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  1. See reply in first time at Hillsborough thread. I'm from Cornwall and had no allegiance to anything local. Couldn't support Argyle, it was in England.
  2. I was 36,season 92 /93. I'd been a closet fan since 66 Cup Final and had seen Wednesday at a number of grounds but never Hillsborough. Moved to Sheffield and bought a season ticket having never visited the ground and the first time I walked in to take my seat virtually on the halfway line in the South Stand, I was awestruck. It was beautiful. 2-0 v Villa and a night game to boot. 24 years as a season ticket holder, but now in France, but looking forward to Preston match in December.
  3. After, Bonnelly and O'Bonnell were before, don't you know your alphabet?
  4. woldsowl


    Where....... is the question mark?
  5. Because its a prediction not a hindsight report. I'm predicting Remain in the June vote.
  6. woldsowl

    Was it more enjoyable...

    Definitely better pre Internet. There was also so much more time to do other things, instead of logging into Owlstalk every 20 minutes. The whole country was more productive, work actually got done. And there was far more live football. Nowadays half the fans spend most of their time glued to their mobile during matches giving live reports, slagging off anything and everyone on twitter, or videoing large chunks so their mates can watch parkinson shake mass brawls. They never see a game, they have to watch the highlights online.
  7. He probably meant our existing ones.
  8. Bugger, thought it was a special celebration for our 25th wedding anniversary.
  9. You missed the point, easily done on Owlstalk. Goo Design = Goo Dison = Scouse. Will never dis a charity, worked for a few of them for years.
  10. I'm not convinced about the authenticity of this group. Wednesday links, really? Goo Design sounds a bit scouse to me. Let's call the car Harvey (Wall Banger).
  11. A vegetable filling in a Cornish pasty is swede, potato and onions, definitely no carrots, cucumbers or mushrooms. Thank you to those Wednesdayites who spelt pasty with a Y as well.
  12. woldsowl

    The Modou Sougou Effect.

    I'll raise you Champions Eagle Owl.
  13. I'm in Corrèze, France, can a group be as small as one? Or do I have to wait for Hulley to turn up?
  14. woldsowl

    Nice Words

    Ah, yes, well..............nothing like Sheffield at all then. Good points well made. On a serious note, it's a working city built around skills and artisans. Swap little meesters for porcelain manufacture.
  15. woldsowl

    Nice Words

    I was born in Cornwall, now live in rural France, but I love Sheffield, it's real. Nearest city to us is Limoges and it has a real Sheffield atmosphere. Just had a new razor delivered from Edwin Jagger and it's sat proudly in my bathroom now with Made in Sheffield engraved around the base. Magic.