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  1. All about the refs again..

    That's another point entirely.
  2. All about the refs again..

    It's equally a sad day when 2 pieces of foul play and inept refereeing deny you your only 2 chances of winning a football match.

    Am I a fake Owlstalker? 10 years on here, look at the number of posts, but as regular à viewer as anyone. Anyone is entitled to a view, whether it's sheet or not. As for Carlos? He's done a great job, but....... How many fans ask for consistency. Maybe, just maybe, he deserves some more time.
  4. Kieran Lee swan dive

    I'm in central France, have done the geometry and calculated that I was definitely the most in line. Clear penalty even without my glasses on.
  5. Great Article

    Oh ta. Say hello to my sister when you when you see her. Porth.
  6. Sometimes a lack of punctuation reveals the truth.
  7. Mikel miller

    Was that Tidman in the net, never saw him touch the ball.
  8. Goal of the Season

    Came up with subtitles on the Norwich game. Who's this Sally Fannin, appeared between the first and second goals? We've got Fannin, Sally Fannin............
  9. The Final Coloured Table

    I've been trying to work out who would win if Rotherham played Rotherham. Home and away I think they'd finish with no points somehow.
  10. That would have suited me this season here in France, but pointless registering if we're going to be in the Prem. Should the world fall apart in the meantime, happy to arrange bank accounts etc over here for anyone who needs one. (For a small fee, £110 should do it).
  11. Chris Lines

    Was driving up through Somerset on Saturday afternoon and he was prominent in the commentary on the radio. Kept chuckling every time he took a corner.
  12. New left back

    That's also been said about some of our other left back's, as well as left on the sidelines.
  13. New left back

    I knew someone would get it.