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  1. Stoke is the biggest game of the season so far now. Lose there and it’s probably all over. If we win there, the Villa game then becomes massive. What a second half to the season it’s been. Has anyone posted what the league table would look like if it started from the day Jos went?
  2. Do they also have to stump up £39-£46 for a Villa ticket and £33-£39 for a Forest ticket to be allowed to go to Wembley? We’ve a big ground that we should be trying to fill. Views like yours just drive people away. Not everyone is a super fan like you
  3. We beat Bolton. Have you seen how many games they’ve lost this season? Happy with the win but it’s not one for a big stiffy yet for me
  4. If we get top 6 from that run of games it’d probably be the club’s best achievement since 1992. Saturday’s a must win. Derby are in no form and I’d say the other contenders for 6th are Bristol City, Forest and Villa and we’ve still to play them all at home
  5. He’s class. Seems to like it at Wednesday aswell but I think the only chance we have of keeping him next year is if we go up
  6. I’ll agree with you on Palmer and Fox. But Boyd is reportedly on around 30k a week so has to take the hammer for what he’s delivered on the pitch for us
  7. It’s a geniune question. If Boyd was on a lower wage and tickets were priced correctly at Wednesday he wouldn’t get the stick he does. The fact is for a highly paid player he doesn’t deliver so deservedly has to take some of the flak
  8. Are you happy that we charge the prices we do to fund Boyd’s wages?
  9. Where does he rank in the worst signings from the Carlos era? Abdi is the worst signing for me but he has some competition with Rhodes, Boyd, Jones, Matias and Urby
  10. Good player was Emerson but wouldn't place him that highly in your Wednesday centre halves. He was here less than two years
  11. Which players? Most of the main culprits like Abdi, Jones, Matias and Boyd will all be released in the summer anyway. The stalwarts we have Westwood, Lees, Hutch, Bannan etc have generally all continued to perform when they’ve been picked
  12. That lyric might need a change.... we’ve a squad of 40 players
  13. Makes you wonder how we used to get 20,000 on there in the days when it was standing. There’s not enough bars on the kop either (or staff working on the bars). Unless you leave your seat about 10 minutes before the end of the first half, getting a beer at half time is virtually impossible
  14. Most of FF’s best games in a Wednesday shirt have been when he’s played on the left. Even though he was wide left, that first year under Carlos he was a focal point for us and nearly every attack went through him. He doesn’t seem to influence games like that anymore.
  15. Hector MOM for me closely followed by Lees and Palmer. Boyd garbage as expected and Bannan disappointing. Was hoping Baz and Forestieri would dictate the play tonight but it didn’t happen for either of them
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