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  1. nilsson


    They sold Wood and majority of that spend is on Bamford who’s barely played
  2. nilsson


    Are we any more mediocre than Leeds were last year under Heckingbottom? How do you explain what Bielsa has done there?
  3. nilsson

    Not a lot in it

    Would you prefer pundits who just lie and say we’re playing well? Unless we get John Pearson on there, you could be struggling at the minute
  4. nilsson


    Managers can win. They need to win games.
  5. nilsson


    Never want to see a merry go round but he’s had long enough. What is Jos’s style of football? I’d back any manager if it looked like he had a plan to take us forward. So long as we’re not in the bottom 3 I don’t see league position that important this year. I’d just like to see the performances improve and us to get a settled team
  6. nilsson


    Hector and Dawson class tonight. I’m happy with the point but they’re not a great side and they bossed us. A new manager could turn us around... I just don’t see Jos doing it
  7. nilsson


    I need more than a pint after watching us this year
  8. nilsson


    Fair point but the top teams in most leagues are the ones paying the £s out. We’re getting outplayed by teams with much lower wage bills than us. A better manager would get more out of our players
  9. nilsson


    You are a deluded owl if you’re happy watching what we’ve seen this season with the wage bill going out
  10. nilsson


    What are you lost about? We have 5 players in our squad that are all available who are all earning more £s in a week than anyone in their squad and none of them play. Is there a player in their squad earning as much a week as any of the 5 we’re not playing?
  11. nilsson


    Exactly. We’re paying more £s to players that don’t even play than they are to anyone in their squad. Unbelievable mismanagement
  12. nilsson


    It is embarrassing that Westwood, Hutch, Abdi, Jones and Boyd are probably on more £s a week than anyone in their squad. How can we be paying out so much more in £s and get outplayed like that
  13. nilsson


    Does age come in to it? I was surprised how passive a lot of the fans were last week during the Norwich game. Apart from a couple of years, any Wednesday fan under the age of 30 has only known us to be dross
  14. nilsson

    Next two matches !!!!

    Is there a bus we can park in front of our goal for the next two games? I think we’ll be playing a back 5 for both, try to limit the damage and just hope to nick a result.
  15. nilsson

    Can Anyone think of Any?

    It’d be a long list of players who came to Wednesday with decent reputations and were garbage for us.... Jeffers, Bothroyd, Abdi, Jonk etc. As for players who were poor for us and have gone on to excel elsewhere... Leon Clarke and Jacques Maghoma are the first two that come to mind