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  1. I think we should be signing Itoje, have you seen his tackle count?
  2. For heaven's sake, a perfect amount for us to avoid FFP, just backdate it, remove the 12 point deduction and save our future.
  3. I don't think it matters that the season ends after the play off final. Swindon Town weren't relegated until about a week after they won it.
  4. Bannan offside coming back from the corner. And Aguero wasn't offside doing the same thing?
  5. Awful? You are kidding, gave City a lot of problems. Give the guy some credit when it's due.
  6. Saw him make his debut at the County Ground. Was a sub I think and scored a great goal from a corner. Was completely useless after that.
  7. All is well. Steve and Steve haven't joined up with the Geordies yet to assess the situation.
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