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  1. Bugger, thought it was a special celebration for our 25th wedding anniversary.
  2. You missed the point, easily done on Owlstalk. Goo Design = Goo Dison = Scouse. Will never dis a charity, worked for a few of them for years.
  3. I'm not convinced about the authenticity of this group. Wednesday links, really? Goo Design sounds a bit scouse to me. Let's call the car Harvey (Wall Banger).
  4. A vegetable filling in a Cornish pasty is swede, potato and onions, definitely no carrots, cucumbers or mushrooms. Thank you to those Wednesdayites who spelt pasty with a Y as well.
  5. woldsowl

    The Modou Sougou Effect.

    I'll raise you Champions Eagle Owl.
  6. I'm in Corrèze, France, can a group be as small as one? Or do I have to wait for Hulley to turn up?
  7. woldsowl

    Nice Words

    Ah, yes, well..............nothing like Sheffield at all then. Good points well made. On a serious note, it's a working city built around skills and artisans. Swap little meesters for porcelain manufacture.
  8. woldsowl

    Nice Words

    I was born in Cornwall, now live in rural France, but I love Sheffield, it's real. Nearest city to us is Limoges and it has a real Sheffield atmosphere. Just had a new razor delivered from Edwin Jagger and it's sat proudly in my bathroom now with Made in Sheffield engraved around the base. Magic.
  9. woldsowl

    Keiran Lee has had a babby

    omg, bloody great hole in his knee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations.
  10. woldsowl

    This is Sheffield Wednesday

    Great vid, but I had to turn the sound off.
  11. woldsowl

    David Hirst

    It was beaten a couple of years ago, can't remember who.
  12. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Jam first. Live in Central France now, born near Truro. Back in Yorkshire for a few days and there was an argument in the pasty shop in York about this at lunchtime. Plenty of Scillonians at Truro school.
  13. I can't even remember my last post they're so infrequent. But I joined in May 2005 so without doubt something about the trip to Cardiff.
  14. I have a big soft spot for the Blades. It's a remote bog in Ireland.
  15. woldsowl


    I like that Australian Smith, seems to have 100 shots every match.
  16. woldsowl

    All about the refs again..

    That's another point entirely.
  17. woldsowl

    All about the refs again..

    It's equally a sad day when 2 pieces of foul play and inept refereeing deny you your only 2 chances of winning a football match.
  18. Am I a fake Owlstalker? 10 years on here, look at the number of posts, but as regular à viewer as anyone. Anyone is entitled to a view, whether it's sheet or not. As for Carlos? He's done a great job, but....... How many fans ask for consistency. Maybe, just maybe, he deserves some more time.
  19. woldsowl

    Kieran Lee swan dive

    I'm in central France, have done the geometry and calculated that I was definitely the most in line. Clear penalty even without my glasses on.
  20. woldsowl

    Great Article

    Oh ta. Say hello to my sister when you when you see her. Porth.
  21. Sometimes a lack of punctuation reveals the truth.