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  1. Coach, Yes indeed I am ok. I'm in my 60's now so don't travel anymore, but in my youth besides the chances of being beaten to a pulp the deciding factor on if I went to a game or not was distance (also the importance of the game). Don't forget when your 4k pop off to the Gills, it about 2 hours extra going and 2 hours extra coming back. In my youth I did (and this is clubs we played obviously} all the lanc and Yorkshire clubs, the Midlands and London clubs. I didn't do the Welsh ones your south west and south coast one ( except Pompey once in the cup). so in my case yes yes indeed distance did indeed have a role in if I went to a game. To put it another way move to Teesside and see if an extra 4 hours plus on your traveling day has any effect on your choices.
  2. Lets not get ahead of ourselves lads. Impressive as your numbers are lets not forget to factor in Distance travelled. Its one hell of an advantage being situated in the middle of the country. How many of your games are less than 2 hours away. My team Boro's nearest is pushing 2 hours and Sunderland's is more than that. It makes you think about travelling if you know you wont be back till after midnight due to the distance, also the expense is greater, coach fares, petrol. do you think if geographical locations were reversed you would still be top of the heap. As I said good numbers and both tables have a nice look about them two Sheff clubs and two North East clubs at the top.
  3. 1 Boro fan here, if we are talking top league position then are not Huddersfield Yorkshire's top dog at the min. 2 Boro are most definitely a Yorkshire club. 3 Most Boro fans like yourselves have a deep dislike of leeds. Probs due to all those North Yorkshire folk who mentioned before support Leeds but should be Boro as we are the main club of North Yorkshire.
  4. From a Smoggy perspective, It doesn't really matter to the average fan its success that counts and recent if poss. I'm 57 and it means not a jot that Huddersfield won 3 championships back when dinos roamed I was not around to see it or remember it, A clubs fan base decides how big a club is. Success is ephemeral it may come and go but fan bases endure. you can be a small club and still enjoy some success. With regards this question I think there are 3 clubs with very big fan bases Villa Sunderland and Leeds. Leeds fans being less likely to go than the other two. after this there are a number of clubs all of similar stature with regards fan bases, which fall and rise dependant on how well they are doing. These clubs are Forest, Weds sheff U Derby Wolves Brum and yes little old Boro. Its an urban myth that we don't have any fans but the facts don't lie. We are the 16th best supported English club of all time ahead of as you say the pigs forest and derby. The European soccer statistic and NUFC.com attendance sites will confirm. If you need further proof in the last 50 seasons how many 30,000 averages have Wednesday had we have had I think going from memory 9 plus two 29 thousand seasons
  5. Just a point lads, but why are you going to be playing us in the playoffs. Whatever happens tonight there will at worst be a 2 point gap with three to play for. As the yanks say we have home field advantage and we demolished them at their place. So by my reconning you have at least a 50 50 chance of playing brighton. Just saying like.
  6. Ok lads lets not get silly. We the Boro are not the worlds best fans nor are we the worst. I can take the point about Man U, but please explain why if we are so bad, when 2,000 of you coming to us is good at an awkward time and on tv is good. yet we take 2,000 to Brighton for a noon tv kick off or the 6,000 on the way to Blackburn on a day with no public transport is bad. Support for both clubs varies with how well they are doing at the time it is what it is, live with it.
  7. As a boro fan I say Yes, I miss those days, yes we got to play some obscure teams but we also played Roma, Lazio, Sporting, Stuggart and Seville in a final. Brilliant days I fear will never be repeated. I say grab them when you can. I've never seen matches as exciting as our comebacks against Basel and Steau Bucharest.
  8. I am. It's like when those daft makems call us Yorkshire bastids like it's some kind of insult, daft gits. \in my book its the highest compliment you can pay somebody. I just wish Yorkshire still played at Aklam park, Yorkshires for all not just Leeds.
  9. Hi People, have been amused by this thread I'm a Boro fan and yes it is very confused up here. I'm an oldie and my birth cert says North Yorks on it so that will do for me. Most younger people since 1974 associate themselves with Teesside or Cleveland (fools) since Cleveland was abolished nothing solid has been put in place, so nobody can decide where we are.
  10. My take on the old size of club debate. I feel that success and how large are club are confused by a lot of people you can be a big club and unsuccessful aka Sunderland (for that last 50 years or so at least) or a relativley small club that has a brief period in the sun. I feel that the sieze of a club is only determained by the fan base and this only over the clubs entire history. Anybody can cherrypick sections of a clubs history to prove hoe big or small they are. Go to NUFC.com the archive section all clubs all time attendance record is there for all to see. (its right at the bottom of the page) I think that shows exactly where any given club is in the pecking order. For the record I'm a Boro fan and we have an all time attendance of about 19,500 thou placing us 16th in the list of all clubs that are or have played league football not too shabby for a smalltown club with no history of success. Wednesday avereage just over 21K a few spots abouve us, but given how MASSIVE you not to far ahead.
  11. Intresting and considered, I'm not sure I agree totaly with the final order, I'd have said Leeds myself at number 1. A couple of observations biggest average crowd, its ok having a snapshot of a particular clubs best ever but it means very little if its an anomaly for what ever reason. I'm pretty sure Notts county haven't had many averages over 30,000 during the years. I thinks a better system would be to take the clubs all time av or at least an average of say the clubs best ten seasons, gives a better view in my opinion, I think we will find forest replacing county on that list if this method is used. My other area of query is the trophy section, the point allocated is a bit arbitary in my opinion, but hey thats just me, and the relevance to todays game some of them are. Sheff U gained a lot of points in the trophy section and to be honest, not being wednesday or united i cannot remember them winning owt, and if they did when dinosaurs still roamed the earth I'm afraid the relevence of them in terms of todays club size is lost on me. Both Huddersfield and preston have illustrious histories pre ww2 but I don't think anyone would argue that in todays football they are regarded as big clubs, no disrespect I'm sure they both very nice. Anyway that's my two penarth worth and at the end of the day its all subjective as the chap above said,.
  12. Can sombody please help me out. Why do every body see Forest as some kind of big club, its rubbish. Prior to Cloughie becoming manager there they had won virtualy zip. I beleive they won somthing in 59, but i cant of the top of my head remember if it was league or cup. Anyway que cloughie 10 years of extreme success and then when he goes back to the ranks of the also rans where they have been ever since. Even Cloughie used to bemone the size of crowds they got even at their height. So for me 10 extraordinary years out of a 100 plus does a big club not make. to be a big club in my eyes you need two things regular trophies and large crowds, by regular i mean 2 or 3 every decade and the large crowds usualy comes with the trophy aquireing. clubs such as Man u liverpool arsenal etc. In this division I only see Leeds as a big club if they got the action on the pitch right. After there are a number of clubs that are all roughly similar in size, Forest Derby Liecester, Wolves, Boro, Wednesday Birmingham Ipswich. All, if the product is right can pull in crowds of around 30,000 and drop off if not.
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