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  1. Notts County away in 74 I think. Wednesday won 5-2. That dit it for me !!!
  2. I was there, proudly wearing my new 'Boxing Day Massacre' t-shirt !!
  3. Them 2 female singers (Twin?) who told the Bansley fans to f--k off !!
  4. It's the age old problem of having square pegs in square holes, central defenders in central defence, central midfielders in central midfield, etc. Get the right shape with the right players and we'll back to last years level.
  5. We were there, 4 of us gone down in a battered old Vauxhall Viva. Can picture still Mick Lyons bullet header. Can also remember all the bother after the match, bricks flying everywhere! Best season I ever saw with magical memories
  6. Just a thought but wouldn't multi million pound signings on Rhodes, Wickham or whoever on mega wages just unsettle the rest of the squad. Isn't it better to improve slowly but steadily and keep everyone together?
  7. Just out of interest, can anyone remember when & which Blunt used the "Light Years ahead, on & off the pitch" tripe?
  8. So how did you feel in the 90's then with Jonk, De Bilde, Thome et Al? I bet you were'nt over reacting then!!!
  9. Great post OP, couldn't agree more. Still over a month to go so plenty of time for everything to settle. It doesn't look like there will be any multi million pound signings but do we need them? Did Watford need them? Positivity and patience chaps, we're getting there!
  10. Having a body double where Cersei's should have been has flipping annoyed me !!!
  11. Me & 2 others renewed but have shifted from the North to the Kop !!
  12. Notts County away 1974/75 ?? Went with my Dad. Wednesday won 5-2 and that did it for me !!!
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