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  1. This for me. Has Carlos ever said how much input he had on the signings? Who actually made the recommendation and gave the green light to signing Rhodes, Abdi, Jones, Boyd, van Aken, Urby etc?
  2. How long have you been watching us? The seasons in the early 90s were better but I even preferred the 2005 and 2012 seasons because they ended on a high instead of that flat feeling after the Hull game
  3. You wouldn’t swap Dawson for Butland or Etheridge?
  4. Have you seen the goals on Saturday and some that we’ve conceded earlier in the season? I like Dawson but saying we have three quality goalkeepers is pushing it. We have two keepers with potential still with a bit to improve on. We have one keeper who has been class but is probably past his best
  5. ELEV8 stepping it up with their models. Does anyone know how you buy ELEV8 gear? When you click on the link to their website it just says ‘Website Coming Soon’ http://elev8.co.uk/
  6. My post should have said above 7th (instead of about) - predictive text on my phone. Yeah football was a different game in 1992 at the top level. Agree but it was the manner of the defeat and the performance on Saturday that were even worse than the score line. And it’s not a single game, we’ve lost 3 on the bounce at Hillsborough. How often have teams lost 3 consecutive home games to mid-table opposition and still had a decent season?
  7. Makes a bit of difference. We’ve never finished about 7th in the premier league or premiership. The keeper could still pick the ball up from a back pass in 92 and the clubs were evenly matched in terms of finances
  8. Give over. Look at the 3 teams who came up last year.... Luton, Barnsley and Charlton. All fighting relegation. Big gap between league one and the championship now. When a team with good players like Stoke has been in the bottom 3 most of the season it shows how tough it is to win games in the championship. There may not be an outstanding team this year but this is a strong league. If you’re not at it (like we weren’t on Saturday), you get beat
  9. It wasn’t the Premiership. It was still Division 1 then
  10. They were never heroes. Fan favourites maybe but not heroes. They’ve not won anything at the club and their greatest achievement at Wednesday is a play off final we didn’t turn up in. And they’re not zeroes now. They’ve just got older or injured and dropped off a bit. It’s football, it happens to every player
  11. When you look at the structures in place at West Brom and Leicester we’re missing a Chief Executive, an Operations Director, a Director of football/Sporting Director, a Director of Communications, a chief commercial officer and a senior legal counsel.
  12. I don’t understand how we’re still 6th favourites for promotion. https://www.oddschecker.com/football/english/championship/2019-20-promotion We’re a best price of 8-1. Blackburn are only two points behind us, have just stuffed us 5-0 and they’re 60-1 for promotion. Those odds make no sense to me
  13. Has anyone replaced Redgate and Meire? It’s startling how far behind other clubs we are off the pitch. We don’t just require an overhaul of the playing squad, we need a whole new board of directors
  14. Take Leicester as an example: https://www.lcfc.com/club/senior-management A clear structure of who is in charge of what departments within their senior management. Can you find anything like that for Wednesday?
  15. The top 4 sides in the country Liverpool, Manchester City, Leicester and Chelsea all have a director of football or sporting director. You’d think Chansiri would look at the structures in place at the top clubs and learn from them
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