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  1. WHY??

    Early goals change games and they got two. van Aken and Lees played like two lads who'd had 10 pints each on Saturday night. And we bottled it. We're getting a bad habit of bottling big games under Carlos
  2. Gary Hooper

    Hooper's class. Westwood, Lees, van Aken, Hunt and Reach had a bad day today but they'll come back from it
  3. Spineless, Gutless, Embarrassing

    The OP said he'd never seen a more inept performance
  4. Those wanting Carlos out

    This is why he should have gone after the Huddersfield game. Top clubs only tend to change managers at the end of the season. It would have been better recruiting a manager in the summer and letting the new man bring their own players in than it is now
  5. Spineless, Gutless, Embarrassing

    Tranmere away in 2011 was worse.... 9 games without a win in League 1 and watching us lose 3-0 on a Tuesday night in February. Today was a bit of a freak game. To concede so early and so soon after getting back to 2-2 is the stuff of nightmares. The occasion got to the players and we bottled it. We need to show some character now for the Birmingham and Leeds games
  6. nervous taking penalty

    Germany missed 3 out of their first 5 penalties against Italy in last year's Euros. Chelsea beat Bayern Munich on penalties to win the champions league. Penalties are a lottery whether you're German or not
  7. Scrap the Playoffs ?

    The problem with knockout football is teams don't have to win games. That's why league games are often better to watch as both teams are going for the 3 points. Portugal won the Euros despite only winning 1 game out of 7 in normal time. Huddersfield have been promoted even though they only won 2 out of their last 13 games and only scored 1 goal in 330 minutes of play off football
  8. Play offs - yes or no?

    Yes the Super League in rugby and the IPL in cricket have a fairer play off system where the highest placed teams have a better chance of making the final
  9. I'm not blaming Hutch. Far from it, he had the bottle to step up. But that's where the manager should step in. The best penalty taker should be on the first pen. Hutch had never taken one in his career before
  10. Good stats for all those lads. Who's masterstroke was it to put Hutch on the most important pen? The third sub should have been someone who was going to take one
  11. Poll: Should Carlos Stay?

    There's no way you can say he's the best we've had since Ron. You don't know how good Sturrock, Gray, Laws or Megson could have been with the same backing.
  12. Total write off

    The game played out as the game played out because we offered zero attacking threat away and very little at home. You can't make excuses for the performances against Hull last year and Huddersfield this time.
  13. Total write off

    I don't think it's arrogant to say I'd have expected more than 3 shots on target in 210 minutes against Huddersfield
  14. Sam Winnall...

    Both years in the play offs, when we needed a goal Carlos turned to Nuhiu
  15. Hutchinson

    The best penalty taker should always be on the first pen. Has hutch ever taken one before?