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  1. You missed the point, easily done on Owlstalk. Goo Design = Goo Dison = Scouse. Will never dis a charity, worked for a few of them for years.
  2. I'm not convinced about the authenticity of this group. Wednesday links, really? Goo Design sounds a bit scouse to me. Let's call the car Harvey (Wall Banger).
  3. A vegetable filling in a Cornish pasty is swede, potato and onions, definitely no carrots, cucumbers or mushrooms. Thank you to those Wednesdayites who spelt pasty with a Y as well.
  4. woldsowl

    The Modou Sougou Effect.

    I'll raise you Champions Eagle Owl.
  5. I'm in Corrèze, France, can a group be as small as one? Or do I have to wait for Hulley to turn up?
  6. woldsowl

    Nice Words

    Ah, yes, well..............nothing like Sheffield at all then. Good points well made. On a serious note, it's a working city built around skills and artisans. Swap little meesters for porcelain manufacture.
  7. woldsowl

    Nice Words

    I was born in Cornwall, now live in rural France, but I love Sheffield, it's real. Nearest city to us is Limoges and it has a real Sheffield atmosphere. Just had a new razor delivered from Edwin Jagger and it's sat proudly in my bathroom now with Made in Sheffield engraved around the base. Magic.
  8. woldsowl

    Keiran Lee has had a babby

    omg, bloody great hole in his knee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations.
  9. woldsowl

    This is Sheffield Wednesday

    Great vid, but I had to turn the sound off.
  10. woldsowl

    David Hirst

    It was beaten a couple of years ago, can't remember who.
  11. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Jam first. Live in Central France now, born near Truro. Back in Yorkshire for a few days and there was an argument in the pasty shop in York about this at lunchtime. Plenty of Scillonians at Truro school.
  12. I can't even remember my last post they're so infrequent. But I joined in May 2005 so without doubt something about the trip to Cardiff.
  13. I have a big soft spot for the Blades. It's a remote bog in Ireland.
  14. woldsowl


    I like that Australian Smith, seems to have 100 shots every match.