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  1. Agree with most who've responded. We need to prioritise offloading deadwood before any significant recruitment. LWB and RWB remain the areas where new blood most needed.
  2. Squad player. Not a patch on Hutch as a defensive midfielder and no-one else in the team matches Hutch for giving us energy and tempo. Dodgy first touch but as others has said doesn't hide. A good goal at Millwall showed promise when he gets forward but I'd prefer to invest game time in Sean Clare if we are looking for a box to box player in the absence of the peerless but badly injured Kieran Lee. I can see Hutch and BB picking out the runs of Clare if Sean plays more often.
  3. He needs to be stood down, pending an investigation based on the assessor's report and full tape of the match. The level of bias appeared to go beyond incompetence and towards corruption. In the absence of evidence of monies changing hands, the charge should be bringing the game into disrepute. Given the extremity of his bias, he should never be paid to referee again: absolute disgrace.
  4. He's getting up to Kieran Lee levels of effectiveness box to box and along with Joey P and Shaun Clare last night give us more energy and pressing in centre mid than for ages. It will be interesting if George Boyd can be converted into left wing back until we look to move a few in and out this summer. I also think Jos giving him the captaincy in some recent games has increased his confidence and impact on the team. Look forward to seeing if he can strike up a similar working relationship in this new role with Barry Bannan to that of Kieran when BB returns from injury - and see if BB also benefits from 3-5-2 - no reason why he shouldn't if we can get improved performance at wingback and mobility up top.
  5. Did well last night, but the dynamics of the team have changed in recent weeks. Both Venancio and Pudil are good organisers and Thornily esp. is positionally quite sound and alot more mobile than Glenn. As others have said, Reach more vocal when deputising as captain and has been leading the way in terms of carrying the ball forward or moving it on quickly before opponents all set: box to box CM may be his niche. Glenn has been a good captain and player for us but Jos has to plan ahead and give others game time, especially if we can ensure relegation avoided this season. Priority in coming months should be to if/see how Tom Lees and Hutch (rather than Glenn) fit into the 3 CB mix and to try out George Boyd more often at LWB (when fully fit he certainly has the energy, is attack minded and OK in the tackle).
  6. Very pleased with Boyd last night. Like Fox, he'll never be a natural LWB but stuck with the defensive duties, supported the midfield and attack by always looking forward. Most mobile, in yer face performance from a Weds midfield and wingbacks for ages. Would still go for Thornily over Loovens on current form for more mobility at the back - Venancio and Pudil both good organisers and, frankly, Thornily's positioning and decision making is pretty good anyway. Great performance against a bogey side.
  7. Good move regarding his development and confidence. I'm surprised he didn't get the opportunity in recent games as Fox clearly not a wing-back -just as Clare unfortunate to have lost out to the likes of Butterfield and an off form Ross Wallace last night. Be good to see a few youngsters out on loan and hoping to see some dead wood moved on if offers made.
  8. Take the £12 m - get Harlee Dean to bolster at CB, Irvine combines muscle and a decent finisher from midfield (if not already committed to Hull). Suspect FFP concerns mean we won't bid circa £8m for Jota or any other individual: For now, I'd continue monitoring Alan Judge's return to fitness also at Brentford and look to bring in a pacy young winger or wingback from a Premier side's reserves on loan to give more tactical options from the bench. Bannan and Hooper both keepers - not so many others regularly involved in the 18. Get rid of Big Dave this window (free if necessary) and Joao for a fee or on loan to get George Hirst involved some match days and incentivised to sign a new contract.
  9. Not sure his tackling will ever be up to CM but he does work and cover. I think he is worth a try wide right as there is potential to cut in and shoot and he seemed OK there when on loan to Preston. FF wide left, Lee and Hutch CM.
  10. Straight swop - Lucas J - to get it done and elevate George Hirst within the squad. Unless they want a punt on Lewis McG for nowt.
  11. A previous poster half right -. Better with a youth player i.e. O'Grady playing in his natural position than Pudil or Hutchinson 'doing a job' at CB Hutch fine at CB - Jones an abler 'reserve' defensive midfielder than Pudil is at CB. Concerns about him similar to those about him at LB - slow on the turn, positionally he is often blind sided by runners and not particularly strong in the air. Would have been better retaining Sasso than relying on players out of position. Hope Glenn is on the mend and birthday boy Dean or Daniel Ayala on their way (I suspect not though).
  12. He's the likeliest to be let go assuming Benitez still wants Hanley. Otherwise - Flint (Bristol C), Egan (Brentford) and Clarke (Preston). Let's hope Hutch, Loovens and Lees prove fitness in the week. Haven't seen O'Grady in U23s but he sounds like he should be training with the senior squad next week in case he's needed for the bench. Little faith in Pudil or Semedo playing out of position.
  13. Not as radical as Dutch but as CC observed some players seem tired. Westwood Palmer Lees if fit or Sasso Loovens Reach Wallace Abdi Hutch Fessi Rhodes Winnall Aim to give Abdi at least an hour.
  14. Agree with OP - meat on the fire time - although it may be that either Hooper or Fletcher may prove to be the better partner in terms of 'joining in' and linking play. FF coming in from the left. Huddersfield showing us how at home - pressing then looking forwards when regaining possession.
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