until the virus is completely eradicated or there’s a mass vaccine available? And how many people do you think would die worldwide with the damage that will do to the global economy and knock on effects in health care in other areas? If the government is looking to get people back to work, do you think they need to be publishing how many of that 35k figure you’ve quoted were aged under 65 with no pre existing conditions?
  15. Bring it back for me. If players don’t want to train or play that’s their choice but society has to accept the risk and move on as best we can. The posters saying ‘nothing is more important than a persons life/health’ - at what point do you think football should come back? When covid is eradicated completely? Could be years away. Helicopters weren’t banned because Matthew Harding and the Leicester owner died in them. Footballers didn’t stop flying after the Munich air disaster. Fans still went to games after Heysel, Valley Parade and Hillsborough. Cars didn’t stop after the Jose Antonio Reyes crash. Footballers still played after Marc Vivien Foe and Phil O’Donnell died on the field. Life and contact sports will never be completely safe, it’s up to the individual whether they’re prepared to play and go to games
  16. If you’d made as much money out of the game as players like Fletcher and Forestieri would you risk signing a short term deal when you could potentially get injured and then lose out on a 1-2 year deal somewhere? I would imagine their agents would be steering them away from signing any short term deals and telling them to wait for at least a 1 year deal
  17. Does anyone know if all the lads out of contract and on loan like Hutch, Fletch, Forestieri and Wickham are training with us? What would be our likely starting 11 and subs if we restart sometime in July?
  18. Refunds deferred until we’re promoted to the premier league at which point you’ll receive a free 10 year premier league season ticket
  19. Remember Thailand is 7 hours ahead of the UK. So it’s the equivalent of posting at 6am on a Saturday morning
  20. It’s not expected to peak in the UK for 3 months so how could they restart in mid April? Once they stop it looks like that’ll be it until June at least
  21. The Chris Eagles goal was away at Burnley on New Year’s Eve in 2005. We won that game 2-1. We’d gone 7 games without scoring. I was at that game at Burnley away and this is miles worse. Even though we’d gone ages without scoring (and we had Barry Corr playing up front) the spirit among the fans was still good. We’d only just been promoted back to the championship that year with no real budget so none of us were expecting to be up there. I can remember no one knew how to celebrate when Eagles scored... we couldn’t believe we’d actually scored. We then signed Burton and Tudgay in January. It’ll be close in terms of points but as a fan going to games in the 2005-06 season it was better then than it is now
  22. I’ve heard people say on here Dawson is a good shot stopper. Some of the recent games: Brentford 6 shots on target, 5 goals conceded Derby 5 shots on target, 3 goals conceded Birmingham 4 shots on target, 3 goals conceded Reading 5 shots on target, 3 goals conceded Wigan 5 shots on target, 2 goals conceded Blackburn 9 shots on target, 5 goals conceded Compare that to Wildsmith on Wednesday night where Man City had 9 shots on target and we only conceded once. A keeper’s primary job is saving the ball when it’s going in the goal and Dawson is not doing very well at that. I’m not sure Wildsmith is the answer either but he has to be given a run in the team if Westwood remains banished
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