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  1. He has history of doing this does Carlton. Here he is saying Nilsson marked Giggs out of the game in the 91 cup final
  2. Whatever they are it’s too much. And they’re more than anyone else is going to pay him
  3. Whoever is drawn as the home team gets the home ends. Happens on the continent with clubs that share a ground like AC and Inter Milan at the san siro
  4. Yes the chances are if Arsenal had played their full strength team against us in the Carlos league cup run we wouldn’t have beaten them 3-0. And if we draw Man City in the next round I’ll be hoping de Bruyne, Aguero etc aren’t playing
  5. Yes but managers aren’t going to rest players for premier league games and then play them in the cup. If I was looking to sort the football fixture congestion I’d start by looking at international football. There’s too many international breaks during the season. The nations league hasn’t helped and should the major European countries really be having to play qualifiers against the likes of San Marino and Gibraltar?
  6. If you go back to about 1990 instead of 1960 it’d be even more of a closed shop. I can remember clubs like Wimbledon and Coventry winning it in the 80s but (bar the Portsmouth and Wigan years) it’s been a big club every year since 1990. And in the last 5 or 6 years they’ve pulled away more. The last 6 winners of the league cup are Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Manchester City, Manchester City. The last 6 winners of the FA cup are Arsenal, Arsenal, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City.
  7. Main difference is the back pass rule. If you watch back any game of football that was before 1992 you notice how much time was taken out of games by passing it back to the keeper
  8. Van Gaal sacked straight after winning the FA Cup because they didn’t qualify for the champions league. If winning the cup isn’t enough for a manager to keep his job, why would he prioritise it?
  9. It’s easy to knock managers and owners but in the last few weeks Kane, Rashford and Mane have all picked up the type of injury brought about by playing too much football. So you can understand why managers want to protect their players
  10. You remember those finals because (before sky and the premier league) they were virtually the only live televised games of the year. Would you rather it was still like that?
  11. And it cost us in the league. We ended up finishing 7th that year when we should have finished 5th. Finishing 5th or 7th didn’t make much difference then but there’s a few million on every place now
  12. Would that make much difference? If you look at who’s won it in the last 20 years, they’ve nearly always been in the champions league anyway. Liverpool this year already know they’ve qualified for the champions league so having that incentive wouldn’t have affected how Klopp approached the Shrewsbury game. And if a Wigan happens again, would you really want Wigan representing England in the champions league? The champions league is supposed to be the best 4 teams in the country
  13. It’s mainly the owners. Van Gaal was sacked straight after winning the FA Cup, Wenger won 3 FA Cups in his last 4 years at Arsenal but was still said to be failing. And for owners of clubs outside the top 6 (our owner being a prime example) everything is about getting into the premier league and staying in the premier league. Two managers of big clubs you can’t accuse of disrespecting the cups are Guardiola and Mourinho. City won both cups last year and could well do so again this year, Mourinho has always tried to win every tournament he enters
  14. This for me. Has Carlos ever said how much input he had on the signings? Who actually made the recommendation and gave the green light to signing Rhodes, Abdi, Jones, Boyd, van Aken, Urby etc?
  15. How long have you been watching us? The seasons in the early 90s were better but I even preferred the 2005 and 2012 seasons because they ended on a high instead of that flat feeling after the Hull game
  16. You wouldn’t swap Dawson for Butland or Etheridge?
  17. Have you seen the goals on Saturday and some that we’ve conceded earlier in the season? I like Dawson but saying we have three quality goalkeepers is pushing it. We have two keepers with potential still with a bit to improve on. We have one keeper who has been class but is probably past his best
  18. ELEV8 stepping it up with their models. Does anyone know how you buy ELEV8 gear? When you click on the link to their website it just says ‘Website Coming Soon’ http://elev8.co.uk/
  19. My post should have said above 7th (instead of about) - predictive text on my phone. Yeah football was a different game in 1992 at the top level. Agree but it was the manner of the defeat and the performance on Saturday that were even worse than the score line. And it’s not a single game, we’ve lost 3 on the bounce at Hillsborough. How often have teams lost 3 consecutive home games to mid-table opposition and still had a decent season?
  20. Makes a bit of difference. We’ve never finished about 7th in the premier league or premiership. The keeper could still pick the ball up from a back pass in 92 and the clubs were evenly matched in terms of finances
  21. Give over. Look at the 3 teams who came up last year.... Luton, Barnsley and Charlton. All fighting relegation. Big gap between league one and the championship now. When a team with good players like Stoke has been in the bottom 3 most of the season it shows how tough it is to win games in the championship. There may not be an outstanding team this year but this is a strong league. If you’re not at it (like we weren’t on Saturday), you get beat
  22. It wasn’t the Premiership. It was still Division 1 then
  23. They were never heroes. Fan favourites maybe but not heroes. They’ve not won anything at the club and their greatest achievement at Wednesday is a play off final we didn’t turn up in. And they’re not zeroes now. They’ve just got older or injured and dropped off a bit. It’s football, it happens to every player
  24. When you look at the structures in place at West Brom and Leicester we’re missing a Chief Executive, an Operations Director, a Director of football/Sporting Director, a Director of Communications, a chief commercial officer and a senior legal counsel.
  25. I don’t understand how we’re still 6th favourites for promotion. https://www.oddschecker.com/football/english/championship/2019-20-promotion We’re a best price of 8-1. Blackburn are only two points behind us, have just stuffed us 5-0 and they’re 60-1 for promotion. Those odds make no sense to me
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